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  1. Mouse, a quick question. I heard that the Duke of York now has the autobounce angles that it had back in its original iteration. Is this change real, and if so is it enough to raise it from 'garbage' to 'mehbote?'  

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      It's a welcome change -- but unfortunately it doesn't make her truly advantageous except for select circumstances.  If she had monstrous levels of penetration on her AP shells, it would be worth more because she could penetrate battleships even when they angled.  Unfortunately, her 356mm don't have that so even though shells won't auto ricochet, they're still going to shatter off belt armour.of anything except cruisers.

      So the question becomes, is the ability to use hydro and occasionally penetrate cruisers when other battleships would bounce with AP worth losing reload time and a Repair Party charge? 

      I don't believe it is.



    2. Commissar_Carl


      bummer. thanks