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  1. What are your opinions on adding Pre-Dreadnoughts and Semi-Dreadnoughts into the game at low tiers?  What would have to be done to make them fair for the cruisers at those tiers?  Secondary performance in relation to low tier DDs?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      I love Dreadnought (and pre-Dreadnought) era ships.  More, please!
      Play Mikasa.  Controlling only the largest caliber weapons as main battery guns with the rest slaved as secondaries would go a long way towards keeping them balanced.

    2. Panzerlin


      I love my Mikasa despite my knowledge that I'd contribute more as literally any other ship. :fish_boom:

    3. LittleWhiteMouse


      The other pre-dreadnoughts would likely play quite similar to her.  The issue really becomes that there's only a couple of tiers where they would fit in (between tiers II and IV).