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  1. when can we expect Kronshtadt?

    Sure. Musashi first appeared October 17th. She was releaded January 17th (3 months). Missouri is harder to find details about. There's a Facebook announcement (including Seagal) on November 23d and the ship was out on December 7th.
  2. when can we expect Kronshtadt?

    I keep track. There's no fixed time period. Hood, announced March 24th, released May 18th (8 weeks) Kii, announced August 9th, released September 22nd (6 weeks) Roma, announced November 4th, released January 18th (11 weeks) T-61, announced October 18th, released ... ??? ( ∞ weeks)
  3. The Life of a Corgi

    Well, it's a good thing that there are nine, three-hour blocks (27 hours total!) where we don't play CVs, innit? Let the Corgis play how they wish in the meantime.
  4. The Life of a Corgi

    For a lot (most!) of these Corgi volunteers, this will be one of their only opportunities to try out ships they might never get to normally. This is one of the few perks of helping out.
  5. The Life of a Corgi

    How dare Wargaming try and give back to the community and give away free stuff through the acts of generous volunteers!
  6. Eastern/Southern Dragons

    The Dragons, like the Arpeggio Myoko ships are weird. They do not have increased economic bonuses "baked into" the ship. They do not have, nor can they mount any form of camouflage. They otherwise count as normal IJN premium ships, able to train any commander. I received mine as belated birthday present which I promptly used to make disco-ship memes. You gotta find your enjoyment where you can.
  7. Myoko gets camouflage. These ships don't. So compared to what else is sitting at tier VII these days? Yes. Yes, they are.
  8. I didn't warn anyone about this one except Chobittsu.
  9. Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Update today. Four ships have become available: Kaga, Anshan, Southern Dragon and Eastern Dragon. This is the first time Eastern Dragon has been made available on the North American server. I'd be more excited about that if it weren't another Myoko-clone. Anyhoo, these ships are available from February 12th until the 23rd. Kaga and Anshan are both great ships. Here's the sale details.
  10. Sub_Octavian has spoken on it a couple of times. The necessary changes are so deeply buried into the core of the game mechanics, it's not a simple fix.
  11. It's a complete overhaul. Addressing the "bugs" requires a core change of the penetration mechanics themselves. It's no small undertaking, though what the casual player may see at the end won't likely be reflective of the enormity of the rework.
  12. Sub_Octavian announced it on Reddit back in November or December. Effectively they're looking to try and mitigate some of the weird penetration mechanics than can occur currently with AP shells, including (but not strictly limited to): AP shells inflicting damage twice to a ship's hit points. Battleship caliber AP shells arming inside a destroyer despite not striking anything thick enough to set off the fuse.
  13. The circle does change side based on ship speed. With the dimensions of the turning circle changing, the radius changes too, stretching larger and smaller depending on engine speed.
  14. In general, speed does affect the rate at which you turn. The FASTER your ship goes, the more quickly your bow will come about. For dodging shells and making yourself a harder target to hit, you want to go as fast as possible as you can change your direction more quickly. However, if you want to make the radius of your turning circle smaller, you want to set your engines to whatever speed will get you between 15 and 20 knots in the turn (ships decelerate while turning so watch your speed). This will tighten your turning circle and allow you to manoeuvre in enclosed areas better. This is best used when trying to avoid collisions with islands or other ships. Note that your smaller turning radius does not mean you turn more quickly. As mentioned above, if you want to turn the nose of your ship faster, accelerate. Examples: Admiral Makarov (tier 6 Soviet premium cruiser) has a 730m turning radius listed in port. At 1/4 speed (7.8 knots), she has a 1.4º per second rate of turn and a 845m turning radius. At 1/2 speed (14.7 knots), she has a 3.4º per second rate of turn and a 670m turning radius. At 3/4 speed (20.3 knots), she has a 4.8º per second rate of turn and a 660m turning radius. At 4/4 speed (25.5 knots), she has a 5.4º per second rate of turn and a 730m turning radius. Roma (tier 8 Italian premium battleship) has an 810m turning radius listed in port. At 1/4 speed (7.3 knots), she has a 1.0º per second rate of turn and a 1100m turning radius. At 1/2 speed (13.8 knots), she has a 2.5º per second rate of turn and a 850m turning radius. At 3/4 speed (18.6 knots), she has a 3.6º per second rate of turn and a 800m turning radius. At 4/4 speed (22.4 knots), she has a 4.2º per second rate of turn and a 825m turning radius.