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  1. The reason there are so many sub 45% win rate Tier X players is because there are actually quite a large number of 70%+ win rate players at Tier X. You don't usually see them as often because they are often in divisions, so seeing one or two isn't as common as three in a match. These super high win rate players dominate the average player, driving down the average win rate. Remember, there are players with 80%+ win rates and many hundreds of games in that boat at Tier X.
  2. Xanthro

    I am disguted and feel cheated by the game

    Quite simply you missed, and frankly, it wasn't even that close. Unless that DD was stopped, your torps are not going to hit him. It's hard to hit an even decent DD player with torps if they know you are around, and he knows you are there.
  3. Getting hit on the armored belt allows for bounces, unless the shell is so large as to over match. The Hindy took 2 salvos, where both times the majority of the shells hit his armor belt and bounced because of proper angling by the Hindy player, had the GK aimed at the superstructure and hit the stern, he would have sunk the Hindy. The Hindy player can't make someone aim in the wrong location, but whether he knew it or not, he baited the GK into thinking the angle was enough to penetrate the belt, then the Hindy player turned at the last second and bounced the shells. It was a really well played match on his part.
  4. With the 40 pack, got 3 of the 4 missions in the first 20 crates, never got the Lighting mission.
  5. Xanthro

    Please give HE to Minotaur

    The new IJN DDs already get eaten like a snack by others DDs and Cruisers. People forget IJN turret rotation is horrible, and they can't take RPF as there are not enough points. Get in close with another DD and angle, and the new IJN boats are close to helpless. Because of this, they can't cap or knife fight. Sure, they can dish out damage to ships that cannot hide, like BBs, but that is seriously the extent of the danger. Taking torps that can hit DDs and CAs would make them beyond weak and near helpless against those ships.
  6. Xanthro

    minotaurs with 41% hit rate lol

    I could easily obtain a 70% hit rate in a Mino, but it would be at the expense of overall damage. I take shots when there is the tiniest chance of a hit, or blast smoke for volley after volley. In the open shots, they are pretty much hitting, and no software is going to help with that. You have to guess what people are going to do.
  7. Xanthro

    Possible Solution to Radar

    No, the Japanese didn't. The Long Lance torpedo had outstanding range and stealth, and hit hard, but any ship carrying such a torpedo had a tendency to explode if hit, as the fuel in the torpedo would explode. Remember, the Germans had electric torpedoes, acoustic homing torpedoes, and pattern torpedoes.
  8. I play DDs in ranked as well. It's pretty rare that a winning DD does not have 1,000+ points, and often can break that on the losing side as well. Spotting gives points, it just doesn't give enough points based on the risk and the contribution for a win.
  9. Xanthro

    Smoke! Differing opinions.

    Smoke is actually pretty hard to use, remember, it blocks line of sight for your side as well. Also, any smoke will attract torpedoes, so if you are in torpedo range, expect torpedoes to come to that smoke. You do not want to be in the smoke when the torpedoes arrive. Fight behind smoke also keeps ships from seeing you, but planes still can. Think of smoke as mobile islands, if you get decent at using islands as cover, then use your smoke like an island you place where you want. Smoke is also great at breaking contact, just remember radar renders smoke useless. If you are fleeing and spotted, drop smoke and use it to break line of sight.
  10. Xanthro

    Why Tier X Ranked Battle Is So Bad

    I've found tier X ranked to be exceedingly competitive this season. While there are a few ships that make huge mistakes, for the most part, people are playing so well I keep running out of compliments. Seriously, anyone can play a Tier X DD in ranked, even the inexperienced, just don't try and win the match alone. Stay 10K outside they Radar ships and keep stuff spotted and launch torps, drop smoke on the back line for Cruisers, and you'll win more often than you lose. Worchesters are your biggest threat, because if you can see them, they can radar you. The biggest mistake players make in ranked is getting to aggressive early and getting out of position and killed. Be ready to flee when you get hit by radar, and remember, it's better to keep your ship in the match than get a cap. We all love DDs that cap, but staying alive is key. Hope to see you in ranked. You want to play better, which means you'll get better!!
  11. Ranked play is supposed to be about how an individual ship plays, hence why we can't division in Ranked matches, but all awards are based on team outcome, except for saving a star as being top XP on a team. Everyone who has played many ranked battles has seen matches where a player plays awesome and still loses a star, and save a star affects game significantly. If stars were awarded by XP, such as one star per 1,000 XP, and you lose a star if under 1,000 XP, then individual play would be more significantly rewarded. Since a winning team gets extra XP, almost always a star would be rewarded, but those players who break 2,000 would get 2 stars, and those players on the losing side who break 1,000 would still get a star. Or make it so that a star isn't lost when a player on the losing side gets 1,000+ XP. I've seen a number of matches where truly outstanding play resulted in a loss of a star, and no, I'm not the one who lost the star.
  12. Yes, WG really needs to up XP for spotting and capping. I've seen ships win matches and come in last or second to last in XP, and it's wrong.
  13. The whole point is that many a IJN DD refuses to fire guns when it's not possible to break contact. So many times the INJ DD has no chance to live, but still refuses to inflict damage in some misguided attempt to regain stealth which is not happening. Every DD needs to recognize when you are going to die, because IT WILL HAPPEN, so then the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible before you die.
  14. Because, it's beyond stupid to allow a DD, like me, to literally gun you down to death, and not once do you ever fire. For some bizarre reason, many an IJN DD refuses to fire, when all firing can do is inflict damage to the enemy and there is literally no downside. If a faster DD is chasing you, you won't be able to regain stealth, so just fire, as all those ships are firing at you anyway.
  15. If he's actually complaining about the Tier II ship, that's just bizzare. If the player had 1,500 matches in a Tier II ship, he'd understand that he had deep water torps that can't hit DDs. If the player just started playing the Pan Asian line, then it's perfectly understandable that the player might not understand the deep water torp mechanics. Getting out of Tier I takes one or two matches, so having a handful of matches in a line does not give one enough time to learn the line. I expect Tier II boats, even by experienced players, to not fully understand the line. Hence, I thought he was referring to the LoYang, which many MANY experienced people think have deep water torps.