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  1. Hi LHM,


    I noticed the Smolenk's visibility dropped from 11.1 km to 10 km. Is it a buff or a bug that the developers fixed. kinda strange I saw announcement on it if it was a bug.

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    2. Bill_Halsey


      I haven't checked the base value, but the minimum  value I was able to achieve (module, camo and CE CO skill) was 11.2 until the last week. I'll check it when I get back form work.

    3. LittleWhiteMouse


      Lemme know.  We'll solve this scoobie-mystery together.

    4. Bill_Halsey


      Huh, base value is 12.8 km. I think I must had swapped a CO with another that didn't have CE.  Mystery solved. Thank you for the help.