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  1. The top video is pretty dumb, as the narrator does not understand saturation. The reason why he isn't doing any damage is he keeps hitting in a completely saturated location. He isn't getting a citidal, so he can't do any damage because of saturation.
  2. How does this stop TK'ing?

    No. That would mean you never fire torpedoes unless no ship is within 10K of you. I once fire a volley of torpedoes at an enemy BB, who I managed to sink via gunfire before the torpedoes hit, another DD in the cap, and the torps were fired 90 degrees away from the cap, and the DD used engine boast to go into the torps, when no other enemy ships were near there. It's like he went AFK hit engine boast and aimed for an empty section of the map. Plus, he managed to get hit with .1 range left on the torps. Literally, the torps that didn't hit him, disappear before the other side of his ship, and I'm typing to him for 20 seconds that he's heading to torps.
  3. Getting to a 19 pt Captain

    Your first 19 point captain takes some time, your next one is faster, and then they come pretty fast. If you really want to grind out 19 point captains, remember that all Commander XP on your 19 point captain goes to free Captain XP. Maximize this Captain XP by stacking XP using flags, and bonuses. Weekends often have 200% XP bonus, certain personal challenges give you XP bonus as well. Combine these with 8 economic flags to maximize XP and you can get 40,000+ XP per match, if you win. It's pretty insane once you have enough 19 point captains to take advantage of it. I have 4 million Free Captain XP, and I have around a dozen 19 point captains. I have 19 point captains that I've never even played in Random, because I suck at CV play, but I have a USN 19 Point CV commander, because I can.
  4. OMG what a difference!

    Then I should feel horrible, especially now that prices of RAM are so extreme. They are twice what I paid.
  5. Because it gives you information that can be used to make decision in game. Let's suppose you are playing a cruiser, and there are two of your DDs in cap, you know neither player, they are facing 2 DDs and a CA as well, you can shoot at either of the other sides DDs, do you shot at the DD that averages 3K damage, or the DD that averages 72K damage? There's a WORLD of difference between the impact a 3K average damage DD makes on the game, which is almost none, and a 72K average damage DD, which is huge. MMM, allows you to target the most dangerous opponents and know which of your teammates are most important to protect. Stats can give a a very good idea how people play. Very low damage DDs with low average XP almost always suicide at the beginning of a match. You can't save them, and putting yourself at risk to try and save them hurts your team. A Montana that averages 130K damage, if you are in a Mino and are spotted just before smoking, stopping in your smoke is asking for citadels. He'll lock your last location and pound you if you stay in smoke.
  6. Couple of ways. Remember, there's an API to get data on ships and players in those ships. I used this API. 1. While most of the Tester ships do not record the stats, thus they can't be retrieved via the API, in a couple of matches, with Stalingards, the stats on number of games and wins in that ship was retrievable via the API, and those stats showed 94.4% win rate. 2. I've seen the damn ship more than 10 times, and it's lost once. While that is a small sample size, number 1 is scores of matches.
  7. Everyone knows the Stalingard, no matter which version, is ridiculously OP. It makes any other ship look weak, yet these no publicly available ships are ALWAYS in a division with other super-unicum players. The ship has a 90% plus win rate at the moment. Most people don't know much about the ship, so it's harder for anyone to know how to counter, and this is compounded by them ALWAYS being in a division. It's bad enough that these ships are only made available to the top 1% of players, but to allow them division up is like putting a Mino in tier V. It's ridiculous and should not be allowed. Why subject your customers to such crazy abuse?
  8. SPCU invite new people to join us

    I played a match with one of your members, ViolentAbyss, excellent player and we plan on doing so divisions together. I'm in a clan, 111, but I've never even been able to group with any member. I'm in because someone invited me after a match, and they at least get oil, which I've earn over 5,000 of. I'm looking for a clan to actively participate in random and clan matches and scenarios.
  9. Naive question about aim-bots

    Most of us have seen that video. My reaction is the opposite of yours. In fact, if you look closely, you'll see that he rarely used the actual lead indicator on the aim assist and often ignored direction. Even with the aim assist he was more accurate when ignoring it. Most shots in the game are rather predictable, especially against ships that have slow rudder shift and large turning radius. If Time of Flight, TOF, less than rudder shift, hitting the ship is EASY. I could have a 75% hit rate with no problem if all I was shooting at were BBs. My hit rate, depending on ship, is between 30% and 60% and that's with me firing at a huge number of DDS and blind firing at spots on the map, or into smoke. Literally, eliminate my blind firing and I'm well over 50% hit rate and that includes many really slows shells such as USN DDs and British CLs.
  10. Naive question about aim-bots

    People are creatures of habit. When you go dark and are no longer spotted, it's not hard to make an educated guess where you are heading, especially when near islands or other cover. I'll lock my gun on a spot while you are spotted, when I know you are about to go dark, then fire after I think you've committed to the turn. I nail a large number of people this way. BTW, and Aim Bot would be of no use in such a case. Aim bots would help with lead, and to see how much you are turning, but they can't help at all with people wildly maneuvering.
  11. I'm really really good at that calculation as well, but I lost a match because I was a few seconds off on a calculation. It was a 2 on 1 vs me, with 3 minutes left, we had the cap and point lead, and the choice was going dark and protecting a cap or killing a wounded CA, I went dark and they won by less than 5 seconds. Using this mod you still have to do mental calculations, as it does not take into account what players WILL do, such as getting into a cap to stop points, but it gives a more accurate representation of who is winning.
  12. Mod name is only mentioned once in the video, it's called Score Timer, and is in Aslains ModPack.
  13. They'd still hit friendly ships, and hence they'd explode, they would just not do any actual damage to the ships, as damage to friendly ships would be set to 0, rather than the smaller percentage it is now.
  14. A Discussion About Mods

    Use Left Shift] X Locks guns on cursor location relative to the map. Guns will turn to keep lock.
  15. A Discussion About Mods

    Running Light mod, shows whether a ship is stopped, or moving forward or backward. Better information can be obtained by hitting 3 and aiming torpedoes, as this will also give you speed.