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  1. The T8 skins could be rewards similar to the recent Congratulatory camos. Fingers crossed!
  2. Two events in a month seems excessive isn't it? Then again maybe October Revolution could be the reward for completing the Halloween collection, with the Rasputin skin as an alternate camo. My imagination is running wild!
  3. These new Halloween skins could also be rewards similar to the recent Congratulatory camos. I would prefer that Rasputin became a premium ship though because I don't have the Imperator Nikolai so I can't enjoy that mutated skin. I do agree that the darker version was better.
  4. Rewards need to be tweaked though. Most players were only interested in farming Halloween camos, after which they didn't care about completing the primary task. Good to see Rasputin again.
  5. WG already beat you to it.
  6. These special upgrades wouldn't be so bad if only they could be equipped on lower tier ships. Unfortunately they're restricted to T6 ships and above, and the only ships I have up there that I keep permanently are Independence and Ryujo. Thus they are useless to me. I'd happily put the engine boost mod on Derzky, but I can't.
  7. Well the F4U Cosair and N1K Shiden entered service in 1942 and 1944 respectively. The Bf 109T was outdated by 1942 so it's no surprise that it's struggling against late-war fighters. It's the GZ that needs to be downgraded to either T6 or T7.
  8. Between a useless upgrade or a Imperator Nikolai? I think the latter is a no-brainer. Not by much though. These useless upgrades are still a common drop in SCs.
  9. You'd be surprised to know that Dunkirk used a few remote control models. There was no CGI at least according to the director. It was a matter of using camera perspectives to make them look bigger, and it was visually stunning. I seriously doubt Emmerich will do that with Midway though, which I don't mind because he has no excuse to use the wrong ships and planes from that era. I'll be really mad if I see a CG model of a Hellcat instead of a Wildcat. Of course, carriers are capital ships after all. WG goes where the money is and Hollywood has decided to make a blockbuster movie of Midway. Pity no Jutland but that's Hollywood for you.
  10. I actually enjoyed watching The Patriot when I first saw it as a child, and since I knew virtually nothing about the American Revolution I didn't cringe at the scene of British redcoats burning a church stuffed with civilians. Pearl Harbor was also fun while it lasted, but having gained some knowledge of the actual event I now detest it. "God help anyone who goes to war with America." In contrast, I don't feel as embarassed watching The Patriot with my family and friends. If Midway can at least match the brilliant cinematography of The Patriot then it might actually be worth seeing. Of course that was 17 years ago and Emmerich has since succumbed to the heavy use of CGI.
  11. That has to be the Pan Asian DD line. No French BBs this year then. @Pigeon_of_War Do battles played in PvE operations count towards this mission? Play at least two battles on any tier I-IX ship in your Port! Reward All players with 1,000+ battles in World of Warships get: 10x WoWS Anniversary consumable camos 10x of each special Signal Flags: Blue Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra - (Earned for every 1,000 battles played, for a maximum of up to 150 signals)
  12. If you're grinding 200k ship XP to get the Z-52 before the event ends, I don't see why not. Think of the supercontainer as a reward for the effort. However, I really don't think it's worth it if you're spending free XP. The SC is very likely to contain a useless upgrade anyway.
  13. Amazing, her navy blue hull is still visible.
  14. I first saw Midway when I was still a child. Saw it again almost two decades later and I was completely glued to the screen. Subtitles made it easier for me to follow the dialogue in the build-up to the battle. Didn't mind the use of stock footage as some of it was from the actual battle. The sound effects of the anti-aircraft guns is actually quite good even by today's standards imo. The Japanese speaking English with strong American accents was unforgivably cringeworthy though, with the exception of the actors who played Nagumo, Genda and Yamaguchi. Toshiro Mifune, who played Yamamoto in the film, was completely dubbed. Poor guy lived with that disappointment for the rest of his life. I would have liked to hear him speak English.