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  1. Wargaming has released no less than SEVEN EIGHT premium / reward ships in the last thirty days.  Even at my best, I wouldn't be able to keep pace.

    • [ edit ] August 21st:  Colbert
    • August 21st:  Somers
    • August 21st:  Smolensk
    • September 4th:  Friesland
    • September 13th:  Yudachi
    • September 16th:  Ark Royal
    • September 16th:  Thunderer
    • September 16th:  Ohio

    Can someone tell World of Warships to have a bit of chill?

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    2. dbw86


      Sort of like tossing stuff at a wall to see what sticks!     I like new ships as much as anyone but I totally agree this is way over the top rate of injecting new ships into play.

    3. Redwing6


      Sorry to bother, but there have been a couple of new prem ships, are any of them worth buying? Almost bought the Viribus Unitus, but w/o your review, I've stopped spending $$$. Plus the addition of subs has me wonder whether or not to give up this game or not.

    4. Gaelic_knight


      Hope your feeling much better littlewhite mouse