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  1. how have you been? are you feeling any better? thx for taking the time to answer my q a bit ago...didn't expect you to do it like that at all. I really do appreciate what you do here. just my 2 cents....


    thx again.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Thanks.  I was, then I got the flu.  So technically I am better but don't check in right at this instant.

    2. Redwing6


      To be honest, you, Lert and one or two others are just about the only CC's I trust in this game any more. The rest have turned into WG fanboi's...which is a pity. In WoT's, I have a great deal of QB because while he's often a "rah-rah-boi" he does call out WG when they FUBAR something. Just as you two do. So I have a great deal of respect for you presonally and "professionally as a CC. 

      Once more, thanks for what you do here.


      Rich Vail,