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  1. So Mouse I've been waffling on this for a while, but since you're doing it... Would you recommend resetting a line and doing the research bureau? Do the lines go faster the second time around? Do you have to unlock modules all over again? It's TEMPTING, but I'm always working on other grinds so I'm worried I would just be throwing away a tier 10 for nothing.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Oh boy, this is going to be a challenge to keep this brief.  Lemme show you my setup for regrinding and why I'm doing it at all:


      So let's say I have a 1,500 base experience game.  Decent, but not amazing.  Let's apply the modifiers:


      Before Clan bonuses or first win of the day or what have you, that nets me: 


      • Premium Account increases base earning to 2,250 experience
      • +3,375xp from CC Camo
      • +2,250xp from Red Dragon
      • +1,125xp from Hydra
      • +1,125xp from Leviathan
      • +1,125xp from Scylla
      • +1,688xp from Basilisk
      • +1,125 from Equal Speed Charlie London:

      TOTAL:  14,063 experience.

      Free Experience:

      • Base free experience is 5% of 14,063xp = 703 free xp base.
      • +703 free exp from CC Camo
      • +2,109 free exp from Papa Papa
      • +1,758 free exp from Hydra
      • +1,406 free exp from Leviathan
      • +5,462 free exp from Ouroboros

      TOTAL: 11,438 free experience

      So, regrinding Amagi (where I'm at on the IJN battleship line), it will take no more than 18 games to unlock Izumo.  This will also give me a store of about 150,000 to 200,000 free experience I can use to pick up upgraded modules right away and speed up pushing through to Yamato.  Or I can bank the free exp I collect through a line and use it to skip problem ships.

      This is a long way of saying that this makes regrinding palatable to me.  I don't have a lot of free time to regrinding lines -- playing just a handful of tech tree games in a given day before I have to devote more time to testing review-ships.  I would suggest doing a time budget for yourself and seeing if it's something you could stomach from a pure time-investment perspective before pulling the trigger.