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  1. Hi Mouse, 

    Just finished reading your Lazo review. I wanted to thank you for the quality reviews, and specifically for one time early in my WoWs playing experience. 

    Firstly, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your health and I pray you are on the mend quickly. Thanks for opening up to the community about such things. I know that alone can be stressful. We support you.

    Anyway, the time I mentioned before was when I was grinding up my first ever tech tree, for Yamato. I was in my Amagi and happened to see you on the enemy team. I asked how you felt/played when getting up-tiered and I appreciated you not only responding, but giving me very helpful advice. "Play like there's no difference." That had never occurred to me and I had such little ship knowledge back then that I didn't know what specific ships were capable of. Your advice helped me play more confidently at tier 8 and below, especially when up against what I thought to be almost invincible ships. So thank you for helping out a local noob. (I'm still pretty bad tho lol)


    Anyway, I appreciate all you do for the community and I hope this brings some joy to you :)


    PS: here's a cool historical pic of Alaska.