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  1. Yes, it's possible. It's not supposed to be, but yes, it's possible. It's caused by a geometry break on models -- so completely unintended by a bug.
  2. Because there's a marked difference between voicing genuine outrages and using the same tone to decry minor inconveniences.
  3. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    The difference between someone who can look back to 4.5 years of game play changes and fact-check numbers. There's over 50 updates worth of changes -- some directly affecting destroyers, some indirectly and some not. Destroyer game play is in a healthier state than it was.
  4. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Short answer: Yes.
  5. Pump the brakes there. No one is attacking you. You're making yourself out to be a victim in this conversation when you're not. You're clearly spoiling for a fight and I'm not going to give it to you. It's not an attack to point out that voicing opinions contrary to accepted viewpoints will result in push-back.
  6. The issue you raise has little to do with positivity or negativity but rather with going against popular opinion. If you say you enjoy crap, don't be surprised when you start having to eat poop.
  7. It's not even that. Many people communicate through complaining. It's their default state. What they enjoyed, what they liked -- that's just a footnote. What they disliked; that's worth talking about! They don't do this to be malicious -- quite the contrary, it's born out of love. This is how they bond. This is how they demonstrate their passion. This is how they explore their interests. The hipster stereotype is based around this very thing, played to the point of absurdity and condensed down into a soundbite. Most are patently unaware they do it. Some also struggle to understand why their expressed views generate such open hostility for appearing to continually badmouth the very thing they apparently enjoy.
  8. Yes, really. Wargaming controls the video game. People wish they controlled the video game instead. Ergo, Wargaming is bad for controlling the video game. Time and again, in any fandom, you'll find people decrying the creator for 'ruining the product'. It doesn't just apply to video games but physical games too. The amount of complaining I've heard about Games Workshop, Konami, Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press all echoes these same patterns raised here. People complain about what they love and, invariably, will go down the rabbit hole that they alone (and their circle of like-minded friends) have the intellect and foresight to correct to missteps the publisher is clearly oblivious to.
  9. Because Wargaming is perceived to be an institution and people think it's cool to rail against perceived authority figures.
  10. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Jumping into a cap is still how I earn XP in my destroyers. The difference now is that I don't run straight into it blindly until I ascertain where the CV's attention is. It's like when there's a radar cruiser or scary gunship destroyer on the enemy team -- I adjust my play based on the circumstances dictated by the enemy roster. Once I've identified where these assets that can ruin my day in short-order are located, then I make my play. Heaven forbid that if you want to play well you actually have to put in some effort.
  11. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    You're again falsely generalizing and placing no accountability on destroyers themselves. Yes, there are some rocket attacks that are very well optimized for harming destroyers -- in particular American rockets and those off of the British carrier Audacious. HOWEVER, rockets are not the weapon of choice in all cases for going after destroyers. For example, with the upcoming British premiums Indomitable and Ark Royal, bombs are preferred over rockets in all cases. Similarly, American dive bombers (barring Enterprise's) are ridiculously effective against destroyers, if slightly harder to use. But more importantly, for a destroyer to get picked off, it has to expose itself. Destroyers get picked off more often because they're more often without support. Furthermore, they are still the single most important ship type in Domination-style games. If you want to win, killing the destroyers quickly greatly increases your chances. There's a lot destroyers can do to keep themselves safe from CV attack beyond the meme "just dodge". Watch where aircraft are being deployed. Don't jump into a cap blindly. Redeploy if necessary. Use the cover of your allies flak. Keep your AA turned off. Hump islands to make attack approaches more difficult. These all make you a very unappetizing target for CVs and they'll look for easier prey.
  12. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Yes, and said "righteous complaints" aren't always based on facts. See the many threads we've had about inexperienced players complaining about torpedoes, fires, "ships disappearing 3km away", etc. Feels have their place, but they have the habit of blowing issues way out of proportions. This very much applies to rocket attacks. Some are very much an issue while others are seldom worth launching from the carrier's deck. So hearing a player decry them as a universal bad tells me the problem doesn't lie with the rockets, but the player.
  13. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Yeah, and so do all destroyer guns. But I'm much less afraid of (most) Japanese destroyer guns than I am about (most) American and (most) Soviet guns. Complaining about them all as a universal bad when some are scarcely a threat just sounds like whining.
  14. LittleWhiteMouse

    IFHE changes

    I cornered them about this. Bayard, the French tier 8 premium cruiser, has the "test" IFHE changes baked in and I thought it was an indicator that said changes were coming sooner rather than later. This would make the difference between Bayard's penetration being powerful and remarkable to just being another 152mm armed cruiser. They told me point blank it's still in testing, it may or may not see live depending on how those tests go. It could end up a part of some bigger skill-tree rework. It could end up being it's own individual solution. It might not show up at all. Only time will tell.
  15. LittleWhiteMouse

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    This kind of generalization annoys me, I'll admit. Not all rockets perform well. If you have a complaint, complain specifically about the ship in question. Complaining about rockets is like complaining about cruiser HE shells. There's a huge difference between Emden and Azuma, Furutaka and Atlanta. Get specific when you're raising complaints about rockets because most of them aren't worth using, never mind complaining about.