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  1. Ray_P

    PTS 12.0 pt 2

    Well they are Two for Two in the PT reflecting what happened in the Live Server regarding the final award. I don't see anything different this go around to support your comment regarding the NC.
  2. Ray_P

    PTS 12.0 pt 2

    My participation drops every round, there is little incentive now to spend time away from the live server for the time you spend in PT.
  3. Ray_P

    PTS 12.0 pt 2

    How can WG's be serious to collect money to win a ship in Battle Pass that most players have had for years (North Carolina?).
  4. Ray_P

    Hermes Fail due to Ruan Beached

    Yes twice, also had issues with Raptor beached and stalled.
  5. Ray_P

    Monthly Super Container - December

    7 days Premium, 3 in a row with the same reward
  6. Ray_P

    360 days of premium is on sale now

    Why bother buying? I've now gotten 7 days now in three consecutive Supercontainers. Talk about cheap and stupid during the Holiday Event
  7. Well I sent in a ticket with screenshots, link to the live stream and notifications, well see what happens
  8. Thanks, Konception did say there would be a digital in game prize for restricted areas. Not holding my breath, but we will see.
  9. Is there a link to this stream? At this point I'd like to see what was said.
  10. Well nothing showed up, so I guess your right.
  11. That would be great news
  12. @ahskance, I agree it was documented.
  13. I was informed via E Mail that I was one of the winners of the Treasure Chest Event, then find out I was excluded as I live in one of the 2 states. I'm not saying that it wasn't documented, but to have a event that excludes players and then not get some form of a award is pretty disappointing. On your worst day WG's this should not be allowed.
  14. It's quantity vs. quality right now and has been. They are just throwing stuff on the wall to see if anything sticks. That special mission to get a Super resulting in just garbage (7 days premium) as most players have a ton of that already. On a lol basis they actually had a survey on containers today.
  15. I just wanted to use the rewards for Holiday Bonus, but it limits to 5. Why such a low number or a limit at all?