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  1. You truly don't understand the ignorance you're spouting. It has nothing to do with stat shaming, stats are just a metric to determine abilities and comprehension of mechanics. Same as standardized testing. Nothing more, nothing less. Your lack of mechanics comprehension determines your lower stat scores, same as mine, therefor someone generally who has better stats have a much better understanding and comprehension of the games mechanics, thus their opinion carries more weight. It's like watching the village idiot argue the theory relativity with albert einstein.
  2. This is why no-one will take your whining about how awful CV's are seriously. It's a brand new meta, learn how to ship and learn how to CV then post up your professional opinion like the OP.
  3. I just left a game in my missouri where I did 67k plane damage and shot down 1 plane, 1 midway and 1 saipan on enemy team, I did not see anything in post battle to signify I was rewarded in the least bit for the plane damage.
  4. Wait so you mean to tell me that with the HUGE influx of CV's and double CV matches that people started using the free captain respec to run AA builds and started running AA intensive ships to counter the massive CV spam that AA is an issue? Seems like a checks and balance thing to me.
  5. Ok then lets look at hard statistics... 11 of the top 20 damage dealt for the entire server is held by 2 ships midway and hakuryu, the other 9 being a worcester, hindenburg,yamato,henri iv, gearing, des moines, republique. So 7 different ships of 3 different classes make up 9 of the top 20 while 2 different ships of the same class make up 11 of the top 20 and you're going to sit here and tell me that CV's are completely broken and ships are immune to them due to AA? https://na.wows-numbers.com/ranking/?order=max_damage_dealt__desc here's the link so you so quickly accuse me of not proving something. Try reading it for yourself... For a very long time the top 20 was filled with 15-16 CV's now they've been bumped down to only 55% of the entire makeup whereas BB's make up 10% DD's contribute 5% and CA's makeup 30%. Lets look at top average damage shall we? Midways top average damage is 189251 dmg per game yamato top avg damage is 174178, worcester's top average damage is 171113. CV's lead the way in average top damage across all the metrics, yet they are considered useless because of AA?
  6. What are you even talking about right now? This was a discussion on CV's being useless against AA and I proved your statement incorrect and you go off on something about destroyers torp changes and flooding....
  7. Caliph, What I witnessed in a game the other night, two of the top 10 CV players in midways in a tier 8,9,10 game(I know this isn't the norm, but when you have 2 CV pilots both in the 2800pr range it sucks). One rolls out 8 kills, the other 7. Enemy Midway's first target is dfaa wooster. Sends in Torp planes, wooster pops DFAA nukes torp squadron then 45 seconds later here come the AP bombers and delete wooster, 2 minutes pass and exact same scenario against minotaur with dfaa, then my missouri with 19pt manual AA build shot down 3 planes in a double torp squadron cross drop and I ate 12 torps with nowhere to go, then it was just full on insta nuke with every plane reload from that point forward. So if anything this in of itself tells me that AA is in no way shape or form broken or over powered or makes any ship immune if the top 2 AA ships in the game can be one shot deleted by a CV with the greatest of ease.
  8. Feragus

    Graphics, does it make a difference?

    I have somewhat of a budget built gaming rig and I upgraded from an old amd 6300 OC'd to 4.3ghz to an i5 6700k OC'd to 4.7ghz, still running 16gb ram but went from ddr2 1066 to 16gb dd4 3600 and from a gtx 770 to a gtx 1080. Monitor stayed the same with an asus 21inch supposed 2ms refresh 1080p, I went from 40fps on medium to 70fps maxed out and I have seen a significant increase in my hit ratio and being able to lead ships better. My biggest issue currently was posted in another recent thread, the gigantic water explosions around a ship from team mates firing on it, sometimes it takes 5-6 seconds before I can even see the ship which accounts for lost opportunities to shoot at said ship, I didn't see that with the old setup. Either way, enjoy your new video card and all the new shiny pretty things the game has to offer. Cheers
  9. Title say's it all, I was stuck in an almost dead clan of RL friends for awhile and ended up playing 80% of my matches solo. I'm a fairly average player, pretty decent ijn DD captain. I guess I'm just looking for an active clan that has a good amount of people for divisions. Maybe someone to help critique my gameplay to tell me where I apparently keep massively messing up, and to kind of ease the pain of banging out solo randoms all the time. Currently have 3 tier 10's, Worcester, Shimakaze and Moskva. I feel fairly comfortable in the Moskva and Shimmy, not so much in the wooster though. As of posting this I have 42 hours left on my clan cool down because I just left. If anyone has any clan recommendations please feel free to message me. My normal as of right now play times are roughly 5pm est until 10pm est. Prior active duty so I do appreciate a good structured clan.
  10. Feragus

    CV Rework and it's psychology...

    Easiest solution I can see? Maybe try bringing a naval ship into a naval ship fighting game instead of playing a half arsed flight sim thing, want to play with planes then go play wowp or that other game with ships and planes and tanks.
  11. Feragus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Playing Shima, get radar'd from an invisible ship behind an island and then shot into oblivion by more invisible ships behind islands and smoke, because "fun and engaging comrade"
  12. Feragus

    Seattle Aiming

    I grinded my way through the cleveland, finally figured out how to play it at mediocre levels, then got the seattle and suddenly BAM I can't shoot for crap, my hit % went through the floor, my damage is absolute garbage. Lead times are completely out of whack, Attempting to rain fire on a beached F.Der.Grobe, landed 5 shells out of 13 salvos. Target was 12km away, shells just dancing in the water all around the ship. Ended that game with 564 shells fired, 42 hits, for 9k damage and 0 fires. How can a ship using the exact same 152mm guns have such a horrible shell trajectory arc and horrible dispersion? Can someone please maybe give me some advice on properly aiming with the seattle? Yes I know I only have 6 games in the ship, yes it's fully upgraded, 16pt captain with ifhe/concealment/demo expert/expert marksman.
  13. Currently looking for an active clan after a long break (deployment) from ships. I'm a scrublord of a player, but follow directions well. My WR isn't absolute garbage (52%ish) considering I've been forced to be a solo random warrior. Please feel free to hit me up in game or through here.
  14. Feragus

    Game freezes at port

    Given the fact it works on my old computer, on the girlfriends computer right next to me(pulled my hard drive and plugged it into her system for testing purpose to check if it was corrupted data/bad drive), leads me to believe it is in fact a hardware or system confliction on my end. Tired of having to re-download and re-install every day or every other day.
  15. New Computer build, didn't have this issue on old computer or the girlfriends computer. System Specs: Asrock z370 Fatal1ty K6 i5-8600k 4.7ghz cooled by noctua nh-d15 16gb G.Skill Ripjaw V ddr4-3200 evga acx 3.0 gtx 1070 Windows 10 Home Corsair HX850 platinum Asus vx228 monitor. (1920x1080) Basically what happens is I log in, see the port, port water animations freeze, game freezes, sometimes requiring a hard restart of the computer, sometimes windows pops up a "This program is not responding message" This has been a very very intermittent issue, after re-installing the game and all video drivers, it works for sometimes one game, sometimes 3 days, sometimes no games at all and instantly crashes. One time I got a bigworld crash fatal exception error. Please tell me what logs you need to help me figure out what the problem here is.