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  1. ErnstMach

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    ErnstMach NA Server Got the Thunderer during the tail end of ranked. Love that ship to bits tbh, it's the first major coal purchase I have truly enjoyed!
  2. Kii has torps and I won all but 1 match against a tirpitz in it.... Kii stupidly op now??!
  3. ErnstMach

    Tirpitz Sales on the rise...

    Kii was a fantastic counter to the tirpitz spam in my experience. The rear torp angles are excellent for kiting them, and they hit much harder/are rarely expected by the derpitz captain.
  4. ErnstMach

    Vote for the currency of the Hayate is up

    For me I feel like its FXP, doesn't have a daily cap to it so I can farm a lot of it when i play, and I'm not necessarily missing out on a daily allocation of it by not playing, which I would with coal.
  5. I absolutely hope this will be the case. My approach would be to have missions for each tier, or at least the upper tiers, to spread the grind around. These would enable you to earn less research points than resetting the line but enough to pay for the UU. We'll have to wait and see however.
  6. Per Sub's comment: "We plan to make them available for research points, as Colbert and Ohio (for much less of course)." I don't see how else they could be made available in the armory, even WG wouldn't want a separate sub-currency within the armory just for UUs, we don't need nesting doll currencies to add to the confusion
  7. He literally says the plan is to make them available for research points in the comments. Try not to shoot the messenger so quickly next time.
  8. I am also very dismayed to learn that the plan is to make the UUs cost research points. This not only screws over those who only have 1 or 2 tier 10 ships, but also means that I need to sacrifice access to the tier 10 I worked to grind out just to get the legendary upgrade. Sub's comments make it seem like that's not set in stone yet, so I hope some changes are made to the RB system to make it more palatable...
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/ect7gd/psa_unique_upgrades_plan_clarifications_and/ Fantastic to see that the missions will be available for all of 2020, I have a few underway so I'm glad I can complete them. However, the mini-freakout the UU changes announcement prompted the other day is emblematic of WGs communication problems. Tiptoeing around the PR fiasco, it shouldn't require a meltdown in the forums and subreddit to get clarifying information out of staff. Honestly its like pulling teeth sometimes. Get the details together and announce them to us as a whole, rather than leading with vague lines like "we're going to revamp existing upgrades" that prompt alarm in the playerbase. I'd rather have a more complete devblog than have to wade through panic threads in the forum and subreddit to get questions answered about planned changes. I understand things aren't finalized and details can change, but it's really not hard to include key details like the fact that the underlying trade-off philosophy of UUs will not be changing when announcements of this nature are made.
  10. Tax shelters? Asset holders? People use even use companies to register expensive cars in cheaper states.
  11. Thats a big mood. Really regretting the money I spent on santa boxes this year. Gonna make it a goal to be 100% free-to-play in 2020, if I play much at all... it just feels like work at this point. "Chase after this ship, quick do the ranked sprint, now heres clan battles as well, and oh a ranked season overlapping, btw collect your resource containers so itll only take several months to get the special commanders, let alone the ships"
  12. Arguments over semantics like the one you two are having are the exact reason WG needs to be more active in answering questions and providing adequate levels of detail in their devblogs/game announcements.
  13. Fair enough, I think much of the panic reaction comes from people being conditioned that its the only way to elicit clarification from staff. After all, it required this thread to get Fem to confirm the underlying trade-off philosophy for UUs won't change. I agree on the idea of spreading the UU grind between ships being a good one. However I still maintain it should not require a reset. Perhaps missions that need to be completed on ships of each tier? I just really like having the ability to play my T8 on a whim. I didn't mean to imply you spent $ on converting fxp, I had just meant to voice my disdain for possibly having to do so if i had to reset.