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  1. Thank you for reviewing ships LittleWhiteMouse!

    Many hours of testing/playing and getting the stats - all to give us in depth reviews of ships that can help us captain chose our ships in accordance to our preferences.

    Thank you for looking out for your fellow captains!

    Thank you for your many sacrificed hours!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    If you had a Patreon, I would gladly contribute


    Good sailing!!!!



    1. joel9507


      She has a Patreon.  :)

    2. ToadyJanker


      From her "About Me" page


      If you like the content I create, please consider supporting me through Patreon.  A single ship review takes upwards of 20+ hours of work to produce and it's not something I can sustain indefinitely.  Even a dollar a month makes all of the difference -- it allows me to eat real food and keep warm in the cold, Canadian winters.  I wish I was joking about either of those points...