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  1. Considering WG has once again overlooked the real "legendary Russian battleship Borodino" and battlecruiser of the same name in favour of a paper/fake Borodino, it becomes glaringly obvious that alot of national pride is involved when it comes to implementing Russian/Soviet content. I'm sorry to say, but instead of being salty about Tsushima all the time, perhaps you could tell your fellow devs to put aside their obsession of the USSR for once in their lives and learn to appreciate the Russian BBs that did exist, even if they were from the imperial era? The accusations of national pride will only continue if WG keeps adding paper/fake Soviet ships. World of Tanks is already infested with Russian bias and national pride and we don't need it in WoWS either. Please try and be different because right now this game is just tanks on water.
  2. So much for balance.
  3. Wolcott

    King of the Sea IX

    Didn't hold my breath when I saw the name Borodino on a blog post and sure enough it's neither the pre-dreadnought nor the battlecruiser. So much for a "legendary Russian battleship".
  4. Wolcott

    King of the Sea IX

    double post
  5. Wolcott

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: USS Black

    Sorry for bumping this thread, but what are the recommended captain skills for Black? I only use her in co-op though and my biggest complaint so far are her very slow torps.
  6. I've honestly never heard of banned Italian symbols. I have, however, heard of bans on communist symbols which WG is not ashamed to flaunt over and over again in WoWS. All except Soviet symbols.
  7. Wolcott

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    If anyone prefers the dazzle pattern they can always buy the ship's perma camo instead (except Raimondo I think because normally T5 tech tree ships don't have perma camo). The Grigio-azzurro chiaro camo available in the armory is just alternate perma camo that can be bought without having to spend doubloons. Personally I've seen more than enough dazzle camos in the game already so a solid colour scheme is a breath of fresh air. More please!
  8. Wolcott

    Armada: Błyskawica

    There is an option to change the national flag under the Exterior tab. Just scroll all the way down to Naval flags.
  9. These camos look wonderful. Now if WG could turn these into permanent camos that would be really great. After all, MS-21 is actually Helena's historical camo and Texas still wears it today. For now at least I can pretend I'm looking at USS Johnston in port. Don't know about Type 21 but I'll gladly take solid dark green over fugly green puke anytime.
  10. Wolcott

    Upcoming black friday ships.

    I think WG missed yet another perfectly good opportunity to rebalance OP ships like Belfast, Gremy, GC, Kamikaze, Konig Albert, Kutuzov and Nikolai, releasing them as Black ships.
  11. I bought Trubetskoy but only because he's the only non-Soviet Russian commander in WoWS. There's really nothing interesting for me to buy with doubloons anyway. I am disappointed by the lack of improved skills, though what's even more disappointing is that the ships commanded by Trubetskoy (Imperatritsa Mariya), Bonte (Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp), Hood (HMS Invincible), Chandler (USS Louisville) and Ijuin (Sendai) are not even in the game to begin with.
  12. Wolcott

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Disabling special camos but still being able to mount them, except it looks like this... ...instead of this piece of crap, would be so much better. About bloody time. The only downside it's expendable. Wish they were alternate perma camo options or custom colour schemes for USN ships. A welcome addition nonetheless.
  13. Wolcott

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    I've grown weary of waiting for ships that will probably never appear, but these are the ships I've wished for since Alpha. Imperatritsa Mariya HMS Lion SMS Lutzow Rurik
  14. Wolcott

    Viribus Unitis

    Still long after VU had ceased to exist in 1918.
  15. Wolcott

    Viribus Unitis

    Not surprising to see a 1944 BB outmatch a 1911 BB. When your opponent's ship outdates yours by over 30 years, you know the WG balance department has really screwed up (again).