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  1. No new carrier lines

    "Try" isn't really working now is it? If inventing tanks did not ruin WoT's popularity, it won't ruin WoWS either.
  2. No new carrier lines

    Nobody really cares if the ship was real or not. This is only a game. If WG can conjure up Chinese TDs in WoT, they can definitely do the same for CVs in WoWS. It's easier for WG to make up their own ships than rely on historical records, as shown by the likes of Lyon and Normandie.
  3. Thanks. I feel alot better about Duca now.
  4. Zero Historical Tie In's

    WoT and WoWP covers more than enough of the Soviet contribution in WW2. But expanding that to include the navy in WoWS is just going too far imo. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can argue for the inclusion of Imperial Russian ships. They had a fleet and while the naval battles they participated in were mostly disastrous, at least they did fight. But even from a neutral perspective, I just can't argue for the inclusion of Soviet ships. WG's excuse was "national pride", but what? Sinking a German refugee ship? Even the Royal Netherlands Navy did more during WW2. I'm actually ok with Soviet premiums. But a tech tree? No.
  5. I don't have Duca, but I don't like what LWM says about this ship. You know something is wrong with Duca when LWM says she had more fun playing Krispy Kreme. She doesn't even recommend it in co-op mode! Does this mean the ship should be downtiered? Maybe, maybe not. But surely it's in need of a buff or two to be competitive at T6?
  6. A light cruiser gets repair party but not a T8 heavy cruiser like Prinz Eugen?
  7. Dev Blog - Z39 moved to tier 7

    Because, money money money.
  8. Dev Blog - Z39 moved to tier 7

    I think it was a reluctant decision for WG. Downtiering the ship means they will get less money out of it. But I agree that this should have been done alot sooner. So many premium ships are in the wrong tiers (Konig Albert, Imperator Nikolai, Huanghe, Krispy Kreme, Duca etc).
  9. Zero Historical Tie In's

    I gave up when WG announced that the Soviet tech tree would be given priority over the Royal Navy. Dunkirk doesn't count. WG only did it to capitalize on a movie, and it was a temporary operation that is no longer in the game. I can argue for the inclusion of Imperial Russian Navy ships in the game. Borodino, Gangut, Imperatritsa Mariya, Rurik, Gromoboi etc. They had a sizeable fleet and even though the battles they participated in were mostly disastrous, at least they did fight. But I cannot argue for Soviet ships, not even from a neutral perspective.
  10. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Still I don't gloat over it even though it's one of the greatest naval blunders in history. And at least the Imperial Russian Navy did sail into battle (I sometimes wonder what if they had killed Yamamoto), unlike the Soviets whose only notable action was sinking a German refugee ship. To add insult to injury, the Soviet submarine commander got a medal for it. Emile Bertin. Her B turret has a Bofors mount on top of it. Zooming in to FPV will have that AA gun right in the center of your screen. It's fake because Emile Bertin was never armed with twin mounted Bofors, but quadruple Bofors amidships, four quad mounts in total.
  11. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Jingles talked about it in one of his Mingles episodes and it was hilarious. Sadly the video has since been deleted. I guess WG censorship as usual (you talk bad about glorious Soviet Navy, you get copyright strike!). I believe the book Jingles referred to was Great Naval Blunders.
  12. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Having seen those fugly refits on Iron Duke, Konig and Kaiser, I dread to see what WG will do to Dreadnought if she ever appears in WoWS. Or WG will probably just screw her up like they did Konig Albert and Imperator Nikolai. It never was.
  13. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Not as bad as WG neglecting the Jutland centenary, the largest surface battle in history.
  14. Graf Zeppelin finalized

    AA is wrong though. The 37mm Flak M/42 entered service in Autumn 1943; construction on GZ ceased in early 1943. She was to be armed with the same 37mm AA guns on Tirpitz. GZ wouldn't be T8 if it wasn't for gimmicks. Too bad she isn't T6. I would've liked to use her in operations.
  15. Hermes Operation Permanent?

    Personally I don't mind seeing ships from other nations too, even Axis ones. If Hermes is going to be permanent, they should ease the restrictions. I would love to play Hermes in Nagato or North Carolina. CV and DD classes should remain excluded though.