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  1. Wolcott

    So what games are people going to now?

    So long as it has an engaging story, I'm all for it. I enjoyed Black Flag because it's set in the Golden Age of Piracy and the setting for Unity also intrigues me. Life is already hard and I don't need games to make it harder. I've been playing the Witcher 3 since it came out in 2015 and it never gets old. The pew pew gameplay of WoWS just gets boring really fast.
  2. Wolcott

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    Regardless if it's random or co-op battles, the "I shoot you, you shoot me" gameplay gets boring really fast. Life is already a challenge. Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not stressful and rage inducing. WoT was extremely disappointing for me on so many aspects, and sadly WoWS is really no better. I've hardly played since the PEF event burned me out. With Assassin's Creed Unity currently free to download, I don't expect to return to WoWS anytime soon, if ever. I still check this forum once in a while though.
  3. Wolcott

    So what games are people going to now?

    In case anyone's interested, Assassins Creed Unity is available for free right now. Expires on 25 April. I'm definitely going to give this game a try. https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US
  4. Wolcott

    ST: New Ships!

    Johnston and Laffey overlooked again. WG's choice of high tier premiums keeps getting weirder. Wouldn't surprise me if they also overlook HMS Sheffield in favour of a fake British CL they pulled out of their rear ends. Bummer, was hoping we were finally getting a destroyer escort.
  5. So... what naval battles did this guy fight in?
  6. Wolcott

    What If Wednesday!

    Russian imperial yacht Standart, served the Romanov family for almost 20 years before WW1. I wish she still existed today because I'm a bit of a Romanov enthusiast, and they don't make yachts as beautiful as this anymore. Also wished RMS Olympic was preserved because she was Titanic's sister ship. But it was not to be. Luckily, there is still hope...
  7. Wolcott

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Not Vladivostok. WG said in a developer diaries video that they used a turret and designed a ship around it.
  8. Might as well bump both ships up a tier or remove them from the RU BB line completely. Right now they're just being shoehorned to fit at their current tiers.
  9. Waiting for WG to put premium ships in the tech tree always takes ages.
  10. I'll like the armory when I see Dreadnought and Viribus Unitis in it (without the unnecessary port slort and captain additions). Great idea but poorly implemented. The new CV rework gives me motion sickness so I'm not interested in CVs anymore. And if I wanted Space Battles I'd be playing StarCraft II.
  11. Wolcott

    Battleship Concept: USS Nevada Tier VII Event Ship

    If Germany chose not to preserve SMS Goeben, they sure as hell were not going to preserve a Nazi warship even if they were offered the chance to do so. Having said that, since you are in touch with a WG employee, it would be nice if you could ask them to give WW1 ships a bit more attention. Anyway, good luck with Nevada. I especially like her 1941 config.
  12. I already have Pensacola's perma camo from the CL split. I have no interest in the other ships. I'm just disappointed that WG didn't use her painted false bow wave as a reward instead. This render proves that they have it yet for some reason still have not implemented it.
  13. If filtering out fantasy skins like spaceships means I get to see this camo instead, then I'm all for this idea. Pensacola and her sister ship Salt Lake City had several historical paint schemes, yet WG chose to implement only one. No idea why they left out her false bow wave even though they've already made it, but I would really love to see it as an alternate perma camo.