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  1. Welp, saner minds than my own have prevailed, so I'll do the announcement here.  I'm going to be a bit scarce over the coming weeks while I'm recovering from a mild case of almost-dying.  The worst is behind me, but I need rest, so reviews and replies will be a bit slow for the foreseeable future.

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    2. bat1159man


      @LittleWhiteMouse - I hope you are doing better and recovering your health - just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers

    3. Nordlaender


      I will definitely miss your reviews, but your health should always come first.  Hope you get better.  Take care of yourself.

    4. Deoel


      Even though you will be greatly missed, it's very important that you take care of yourself. This is just a game, it will be here when you recover. Is there anything we as a community can do for you? Let us know.:cap_yes: