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  1. HawkeFeathers

    Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    After some research and comparison of the Tier I ships, I must agree they are all pretty close. However, the Black Swan is a far cry from the stand out citadel cruncher it was and now in fact is near bottom in having the characteristics I like. Its the slowest reload speed and least damage delivered. My selection for a "Tier I Toy" has changed. This is not a complaint, more of a sigh for a lost tool(AP on Tier I) I appreciate WG's efforts to keep things fresh.
  2. HawkeFeathers

    Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    Well I sure miss the AP guns on the Black Swan. I pulled her out for a "Just for Fun" game yesterday and found she's been nerfed in the last month or so. Used to have the highest caliber AP(and maybe only) shell in Tier I. I got 18 citadels in a game once with her. So Im now researching for her replacement in the "Just for Fun" category of mine. Im finding the whole tier may have been altered. I need to read more on the updates info I guess. Frustrating to have something changed after you have learned its characteristics but it does keep the game interesting and motivating to research and compare ships again.
  3. HawkeFeathers

    1x Anniversary Container is not enough compensation

    I was impacted by the glitch. After a restart of the game and the same result I decided to look at forum to see if others were having same. They were so I knew it was "a glitch". Seems to me the effort on my side alone would not be worth it to try and recover. Just kept playing :-) Now there was a good thing that came of it. I Tk'd someone somehow and turned pink. Probably a torp that didn't hit enemy and went on to find a unsuspecting friendly not paying attention. Well the Pink didn't catch either and no deductions. hehe How many times have you gotten something that you didn't earn really. Do you contact WG to asking them to remove your reward? I don't do that either. hehe haha
  4. HawkeFeathers

    My computer crashed, now I'm being penalized.

    Youre not alone Brother_Lobo. Ive had my share of disconnects and crashes as well. I play on a old standby PC until I can get another. I cooked the processor on the last one. LOL I once had I think 18 games penalty and I even turned orange which is a sign you are barred from random games I suppose. I submitted a ticket but I had the penalties worked off pretty quick. If I go pink I will play Co-op until its over anyway as punishment to myself(or shame of being pink). DD's in coop will not last long for me. Those are my work-off ships. Humorous Editorial Comment: Now this is a serious game here folks! We must win at all costs! Hahaha
  5. HawkeFeathers

    Why do ships appear then disappear?

  6. What I'm having trouble getting a grasp on is "how ships can come into range and then disappear". Now this is without them entering a smoked zone or moving back away. Maybe if someone can provide a link to good video that explains the concepts of detectability and usage of radar?
  7. HawkeFeathers

    Helena Found

    High on my list of fun ships to sail in WoWs.
  8. HawkeFeathers

    Who are you going to fight for?

    With a name like HawkeFeathers, well ... I enjoyed the little extra daily competition during Public Test. Looking forward to log on.
  9. HawkeFeathers

    DD XP....Seriously?

    Well.... I run DD's when Im pink. I know the game wont last long. LOL
  10. HawkeFeathers

    Cant Login to Public Test - HELP

    Yep, the keyword being " CAREFULLY". Anyway, So I had a day in the PT and enjoyed it tremendously. It's great to see what the X's are like and a chance to actually sail them. The weekend wont be long enough!
  11. I have installed the PT game thru the Game Center app. It says Error my email and password dont match. I changed my password even tho I could still log into the regular WoWs game fine. The password change took as I now have to login WoWs with the new password. PT sever still doesnt know me. I imported the WoWs game to the Game Center(I must have gotten the game direct or something. PT still doesnt know me. I couldnt login to submit a ticket so I resort to this post. Help Please. A PM message would be fine.
  12. HawkeFeathers

    Server downtime

    Quote: Attention Captains, Please be aware that on 7/10/2018 the World of Warships server will be down for approximately 40 minutes. Downtime will begin at 6:00 ET / 3:00 PT. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  13. HawkeFeathers

    Pink requirements - have they been adjusted?

    I did something Ive never done before the other day. I was intentionally shot at with several rounds by a teammate. Obvious disregard for well... you know. So he was already pinked but I got in front of him and made him ram me a few times. I blocked him against a mountain and shot while he couldnt except for his shooting at me, racking up the pink point higher. LOL I followed him ruthlessly for a spell. Got in front of his shots as often as I could as well. I never shot at him or ever went pink but I know he will remember that game. Now I have always just let it go as I have had the same mistakes as mentioned here. Things happen and all. The intentional shots are just newbies learning I think to myself. For some reason this time really got to me and I retaliated as stated. It did feel good I must admit. I wish I had a video of it. It was hilarious.
  14. HawkeFeathers

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I may have been clicking the wrong link before. I now see that "download link" and "direct" are two different links. The "direct" works without ad spam. Thx Aslain!!