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  1. Ray_P

    No balance in sight

    I only played a single Random battle this morning, it was a loss and the other team had all top ranks except 2 and we had 2 total. The balance speaks for itself.
  2. I've pretty much given up Random. Its not the losing part as much as in the post battle team chart you see the other team had 6 or 7 top ranked players and your team has 1. One never knows what goes on in the mind of developers, but having a alignment as one sided as that is just a abomination. No wonder so many people play Co-OP now.
  3. Ray_P

    How Do You Not YOLO and Push to Much?

    Just from experience from my years of experience it works like this. If your in one of 2 or 3 ship alignment on a flank if you push into the cap in front of you you find your in a significant outnumber situation.
  4. Ray_P

    How far I got on PR...

    I got this far
  5. Ray_P

    When is 0.9.0 coming?

    Why discuss the pile of garbage they are. Mine are all docked
  6. Ray_P

    My Dockyard - A Memorial

    I'm going to be short
  7. Ray_P

    Puerto Rico Warp Up Questions

    Shame it's going to be close, but will not get there by playing free. I did finish 4 directives and 3 of #5 and all free boosts other than the last 2.
  8. I just passed 36 mil, sad that I won't finish because I did put in time to grind this. I got my last boost yesterday, but it won't be enough to get past the low 40 mil. Haven't payed any money and I won't. As has been said many times getting it for free is really a challenge if not impossible.
  9. I'm at 30 mil and I won't get it. It's all free and I have one more boost left a couple of days from now, I'll end with 4/5 in Directive 5.
  10. To me the Moskva is the worst one on that list. It should be brought in line with other T10 Cruisers
  11. Ray_P

    Shipyard Tokens

    I have completed 4, 5 isn't going to happen. I should get 3 segments of it I'm going to endup at about 40 mil, my boat has launched in the shipyard and I've got about 10 stages left.
  12. I'm not spending anything
  13. Ray_P

    Shipyard Tokens

    Just checking to make sure that other then buying boosts, getting tokens from daily missions or directives that there isn't another source available? I'm going to be 1 token short with the 20 from daily missions to get to 350 and then the next boost, and then will have to wait an extra 24 hours to get that one token.
  14. I will endup around 40 mil out of 51 mil. No big deal I'm not buying it and I haven't bought any boosters
  15. Battle after battle, you look at the credit report thinking your gonna get the number without modifiers and you get much less, play CoOp and the payout is enough for a cup of coffee. What a piece of work these guys were with this event.