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  1. The work continues.  Reviews #148 and #149 are underway.


    1. hanesco


      From the look of those, that is not Odin. Is it any of the German Supercruisers? Or a ship that is already sold/rewarded by WG?

    2. BladedPheonix


      @hanesco looks like the IJN Yamashiro? (sister to Fuso) :cap_look:


      wait...NVM fuso is the target it seems:fish_boom:

    3. LittleWhiteMouse


      Often, before I can review a ship, I have to do research on related ships.  This produces a glut of data and graphics that never see the light of day because I make them for me -- to help me understand a subject better -- and they would otherwise muddy up an already long-winded review.  For example, to understand Ohio's gunnery both Georgia's and Montana's need to be compared as they're direct successors or analogues from the same tech tree.  But at the same time, ships like Thunderer, Kremlin, Yamato, and Shikishima (all the big guns!) need to be properly understood to definitely put Ohio (in my continued example) into perspective.

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