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  1. Bad or not, no way WG was going to make it easy for everyone to get a T7 premium.
  2. WG should disable the animation and just have the container open as soon as we click one of the options. I hate the suspense. Can't mount speed boost on Derzki, hydro mod on Iwaki or the damage control mod on Ishizuchi. Thus these upgrades are useless to me, and I'm not interested in high tier ships. The highest tier ship I keep permanently is Belfast, but it can't mount the radar mod. I believe these upgrades should be rewards for ranked/clan battles only.
  3. Bottom right corner there's a settings icon. Click it and make sure North Cape is unticked. This is how players filter out camos like ARP or HSF. If nothing works submit a ticket to support. Make sure you provide them with screenshots.
  4. I doubt supercontainers will ever be super again. If anything they should be renamed to special or bonus containers.
  5. Have you checked your filter settings?
  6. US sailor's diary entry for 30 January 1943: "Enemy torpedo bombers jumped us last night. Chicago is hit bad and she's dead in the water. One more torpedo and we're goners. A tug is towing us back to Espiritu Santo. Task force has left us behind with six destroyers. Been manning the Chicago Piano all night. Ears still ringing from AA fire. My duty is over but I told my replacement I can work a bit longer. I asked him to get me some nice hot chow from the galley. No way am I having breakfast below decks in this condition. Better to be up here if she sinks. He stayed too so we're taking turns on the gunner's seat. Wildcats flying CAP over us, but I'll feel safer when we reach Santo. Guess it's another trip to the drydock for Chicago. Damn, but we just got here!"
  7. Aww I was hoping the prize would be USS Chicago. I think the Northampton-class CA has been neglected quite long enough (it's not even in the planned USN cruiser split).
  8. Take a lengthy break from the game if you're burned out. I still play regularly, but I don't participate in any tedious missions they come up with. I've been through the same repetitive grindfests back in WoT, so never again. Dunkirk was the only exception though, that was really fun but probably because it was a PvE scenario. With players given a second chance to earn Bismarck containers, hopefully Operation Dynamo will make another return, preferably as a permanent scenario.
  9. Ships with no camo

    Personally I also prefer the grey hull. I only use camo to complete missions or grind ships. I think WG has made way too many camo types and almost all of them are fugly. Since they have so much time on their hands they should make permanent camo options for T1-5 ships that are still without one.
  10. I don't see why not, seeing as World of Tanks already has this feature. Can only trade in T6-8 premiums though.
  11. Did they at least reward or compensate you for catching the cheats?
  12. Didn't think WG would make it easy for us to get a T7 premium, garbage or not.
  13. Personally I think these gimmicks are best saved for German and British battlecruisers when/if they arrive. HMS Repulse or SMS Hindenburg are good candidates.