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  1. Wolcott

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    The T6 Izmail was launched but it appears she's going to have a fake Soviet refit. The type was actually meant for the Imperial Russian Navy and they were all scrapped long before WW2.
  2. Wolcott

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    T5 is where the RU BB line transitions to battlecruisers. Imperatritsa Mariya was a slow dreadnought. The type never saw Soviet Navy service anyway; one sank during WW1, another was scuttled by revolutionaries and the third escaped via Wrangel's fleet before being scrapped by the French long before WW2. Hence the choice of an obscure paper ship where WG can tweak it with fake WW2 refits. Hopefully Mariya will retain her historical WW1 hull if she appears as a premium.
  3. Wolcott

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Yeah, on the bright side I'm glad they left her out of the tech tree. I wouldn't want to see my favourite BB in a fake WW2 refit when she never lived to see Soviet service to begin with.
  4. Wolcott

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Disappointing, no Imperatritsa Mariya.
  5. So that means WoWS Blitz is not being developed by WG or Lesta, but another developer?
  6. Wolcott

    Dev diary is out

    If the values remain the same when it goes live then it still won't be enough for me to even get Flint. I have only 18 T9s & 10s, no T8+ premium ships. Oh well, no time for the campaigns anyway as I have other plans for the holidays. I will still get the snowflakes done though.
  7. Wolcott

    Dev diary is out

    Doubt the steel will be enough to buy any steel ship even with discount, unless you already have some steel from SCs.
  8. Wolcott

    Musashi: What could have been.

    I doubt WG will ever go back to rebalance old premiums they screwed up. If/when the time comes when WoWS experiences low populations or poor premium shop sales, they'll probably just cut their losses and take the game offline.
  9. Wolcott

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Any ship that has the gorgeous Navy Blue hull. Sadly Missouri, Alabama and Kidd are the only USN ships that have it.
  10. Wolcott

    PSA: Dreadnaught Missions

    If the Christmas sale is the same as last year's, then WG will put all available premium ships in the tech tree on discount. Hopefully Dreadnought will be one of them. We'll find out in about three weeks. Fingers crossed.
  11. Wolcott

    PSA: Dreadnaught Missions

    "Do you guys not have time?"
  12. Wolcott

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Got a Black Friday container from the daily login rewards and it contained a Black Mass. So thrilled by this blind luck, but I'm also disappointed that she doesn't have a historical camo option when I use the filter to hide the black paint. I miss her Navy Blue hull.
  13. I have always been of the belief that rare, exclusive ships should be restricted to only paper/fake ships. Stalingrad was neither built nor saw combat service, thus I couldn't care less about it. Quite frankly I had never heard of this ship until I started playing WoWS, and even then it's history left me very unimpressed. However, I cannot condone WG's decision to make real ships like Flint and Black exclusive to steel and ranked battles only. If they want a rare, exclusive ship, they can do it to whatever paper/fake ship they pull out of their rear ends. Leave the real ships for the masses. I'm sure we all remember what happened when WG told us that Alabama, a very real and iconic ship, will be for STs only. WG has already screwed up several real ships like Belfast and Missouri, meaning new players are very unlikely to ever get one. I hope they don't make that mistake again but who am I kidding.
  14. Wolcott

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    HMS Lion. SMS Lutzow. Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya (Empress Catherine the Great). If I can only choose one it'd be Lion.
  15. Wolcott

    Nothing to see here, move along please.

    Check the filter gear icon on the bottom right. Apparently ticking one of the 'historical' options hides the Pacific Squadron camo. No idea why. I guess there really are some players who dislike historical paint schemes and WG acknowledged them.