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  1. I used the fix but still happening. I saved the file in (C)/Games/World_of_Warships_NA and then extracted it there. And said replace files when asked. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Yes, it's happening to me and a few people I've talked to also. It's irritating, but I go to task manager and end process and it let's me in. Have to do it each time.
  3. BeastLoad

    Modded Dynamic Crosshairs

    Also, in case you don't know about the modstation. It's a collection of mods that wargaming suppports themselves and I get my crosshairs and a few other mods from it. They install them directly for you so very simple. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/modstation/
  4. BeastLoad

    Modded Dynamic Crosshairs

    I was just wondering the same. I've been using the nanogram and like it. But the Stiv is colored, and I think it'll be easier for me to see, so I'm going to give it a try. And Stiv has one without the web, and that's the one I'll be using. It's in the modstation now. Hopefully it's similarly accurate. I believe the nanogram is set for 30 knott's on the top numbers and 20 knott's for the lower numbers. I'm still pretty new to the game, so getting more used to just using my instinct. But it give's me a quick idea of a general location and then go from there depending on what it looks like the ship is doing.
  5. It was assumed everyone would know that when reading my comment. That's the point of the sarcastic post. Thus the phrase "archaic rule".
  6. What if all the players vote and there is a clear and decisive winner. But because of an archaic rule Wargaming is forced to choose the loser. Yes, actually pick the choice that the majority of players voted against? Well....thatls just crazy talk.
  7. BeastLoad

    First 4 point skill French BB's

    Thank you all so much for the replies. I'm kind of leaning towards FP now for a couple of reasons. I'm still noobish, so I find myself out of position now and then. And I have work to do regarding my stealthiness. I think at this point the FP would probably serve me a little better. So one more question. For the first 10 points, the established route for most is 1,2,3 and 4 point skills. After that, assuming I'm not going to have a lot of gold to spend on redistributing later, do you think it's best to save and get to 14 to add another 4 point skill first, or as I get more points add a 1 or 2 pointer etc. as I go? Thanks again, I appreciate the advice.
  8. Looking for suggestions on the first 4 point skill for French BB's. I can change later, so for now I'm looking for advice for probably tiers 4-7. I understand the secondaries are nice, but for the lower tiers as I gain some experience I think I prefer a safety approach playing at some range. So thinking concealment for the first 4 pointer. However the rental Dunkurque I'm starting the Captain with seems to catch fire more than other BB's I've played so I wonder about Fire Prevention too. I'll probably add AFT at tier 8 and up. Thanks
  9. BeastLoad

    Recruiting Station: A Full Guide

    UPDATED: I know you're busy and this isn't really your area to troubleshoot. So I've submitted a ticket to Player Support and will follow up with them. Please disregard - Thanks Hi, one more question. The total points earned by my shipmates don't seem to match what I have listed on my points bar. My total points collected already is 440. 400 from my first shipmate bonus and 40 point earned last week from shipmates. Showing on my points bar currently is 300 points. But the 2 shipmates have total earned points totals of 330 and 120. A total of 450. If I've only received 40 points so far from them, that would mean that I'd have 410 points left to collect, but the bar only shows the 300. I'm attaching screen prints. Do they wait until server reset to update the bar maybe? Thanks
  10. BeastLoad

    Recruiting Station: A Full Guide

    If we do not collect them by a certain time, do they stay and get locked up for another week before we can collect them? And I assume once the total is at 1500 they will transfer automatically at the end of the week so that we don't lose out on any points for the following week? Or does it stay full until you manually collect? Thanks!
  11. BeastLoad

    Guepard thoughts?

    Unless you were "better then" than you are now. Then it's more than that and less than that, and better than a cat in the hat.
  12. BeastLoad

    Guepard thoughts?

    Perhaps, but I made easy work of the tier 6 GNEVNY RU DD a couple of times. Advantages for Guepard: 3100 more hp, bigger guns, faster turrets, 5 guns aimed at target to his 4 guns, higher fire chance %, and faster rudder shift time. He'd already shot his torps, and it was over before he could think of reloading them. With the reload boost, and all 5 guns in use she can drop 25 rounds in 15 seconds. It was over quickly.
  13. BeastLoad

    Guepard thoughts?

    I'm wondering what peoples thoughts are on the Guepard French Destroyer. Not having smoke is definitely a bummer, but they get extra bonuses on some consumables. On the other tier 6 dd's the engine boost consumable adds 8% to top speed and lasts for 120 or 180 seconds. On the Guepard it adds 20% and lasts for 270 seconds. Add on the Special Upgrade engine boost from the armory that gives you another +50 % on duration and you can zip around for 4 and a half minutes at about 45 knots. Pretty fun. And if you find yourself alone against another dd, the reload boost and gun can take them down pretty fast.