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  1. Ray_P

    Naval Oil Battles

    Started at 350 this week then jumped to 1000. Haven't seen damage and ribbon bars in a while.
  2. Couple questions for the upcoming update: Are there any tokens that need to be used up before the update? Will personal challenges continue past the update? Thank You
  3. Ray_P

    Naval Battles dumpster fire.

    If the bars are low, being a Co-op player I harvest what I can get. NB isn't a thing that makes me want to play randoms for. I do agree this weeks format has too big of a jump from 250 to 1000. WG is fixated on base XP, this is just another example.
  4. Ray_P

    They nerfed the twilight hunt ships

    Just waiting for the normal operations to comeback, while they aren't that exciting they are stable an aren't a money grab.
  5. Lectures never work well for communicating, there is a lesson here on how you communicate
  6. Ray_P

    Naval Battles

    So it's up to 400 star as start point again and then jumps to 1150. Really nice
  7. I don't even play DC's anymore they are all garbage And to think of all that Dockyard mission seat time
  8. The silence from WG on this topic is deafening, did they just blow away our operations for the month with regards to getting XP ? No doubt the mission does show the operation being eligible, but restricted to T5 and above.
  9. Well beyond the smack associated with the personal attack lol. Is this going to have some corrective action? Yes I do agree with another poster, I do play operations that contribute to missions every week as they are a part of my normal gaming routine.
  10. Waste of time they count for nothing because of the tier.
  11. Ray_P

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    Too easy to kill transports they are glass houses
  12. Ray_P

    Convoy - Quick Reaction

    The ice Map is really broken, the attackers have all the cover and the transports and defenders are out in open. It's a sure loss if your defending.
  13. Ray_P

    Convoy - Quick Reaction

    Agree with the comments above, if your defending they just take out the transports and your done. It happens pretty quick and you get the loss
  14. sort of a different question, I linked my twitch account and watched for 4 hours and claimed the container. Where do I find it in the game so I can open it?