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  1. USS Black...

    Any chance an update to your review of this ship being done anytime soon? I played in ranked season 10 because if I hit rank 1 , for what would be the 3rd time for me,  i would get the Flint and earn enough steel to get the Black also. So...got rank 1 and no Flint. Surprise...didn't read the fine print and wargaming changed the rules yet again and put them where I probly wouldn't read them. Thought it would be buy it for Steel OR earn it by multiple rank 1 seasons. I guess that would make too much sense.

    Anyway...since I would only have the steel for one ship I read both reviews of the ships and decided Black was the better choice...with range 9.5 radar. Surprise yet again...only range 7.5 and damn are those torps useless. Maybe an update of the ship is due so someone else doesn't make the same mistake I did.

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Ive read all your reviews when looking to get a ship and this is the first time  I've made a bad choice.

    PS. Tried to send this by private message but I'm guessing you are now too famous/popular/awesome and would get too many messages.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      I'll add it onto the pile.