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    Is Aslains website down??

    same for me
  2. So this isn't working again? We are going to try NA this evening. Does anyone know what time it actually starts (eastern time / NA)? Edit: I found this post from ikami ref start time. Hello Captains, For the cross-realm clan battle test times, prime time on NA will be starting at 4:30 PDT / 6:30 CDT /7:30 EDT. The client might show the wrong time but article shows the correct time in UTC.
  3. @iKamican you please make sure that the start and end time of the CB test will be VERY CLEAR!
  4. the times were completely messed up...how is that even possible
  5. WG Kami posted here earlier and said they know about the problem. My group split for the night so will have to see what Thursday brings...if we even try
  6. They could do 3v3 in test and work it out before making everyone mad on the live server...
  7. 15 minutes waiting then disconnect. we done with this test crap until there are guarantee's that it works. Same mess as last time...
  8. OfficerTiTan

    How is the Clan Rating scored in Naval Battles?

    No clue either on how rating points was figured out.
  9. It can be done captains...it can be done.
  10. OfficerTiTan

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Same complaint as above. My clan did the NA server battles and then when we scheduled EU server time on the weekend the CB's were cancelled by WG with very short notice. It is only fair that clans who participated in the test and achieved at least 10 battles on any server should be credited with the rewards. This is making me salty...