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  1. Still resting up. 

    Hopefully, I will have a review out in the next week or so.  Don't tell my doctor.

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    2. Paul_Humungus


      Get Better soon..take care..

    3. yamato6945


      Take as long as you need Mouse your health is more Important then a game  

    4. dbw86


      Yesterday as a Division from our Clan, with me in it, went into Random Battle there, on our team, was LWM commanding the THUNDERER!    She was a major factor in our winning (as she usually is in any battle she plays in).    Boy was it ever great to see LWM playing and obviously enjoying the comments which were flying around.   THAT SAID PLEASE LWM  DO NOT push yourself just to get a Review out.    You are beloved by far too many of us who play WoWs and the last thing we would want to see is a relapse!      

      OH!   Yea, LWM kicked butt!