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  1. I'll ad to the General Rules, use your AA as an ambush if you have good AA. Flack is DEADLY, but easy to dodge when fired from a CV target. Flack that is behind the line of sight of a formation of planes is very hard to dodge. There will often be times where you are in flack range but unspotted and the CV is making an attack at another ship, if you can get long range Flack shots off you can do a ton of damage to those planes. All you have to do is turn off AA to go back to dark. If you couple this with having your AA at the right sector, you can greatly help reduce the effectiveness of the enemy CV.
  2. Xanthro

    Strange Bug with Premium Consumables

    Do you remember if you moved the captain to another ship? Just trying to give WG as much info as possible to find the bug.
  3. Xanthro

    Playing DD against CVs

    It's 4 DDs per side, in epicenter, where by the nature of the map, you are forced to bunch up AA. It's harder to focus a single DD when there are 4 of them on a team. Plus, if you look at the XP placement, a DD came in last on your team, and the bottom 2 were DDs on the other team, and and 2 other DDs did below team average. Yes, DDs can have great matches even in a multiple CV game, but that's the exception, and your screenshot doesn't really represent that DDs as a whole are doing well, because DDs in your screenshot did the worst of any class ship.
  4. Xanthro

    Strange Bug with Premium Consumables

    Moving the captain to another ship and back, seems to have fixed the issue. Plus, I checked, I was NOT charged for auto consumables on the Credits and XP after battle report.
  5. Xanthro

    Playing DD against CVs

    1. You've never played a match above Tier VIII, and most of your limited DD matches are tier V or lower. The Tier X CVs are a much different story than lower tier CVs. 2. Lower Tier CVs are often still learning and many are horrible and even more are not very good. I've seen CVs in Tier VIII that average less than 1K damage and have 10+ matches, and 200 average XP. They are essentially not in the game. 3. You are a slightly below average DD player, so any above average CV running Match Maker will focus on a better played DD, then you. This means you are not often focused, which is what you have stated. This isn't to say you are wrong, you are just still learning the game and do not have many DD matches yet. Against better CVs, the ability of a DD to contribute to the match is greatly affected.
  6. Multiple times now, I enter a battle without Premium Consumables, when the Auto Resupply is Enabled, and normal consumables are equipped. This is replicable. I even have video of the bug. Here is what happens. 1. I place premium consumables in all spots. 2. I click Enable Auto Purchase, which is 90,000 3. I play a match, whether random or Coop. 4. Upon existing the match, the notification will say Consumable Purchase, Consumable Mounted, Consumable Demounted, for every consumable. 5. Back in Module Section in port, and normal consumables are mounted and the auto purchase enabled is turned off. Note, I have over 100 million so it's not a question of insufficient funds to purchase, and they are actually purchased. This only happens on ONE ship, which is my newest ship. The only thing different about this ship is that I purchased the 10 Point Captain using Ironium, and payed 200,000 for training. I normally just use captain Free XP to complete the training, but in this case, I decided to grind out the rest of the training XP in COOP, because I wanted to get used to the ship before playing random. I'm going to try and move the captain to a premium ship, then back and see if it is still bugged.
  7. Finding games that are similar, IS CHERRY PICKING. You didn't randomly pick games, hence you chose them to support your argument, which is cherry picking. I don't play CVs because I have ZERO desire to fly planes in a game about warships. If I want to fly planes, I'll play a game where that is the entire point of the game. Playing a CV is an entire different style of play, that has very little in common with how other ships play. That alone is bad enough, but the fact is that CV also force everyone else to play differently than they would otherwise. You simply cannot play a DD in the same manner as normal if there is an even competent CV in the game.
  8. DDs can adapt, but as you stated, a match with a CV is a completely different game than one without, and a match with two CVs is yet another different type of match. When there is a CV in a match, a CL is usually a better choice than any DD, and especially a DD that lacks decent AA. Right now, a Mino is the best tier X DD in the game, and as we should all know, it's not a DD.
  9. Honestly, the answer is easy. Even in your cherry picked examples, you did your BEST in a ship class where you literally have the LEAST experience. That is what makes those games all that different. The CV rework is comparatively new, and yet your best matches are in the type of ship where you have the least experience playing.
  10. Xanthro

    Frustration with CV - Please nerf DD!

    Weak troll attempt, you literally flew your planes deliberately into his Flack Bursts and got wrecked. That is what is supposed to happen. Flack is easy to avoid, and not only did you not avoid it, you deliberately flew into the flack bursts to receive maximum damage.
  11. Xanthro

    The overpen dilemma

    Worry more about not giving them broadside that hitting their citadel. What this will do is teach you what is vulnerable on your ship, and hence, you will come to understand where to hit on their ships. Plus, the longer you are alive, the more opportunity you have to learn the game and do damage. Any time you receive a citadel hit, you've made a mistake. We all make that mistake at some point, but work on minimizing that error and you'll do better.
  12. By any chance did you play Asheron's Call on the Darktide server? There was a player by the same name, but different spelling, who was on Darktide in 1999.
  13. Le Terrible is not easy to hit by CVs, in fact, it's pretty uncommon to ever get hit by a torpedo or bomb, the DD is simply too fast and turns too quickly. The biggest issue isn't taking damage from CVs in a French DD, it's that, currently, it's very hard to do damage and dodge CVs, because you out turn your turrets. So, taking hard evasive actions means you can't aim. While tying up a CV has benefits toward winning, it's not very fun to struggle to do damage because you can't aim while dodging.
  14. Xanthro

    19 point captains

    Captains cannot be freely moved from ship to ship without a cost in either time or doubloons, except to Premium ships. Otherwise the captain has to be retrained on that ship. So there is a penalty for using a high point captain on lower tier ships, in that you can't also use that captain on a higher tier ship. While many people have many 19 point captains, nobody has 200 to cover all their ships. Remember, there are players of Tier I, II, III and IV ships that have, literally, thousands of matches in that low tier ship. They already know their ships and the maps way better than any new player could possible know. Finally, you are protected against playing against these players with many matches until you reach a certain number of games, but at some point, you have to face players that have a play advantage over you. If you did not, you'd never actually get any better.
  15. Xanthro

    So my stats are horrible.

    You are playing many games at Tier IX and X, and mistakes are PUNISHED at those tiers. It's not a place to learn the game. Honestly, while your stats are bad, considering you've been playing most of your new games at tiers that punish experienced players, it's really not that bad. Watch some YouTube videos, and pay attention to what they are not doing, as much as what they are doing. Players have the problem of firing when it won't do much damage to the enemy, and draw fire on you and reduce your overall effectiveness. To do well in this game, knowing how to use the mini-map and situational awareness is more important that hitting ships and doing damage. If you are dead, you are not doing much more damage, outside of that last salvo of shells or torpedoes, so TRY TO STAY ALIVE, while still engaging the enemy. Don't sail into a corner and do nothing, but practice staying in the match longer. Your stats will improve. BTW, you play a CV way better than I do.