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  1. warhorse1966

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I definately agree with #4...there needs to be a point where AA and Plane armor meet at a happy place! This is especially bad since if only one run gets thru especially low tiers torps and bombs are barely doing any damage. CV's have been reduced to kill stealers looking for the easy kill with the low amounts of damage being done by planes to ships.
  2. warhorse1966

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    I'll check this out...thanks
  3. warhorse1966

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    Too bad you didnt post a picture of the candy....lol
  4. warhorse1966

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    I have been a collector of Die Cast Metal Ships and Planes most of my life now starting with Hot Wheels and Matchbox but raising my standards to more expensive lines. Recently I found a line of naval ships that is mostly WWII ships that we play here in WoWS that is from a trusted company across the pond in the UK. I usually buy other things but have recently learned that they have this line as well. The stands are in Japanese but with the fine detail of the ships...I can really overlook this. I thought I'd pass on the link to someone who is carrying their product here in the states out in California. They do carry other things but my primary thing is ships...in the water or in space :) https://www.flyingmule.com/range/diecast-model/ship/eaglemoss-collections-warships-of-the-world/
  5. warhorse1966

    The WASD Hack

    Agreed! Quaffer that was very good. As a battleship captain whos very stingy with his shots I cant tell you how often i see ships just shooting away steaming in a straight line at the same speeds even at tier 10! Sometimes they realize they are in over their heads and try to turn away with 5 enemy ships just watching and waiting for that broadside/turn shot! A 30 second reload makes you very patient and accurate shot indeed!
  6. warhorse1966

    DD Being Spotted way out of Spotting Range

    I totally agree with Krensky that if you DO have replay going and dont find anything submit it to the Dev's as there actually may be a problem! From a Crusier/BB aspect there are other things that I use to detect enemy DD's. If they are in smoke firing i watch for muzzel flashes. If not in smoke I send up whatever planes i may have on the ship fighter/spotter.