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  1. Hey Mouse, considering the recent change to IJN 100mm HE penetration, would you say that there is a better argument for a secondary spec Kii than there used to be?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Yes, with a big ol' butt:  the range on Kii's secondaries is pretty shoddy.  The 5km base would have been fine 2 years ago but it's paltry now.  Also keep in mind the weakness of her citadel.  She can go secondary spec'd but you're not going to get the same utility out of it as you would on Bismarck, Tirpitz or Gascogne.

    2. JediMasterDraco


      I guess that's true enough. By the by, how come so many people on the forum's these days are declaring Mass to be the best brawler? Is it just excitement over the US finally having a ship with viable secondaries, or is there some truth to it having a great secondary arsenal?

    3. LittleWhiteMouse


      Because of this:

      Bismarck, Gascogne and all other secondary armed battleships have comparable dispersion to the "Fully Upgraded Alabama", meaning Massachusetts puts more secondary shells on target at all ranges.  This isn't to say this automatically gives her primacy -- it doesn't.  But it does make her a contender.