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  1. Wolcott

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Not if it's made by Lesta or Wargrinding, or any other Russian developer for that matter. I'd like to see WoWS 2 made by a western developer for a change, one that is not obsessed with oversaturating the game with tons of Soviet paper/fake ships.
  2. Wolcott

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    They can balance CVs and submarines but they can't balance a cruiser? But I'm familiar with this Umbaretz. Sort of argued with him a while ago over Wargrinding's bad habit of overlooking real Russian/Soviet ships, and I cannot accept any of his rubbish excuses.
  3. I don't see why they can't make customizing national flags for free. It can already be done for EU and PA ships after all.
  4. Wolcott

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Ship: Mikasa Problem: She's garbage. Fix: Either buff the range of her secondary guns or give her the option to mount Aiming Systems Modification 0. Currently only three ships can mount this upgrade: Iwaki Alpha, Katori and Yubari, one of which is already overpowered. Thus I don't see why a garbage bote can't mount it either. Heck even the Secondary Battery Modification 1 upgrade would be better than nothing. Why: Mikasa is still the only pre-dreadnought BB in the entire game and, like all other low tier ships, she has been neglected far long enough.
  5. Wolcott

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Amusing isn't it? Wargrinding is so obsessed with their navy that when it comes to adding Soviet content they completely neglect the ships that actually existed. They can't even be bothered to give any attention to the last ever battleship to be commissioned in Russia. It's as if these ships have been whitewashed from their history.
  6. Making Victorian White camo available for low tier ships as well would be great, particularly Dreadnought.
  7. Aegis is fine as it is. Do whatever you want with the rest, but leave at least one scenario without any CVs.
  8. Wolcott

    Narai 'pulled' . . . WHY ??

    Pretty much. But to Wargrinding, divisions farming free xp in Narai is bad for the game. They don't take into consideration that casual teams are the ones that suffer the most if/when these ops are made harder. Or they could just let us bring T7-8 ships to Narai without making it harder. The game is supposed to be fun after all. One can always wait for hard mode or go back to PvP if they want a challenge.
  9. Wolcott

    Narai 'pulled' . . . WHY ??

    Only if your team knows what they're doing, otherwise they're toast.
  10. Wolcott

    Narai 'pulled' . . . WHY ??

    God forbid they bring Narai back fixed but with stronger enemy ships, Missouri replaced by Montana for example.
  11. Wolcott

    WOWS Executive Producer Reddit Q&A 10/feb/2020

    Stay safe then.
  12. Wolcott

    More Predreadnoughts!!!

    Still, the ship is from the tsarist era, something Wargrinding either hates or prefers to forget. As for Borodino, you can forget about it, for they've replaced it with this.
  13. Wolcott

    WOWS Executive Producer Reddit Q&A 10/feb/2020

    There's a bit of an outbreak of the coronavirus here in Singapore, so you and your wife might want to stay away for now.
  14. Wolcott

    More Predreadnoughts!!!

    There hasn't been a new low tier premium ship since 2018. Wargrinding is only interested in WW2/postwar content. They're still salty about Tsushima anyway. Mikasa wouldn't be utter crap if Wargrinding had not neglected her in the first place.
  15. Wolcott

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    Newport and Raptor Rescue have transports also going off course. Why aren't you pulling them as well?