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  1. Hi LittleWhiteMouse, I would like you (and the community) to hear out an idea of mine for World of Warships if you want, and if you so fancy, pass it on to the devs if you think it is good.

    I play low tier a lot and enjoy it, but I would like the gameplay to change a bit. My favorite ship in the game is the Yubari, and I also love using the Mikasa. However, I feel like I want more of a challenge with my Yubari, as while the Yubari is squishy, she is a superb destroyer hunter, as her 140mm guns with Aiming Systems Mod. 0 are among, if not the, most accurate guns in the game (at least according to my limited research), not to mention hard hitting against destroyers. However, I would like to face more challenging destroyers. On the other hand, Mikasa is super hard to find games in, as well as Mikasa having better AP performance against higher tier light cruiser armor schemes than same tier protected cruisers (due to them being big and boxy above the waterline as opposed to waterline turtleback-ish), as well as poor dispersion being less acute due to facing larger ships.

    What I would like to see is a system to allow players to choose to uptier their ships to give them a new challenge and new gameplay experience. It could be as simple as a pull down tab to select the (higher) tier you want your ship to play at, and the matchmaker just redesignates your ship as that tier. Or it could be the same as above, but a separate random battle queue from normal to prevent trolls from ruining too many random battles.

    My reasons for proposing this are three. One is that low tiers (below tier V) aren’t exactly popular, and those ships don’t get as much play. Another is that a fair number of the ships down there, such as the Yubari, historically fought alongside and against ships that are tier VI, VII, and VIII, which is something I want to experience.

    My last reason is due to the arrival of of submarines in the game in the future, and many low tier light cruisers and destroyers will not get to experience hunting submarines despite doing so in real life and being potentially useful at it in game.

    Why not just fail division up? Because nobody is willing to do so with me. If you're wondering, I do this in most games I play, not just WoWS. I am also a lover of the Albany, and I have a certain love for the older, obsolete, unique, rare, wonderful weird things in games and life as a whole. For example, in Ace Combat Zero, I play the Mitsubishi F-1 as a dogfighter, arguably the worst plane in the game for that role. At some point I'm also going to win a domination victory in Civilization V with an eco-friendly fleet of frigates. My philosophy is that there is no such thing as truly obsolete and outdated, just poorly used. With enough practice (or trial and error), one can make anything work. 

    As for balancing these ships to make them able to compete when uptiered, just give them access to the equipment slots of the tier they are uptiered to. Or do it only to certain ships, like the Yubari, and change their health pool, reload, or in her case, get rid of the citadel. Another way to prevent super trolling is limiting uptiering to just two tiers above a ships current tier. Tiers VIII, IX and X would not be able to be uptiered due to doing nothing to their matchmaking ceiling.

    Anyway, I hope you and the community find this an interesting subject and I hope you see this as well. Thanks.





    I am having trouble deciding which 1 M free XP ship to get first (when I eventually get the XP). Torn between Friesland (Dutch, very good, cool design, BUT no torps) and the Azuma (cool name, cool design, powerful if played right). Any advice (possibly based on analysis of my profile)? Thanks. Also, if you ever want to hear what ships I would like to see in the game, I have plenty of unique ideas.