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  1. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Lol = w= you butts
  2. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    you mean 5th owo
  3. is there something im missing? apparently i need a password when I try to extract the mod to a specific folder.
  4. How to Access Training Rooms

    Have a issue with this sadly, I downloaded the .exe and I clicked on it to run it. a window would pop up and instantly close down. any help with this? EDIT: Nevermind someone answered it xD have a good day owo b
  5. Ask Chase for a forum sig :)

    Merp, stupid bump confusing me =w= Necro Thread OP
  6. Im curious, I hear alot of people saying fixing the UI. What would the CV UI need to be fixed and how to make it better? owo
  7. oh my

    Nope they just stood still on the far East / West side where A Cap is and got Torped or Citadeled by me lol owo
  8. oh my

    Heres the result lol :V
  9. oh my

    Potatoes because I cant delete this lol owo
  10. Xerb Kancolle (Skin Mod) NA

    Ok Thank you! owo
  11. Xerb Kancolle (Skin Mod) NA

    Just figured Id let you know that Ive been having problems with Interface Enchant 3.0 with a forever loading screen whenever I login ><
  12. When you know your having a bad day.

    *hugs Wo-nee*
  13. I have a present for everyone \owo/

    Nothing fishy here~ just potatoes~!