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  1. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Pan Asian Ships

    Awesome intel folks. Thanks.
  2. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Pan Asian Ships

    Are these ships actually other ships in the game? Thanks.
  3. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Listening to the people

  4. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Listening to the people

    Something they said. Not just something I made up.
  5. If WG is actually listening to the people, can you please do me a favor and fix the viewer on the game? When you reset the viewer as to country, ship type, etc, etc, it always defaults to the far left (Jap line) instead of just staying put where ever you last were. Make it like WOTs. Thanks.
  6. Colonel_Lonewolf

    An In Depth look at Transformers

    Cannot believe they went through all this and gave us some [edited] voice overs rather than the real thing. Sad.
  7. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Autobot commanders - Not Impressed

    They even got hasbro's name on it and still could not get the right voices. Sad.
  8. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Ocean map rotation. Make it so.
  9. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Does anybody know the new Armory ships?

    What happened to the Graf Zeppelin ?
  10. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Who Would You Like to See?

    U.S. Navy Captain Rockwell "Rock" Torrey Lt Cmdr. Duke E. Gifford Lt. (J.G.) 'Rusty' Ryan
  11. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Warship Wednesday!

    This sounds like an excellent idea.
  12. Colonel_Lonewolf

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    I like her.
  13. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Thank you WG for the Nerves of Steel campaign.

    She is a good ship.
  14. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Mighty Prinz Campaign Step 6 - Final

    Aside from how slow the turret rotation is I think she is a great ship.
  15. Colonel_Lonewolf

    Prinz Eitel Fredrich Sucks, Worst Premium Ship I Ever Bought

    I believe her to be a great ship. Lots of fun to play. Only complaint is the slow turret rotation.