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  1. Draza_Mihailovic

    Surprised by a Premium Ship

    Couldn't agree more on Napoli. That ship is some of the best time's I've had in WoWS with a Premium since Agir. The AP is also under used and punishes Cruiser's broadside, as well as some BB's, like the occasional sneaky cheek Cit on a Yami. The accuracy of the guns is actually pretty good, wouldn't call it top tier, but a step below. The SAP secondaries also punish DD's hardcore who try to rush you, the only thing lacking in that situation is not having Hydro or Radar. I also have to throw in the Tier VIII German DD Z-35 in my top Prems. It has an insane reload on it's 127's, has RN Smoke with up to 7 charges, Hydro, has two quad launchers, albeit only 6km torps, the detection on the ship can almost match it's torp range, at 6.1km detection range, meaning you have no issue stealth torping ships that are coming towards you. I usually play it like a German Akizuki with hydro, allowing me to bum rush caps and bully enemy DD's at close range.
  2. Draza_Mihailovic

    What to do about SAP?

    I also feel super silly right now for not bringing it up, BUT I am totally not opposed to, thru these "buffs" by using this theoretical new SAP effecting IFHE, to also not apply a nerf to damage for example, when using the Perk. This seems totally logical, since the UK had thicker walled "Common Shells", some even Armor Capped, developed and used in WW2 & possible even WW1, but am not 100% on that one. Drach shows some off in one of his new videos on naval shell development, a highly suggested watch.
  3. Draza_Mihailovic

    What to do about SAP?

    I understand this is an old thread/post, but have been thinking about Captain Skill changes and things that could have been implemented in a much simpler way to help fix some of these issues, in this case, SAP. I was thinking if the IFHE perk could just include a section for SAP only related buffs when using this Perk, as an alternative to mounting it on HE armed ships. I was thinking it would make total logical sense if they just included the subtext that "If used on SAP, bonuses will apply to Ricochet Angle buffs at x% and slight SAP penetration buff at y%. I was pondering a reasonable buff when choosing to use IFHE on a SAP armed ship, as something like ~5% max buff to pen angles, and a ~5-10% buff to overall SAP pen value. I seem this change would help broaden the choices of builds offered to the ever extending Italian Tech Tree. One issue I haven't thought of how to solve, is mounting this "new IFHE" on something like Paolo Emilio who's firing both SAP & HE, and haven't decided if the buff should still apply to both, or just revert back to HE only buff when used in this scenario. I hope I didn't come off as a smart *ss, and just trying to toss in my $00.02 on a topic that's been floating around my head more & more, especially after the announcement & eventual reveal of then new Italian BB line. Cristoforo Colombo + Marco Polo HYPE
  4. Draza_Mihailovic

    We Translate Our Articles into 13 Languages

    Just curious, any idea on if Serbia / Cрпски was even considered? Seems strange not to have it for even just the Europe server. The player base was one of, if the not the biggest Wargaming (both WoT & WoWS) in SE Europe (Balkans). P.S. The "other company's game" has another substantial base in their game as well, and would seem logic to try and provide tools that would aid in the making their decision to come over to this game. Just my 2¢'s, thank you for hearing out.
  5. Draza_Mihailovic

    When does the new update release? And is it removing Moskva?

    Ok, so thank you to Old_Baldy_One, who's thread explains it all, so if anyone was wondering the same thing as me, here you go... 9.4 will see early release of the new Russian ships but no impact to Moskva or Kirov at that time. They will only move when 9.5 drops. 9.5 will drop somewhere around June 10th or so (4 weeks from 9.4 so not likely sooner based on normal cycles) If you have the needed XP on the ships 1 tier lower than these, you'll be able to research and buy them immediately when 9.5 drops.
  6. When is the new update releasing, and is it removing Moskva yet, or waiting for 9.5?
  7. Draza_Mihailovic

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    I think I accidentally gave credit to Panzer for this specific list. That was my bad. Very nice work sir. This is the German DD lines that we should have had years ago.
  8. Draza_Mihailovic

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Hell yeah Panzer! Read my freaking mind! Perfect split
  9. Draza_Mihailovic

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    From my knowledge, Paulo Emilio is a paper ship / prototype, the Ansaldo UP 39, which was developed before the Capitani Romani class. This is why the superstructure & torp armament are completely different. Same with the turrets, these one's on the in game Paolo Emilio, seem to be DP mounts, but I'm just speculating, by how they modeled the area where the turret cut outs for the guns are located. Look at the hull of the Capitani Romani, right behind & below the B turret, and below & behind the superstructure. Now compare that with the "Ansaldo" design in WoWS, the Paolo Emilio The second difference is the torp launcher's. They both use that unique quad launcher that is two tubes stacked on top of two others, making a square looking arrangement when viewed from head on. The difference comes with the Capitani Romani mounting only two of the quad launchers centrally, one fore & aft of the second, aft smoke stack. Meanwhile the Paolo Emilio / "Ansaldo" design, uses three of the quad launchers, mounting the two fore launchers on each side of the hull just aft of the front smoke stack, while the single quad launcher at the rear is mounted centrally and right behind the aft smoke stack. I feel like the biggest confusion with the Paolo Emilio & Capitani Romani class, comes with the fact that the 8th Capitani Romani class, was planned to have been named "Paolo Emilio". Plus, construction of the ship was moved to Ansaldo for the second time for the Capitani Romani class, with the first and most of the ships, being built by OTO. Once I saw this, it got me speculating that maybe the Capitani Romani class we know, was OTO's design submission, and the "UP 39 / Paolo Emilio in WoWS" was Ansaldo's design submission, in the Regia Marina's competition for a "Reconnaissance Cruiser", which started around 1937-1938, if I remember correctly. Below will be the list of planned, started, and completed, Capitani Romani class ships. I feel like the similarities between the two help lend to that theory of them being two opposing designs for a competition, that being theRegia Marina's Reconnaissance Cruiser development.
  10. Draza_Mihailovic

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Exactly my idea, tbh, I have been screaming about this on their Reddit, YT vids, and I think I made a post about the Spahkruezers in "In-Development", during Beta! At that time, I would always get told how "DD's that big will never be competitive", and yet fast forward to today, where we have Frenchie DD's running around, the size of an Nuremberg cruiser & with borderline CL guns too (slower reloads when compared to the gun boats of old, mainly the US DD's). So there's no excuse for making the Spahkruezer's German DD's anymore. It's going to be the same "issue" WG is going to have with the Italians and their Capitan Romani class "Reconnaissance Cruisers" which should also be DD's in our game.
  11. Draza_Mihailovic

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    I pray that those single 128mm turrets are going to have a reload of around 2.5sec max, and the torps be 10.5km range at 67km minimum and which reload in 90sec tops. That's the only way I see making the Z-35 Tier IX. Spähkreuzer This was WG's PERFECT opportunity to bring in the Spähkreuzer designs, especially since the whole "big caliber gun boats" of the French line were so popular and served well in the meta, completely dispelling the myth that a big caliber, big sized destroyer could never be "useful" in WoWS. 3 x 2 - 15 cm/55 (5.9") TBts KC/36T guns 1 x 2 - 8.8 cm/76 (3.46") SK C/32 DP guns 4 x 2 - 3.7 cm/69 (1.5") Flak M42 AA cannons 2 x 4 - 2 cm/65 (0.79") Flak 35 Vierling L/38 AA cannons 2 x 5 - 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes I'd give the main guns a 5-6sec reload with a range of 14km (without the spotter plane which would be found on the 1938 design only), have the 8.8's be DP and give them a secondary range of 7.5km and 5.8km for AA duties. The torps should reload in ~120sec (being quintuple mounts) and should have the G7e Steinwall torps from the Z52 which would have a 10.5km range. The 3.7cm Flak should have a range of ~4km and the 20mm's should be ~2km. Damage Control Party Repair Party Smoke Screen Hydroacoustic Search Spotter Plane (Only available if you choose to replace one of the quintuple torpedo launchers, the rear one, with a Spotter Plane, which would be done by choosing the "1938" hull option) https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/spahkreuzer/index.html https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/spahkreuzer/tech40.html Zerstörer 1945 My second option, but much better fitting for a second Tier X German Destroyer, would be the Zerstörer 1945, which I still have no idea why WG didn't make it the top of Germany's DD branch initially, but whatever. This design, unlike the Z52 ingame at the top of the tree right now, this DD went back to steam turbine propulsion as well as equipping surface radar along it's sonar suite. 4 x 2 - 12.7 cm (5.0 in) SK C/41 guns 2 x 4 - 53.3 cm torpedo tubes 2 x 2 - 5.5 cm/77 (2.165") Gerät 58 AA cannons 6 x 2 - 3 cm MK 303 Flakzwilling (M44) AA cannons I'd suggest having the main guns reload at 4sec, firing out to a range of 12.5km, torps reload at 90sec while using the Z52's G7e Steinwall torps with a range of 10.5km, and then have the 5.5cm AA fire out to a range of 6km, and the 30mm MK303's fire out to a range of 4.5km. Damage Control Party Smoke Screen Speed Boost Hydroacoustic Search Surveillance Radar or Defensive Fire AA https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/zerstorer1945/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_1945_destroyer
  12. Draza_Mihailovic

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you guys & praying everyone gets thru this with no issues
  13. I'll still buy her regardless, but it's scaring me that we've heard NOTHING about WG buffing her armor to help with that exact situation. I really don't understand why it's so hard to give a ship like her 50mm deck and side plating, when it's done on the Stalingrad, which is technically a mid to long range sniper. It always seems like the KM is going to get the short end of the stick here. And where the f*ck is Sigi & Odin? We're now hearing about Agir, and still haven't heard on any new news on when Sigi is coming to the game, and for what resource.
  14. T-Minus 1hr & 8min until we see if Ziggy comes out for German Unification Day!!! My mouf is waddering!!!