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  1. US aircraft torpedoes were fine early war, and the best late war. You're thinking of the Early war US sub and surface ship torpedoes.
  2. waffles1945

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    *5/38 not 5/32
  3. waffles1945

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    Why not use the traditional gaming word: [edited]useless team
  4. I am finally back guys!

  5. GG highschool is hard, barely have time durring the week.

  6. ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

  7. :l, What takking so long for them to accept the NDA form I signed nearly a week ago? :L

  8. Iam thinking I need a new sig

  9. School is closed today, Probably tomorrow as well due to the snow.

  10. Wow. Randomly being negged.

  11. Symble of the forms is a North carolina C: