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  1. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Players don't. They really, really don't. I cite the RDF uproar, the perceived Missouri dispersion nerfs and the persistent rumour of American cruiser shell arc nerfs as proof. Wargaming's not perfect -- they've made mistakes in the past. The player base as a whole knows very, very little about the game and ships. We're a bunch of reactionary fusspots. It will only prove this if it doesn't sell to the levels they expect. If it does, see my point above.
  2. Details about WoWs x Azur Lane news.

    I think it makes perfect sense for Azur Lane to lean on ships of Wargaming's construct -- they can be directly attributed to World of Warships. I hope good things for both companies and I hope the crossover is very successful. It would be neat to see both IPs flourish with some new blood.
  3. More SHIP HAPPENS by WG

    I am delighted that I predicted this infighting.
  4. Any of the Makoto Kobayashi camouflaged tier VIII premiums -- namely Kii and Roma and whatever else comes out in the future. After that it's Musashi along with Graf Zeppelin and Prinz Eugen using their Adler camouflage.
  5. More SHIP HAPPENS by WG

    There are two criteria for my ship reviews being published: The content embargo (NDA) is lifted. The ship is either finalized or close to being finalized. They are not tied at all to the release schedule, though I do try and have a review published before Wargaming sells something so you all have at least one more opinion on the ship's quality to base your buying decisions upon. As it stands, Wargaming usually releases a ship shortly after the content embargo comes off, but not always. Case in point, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya had her review published July 27th, 2018 but she didn't get released in the North America region until October 4th. This also wouldn't be the first time a finished ship had its release date pushed back, if indeed it has been pushed back. I'm not surprised to see Asashio not being released today (make of that what you will). Generally this is true, but I can take credit for getting Kamikaze (green) sold on the North American server before all three Kamikaze-sisters (Fujin, Kamikaze R, Kamikaze) were pulled from sale.
  6. Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    It's update time. The next review I will be updating is that of PRINZ EUGEN. I'll be working on this in between new release reviews, so it will be ready as soon as time permits. In release news, Ashitaka is returning to the store for the first time since it was sold in late November. Once more it's coming out in bundles and these will stick around until May 4th. Here's the sale details:
  7. Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    Hi, sorry for the belated reply. I did an updated Graf Spee review just recently and cover HSF Graf Spee within it. You can find the link here:
  8. Guilio and OKTR

    Giulio Cesare has flexibility -- she's fast, she's agile and her guns are good enough. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is a brick with bite -- she's tough as all get out and slow but she packs a mean punch. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya doesn't up-tier as well as Cesare but she's not to be underestimated. I'm of the opinion that she's one of the few battleships at tier 5 that can give Cesare pause.
  9. Earn something. I know it sounds callous to say, but it's not a terrible ask. It shouldn't be a participation award.
  10. It would be for the heroic medals in game -- namely: Obviously it doesn't work for Solo Warrior as you have to win which makes the whole Heroic Resistance thing moot. Note that several members on the losing team could earn this bonus if they each earned one or more medals.
  11. I've made some suggestions to Wargaming regarding adding some more medals. Some of them were tongue in cheek, but others were serious enough. The idea would be to tie this to the "Heroic Resistance" mechanic from World of Tanks where these medals would count towards that. Yuro's Medal - The king of torpedobeats deserves some recognition. I'd like to see this medal awarded for ships avoiding a high volume of torpedoes. This would be dependent upon the game being able to track potential-damage taken by torpedoes and allow the medal to be awarded for surpassing a certain threshold without taking any torpedo hits. Design of this medal is based off of the car from Initial D (the source of the music Yuro used in his videos) done up in Russian flag colours in commemoration of Yuro's super-fun overland experiences in Russia over 2018. Jingles' Medal - Our Salty Gnome Overlord. This medal should be awarded for landing a high number of citadel hits with a battleship. I'm thinking like eight -- make it something truly noteworthy. This medal is inspired by a saying that Jingles didn't invent, but he certainly popularized: "Sailing broadside onto a battleship? That's a paddlin'!". Design of the medal is Jingles drawn in the style of Matt Groening's the Simpson's. Art done by Chobittsu. Other medals are certainly possible, but they should be based around specific (and difficult) achievements.
  12. Heroic Resistance. It's earned by anyone in who earns a heroic medal in World of Tanks. You get rewards as if you were on the winning team. I've been prodding the devs to do something like this to salve the sting of steamroller losses.
  13. Anytime I get stuck on a beach I find myself glad the game isn't a simulator.