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  1. IMO you should save your free XP and stick with Gallant for now. If you're into this line just for the RN DDs then you might as well get Blyskawica as she was designed and built by the British. Vampire too when she comes out.
  2. Except we can't assign it with a USN captain.
  3. But a British design nonetheless.
  4. That's what I think WG will do, though it will probably depend on the severity of the allegations. Personally I hope they replace Seagal with Ernest E. Evans, the captain of USS Johnston at Samar. Nationality doesn't matter. Getting an alleged sex offender to endorse WoWS is not good publicity for the game or WG. They might as well get Harvey Weinstein.
  5. Seagal is running into sexual harassment claims again lately, so it should only be a matter of time before WG rid themselves of him.
  6. Like the V-25. Wait...
  7. Don't know about the ARP voices, but Seagal's been running into trouble with sexual harassment claims (again) lately. It was only a matter of time before WG distanced themselves from him because this obviously isn't good publicity for WoWS. All they need to do now is replace his portrait with a generic captain.
  8. Dasha is certainly a better celebrity choice than Seagal imo. The sexual abuse scandals has found its way to him as well, so it should be a matter of time before WG distance themselves from him and replace him with a generic USN captain.
  9. OP is referring to "last battleship class commissioned". The Ganguts were commissioned in 1914 and preceded the Imperatritsa Mariya class. They just survived long enough to see Soviet service in WW2, unlike the Mariyas.
  10. But if anyone still wants an Arkansas I'd gladly trade it for an Imperator Nikolai, if that's ever possible in future of course. Bump Mikasa to T3, increase her HP and give her a few more upgrade slots a la Arkansas. Problem solved.
  11. Only commissioned BBs though, and so the VMF T10 being paper doesn't qualify. Speaking of which, I'm guessing the last RU BB to be ever commissioned was the Imperatritsa Mariya in 1915?
  12. Personally I prefer France be reserved for the Courbet battleship, preferably as a WW1 premium. I have a soft spot for that particular ship. As for the T10, why not Joan of Arc? A heroine name for a change would be nice.
  13. Pro-Russian country nonetheless. Belarus is the only country in the world that still officially celebrates the October Revolution as a public holiday.
  14. Because it's merely a paper ship. No one cares if it's only for CW. Real ships like Alabama, on the other hand, was originally for STs. Look how that went.