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  1. Xanthro

    Micro teams

    I had a 2 on 2, where my side each player had over 5,000 matches and the other side 100. It was sad. At least put the seal clubbers on opposite sides on a 2 on 2 match.
  2. Xanthro

    Micro teams

    The VAST majority of your matches are at tier II and III, so you are no longer in protected mode. This means you are not fighting new players just starting, but are against a mixture of established players starting a new line or seal clubbing. The wait times at tier II and III are HORRIBLE because few people enjoy those tiers and it's so easy to grind through them. If you play an unpopular tier, don't be surprised that wait times for something unpopular are long.
  3. Just confirmed that a COOP win gives Republic Tokens, so much faster to unlock, especially with less played ships, by grinding them out in COOP wins.
  4. Xanthro

    Make AA player controlled

    Trying to manually control AA with any DD under fire would be near impossible. If you are already firing guns at ships, you don't have time to switch to manually control AA, and DDs are the ships that are most effected by CVs.
  5. Every DD needs last stand, it's basically a requirement. Your engine and steering will be shot out, in any kind of match, 90%+ of the time a shell lands near the rear of your DD. COOP is super easy once you understand that the bots just charge. As a DD just wait till they fire, smoke up, and the enemy DD will smoke, but sail forward not using the smoke, and will fire at other ships, and hence be visible. Kill the DD with guns and use torps against other ships.
  6. Xanthro

    Destroyers Doing Damage

    It happens on other ships, in my experience, even more than DDs. Most of my 200,000+ games have been losses, at much high loss rate than I have at any other damage level. DDs can put up large damage numbers and still win, because the other team makes mistakes and damage is inflicted while performing DD roles.
  7. Xanthro

    French Offensive containers

    A big part of the crate purchases for me are the special signals. When they give 10 or 15 special signals per crate, or the current Camo, I almost always buy the crates. Those signals stack and by making use of 200% bonuses and playing many ships, a player can rapidly grind out Free XP and Free Captain XP. I usually have millions of both, while having every ship that can be purchased with Free XP and scores of 10+ point captains, and dozens of 19 point captains. Right now, I can take any two captains and instantly make them 19 point captains. This greatly helps with new captains with skills are released, so you can max them out immediately. 5 per crate really is very limiting and to a person, such as me, greatly diminishes the value of the crates.
  8. Xanthro

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    The DD simply cannot dev strike any ship in the game, outside a detonation. It relies exclusively on constant lower end damage. It has high DPM but unlike some other ships, it literally takes minutes to destroy anything larger than a DD. The lack of torpedoes means you really can't stop a coordinated push, and your ability to inflict damage is limited to damage of TIME, that damage may be high, but it takes time.
  9. Xanthro

    Premium Ship Review: Giulio Cesare

    Holy Necro Batman, what happened!!!
  10. Xanthro

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Backtracking is not required. When someone writes, "you can't change my purchase after the fact" it is understood to everyone that this replies to negative changes. Only pedants argue otherwise. Informal speaking and writing has rules, and those rules don't require legalese to cover every scenario.
  11. Xanthro

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Yeah, all of it applies. That you don't want to acknowledge that is meaningless, as your own statements confirm it to be true. A digital picture is nothing more than pixels. It has monetary and emotional value, for the exact same reason anything has monetary and emotional value, because people PLACE such value on the item. I assure you, a picture of your deceased mother has no monetary or emotional value to me personally, unless there is some historical significance to the picture. That doesn't mean I don't understand that it would have VALUE to you. If premium ships had zero emotional and monetary value to them, nobody would buy them and nobody would complain if they were made worse. The very act of a purchase confirms they have monetary value, because people paid for them. That is literally the only reason any item any place on Earth has a monetary value, because someone would be willing to buy that item. Yes, WG could possibly legally make a premium worse after purchase, but the existence of a EULA does not guarantee such an action would be legal. Especially, for a company doing business in multiple countries, States and provinces. Many of which have their own laws regulating such transactions. WG could refund the price of the good and change it, as that is the legal principal called Rescission. That is, both parties being made whole and the transaction negated, but this argument that WG could just do anything it wanted about a premium product is not legally supported, nor does it make any economic sense for WG to do so. If WG starts making Premium ships worse, then the likely consequence would be reduced sales of premium ships in the future. They have a balancing act, where WG does not want OP ships, but does not want to endanger future sales.
  12. I'm not sure of what you are writing. I don't want to be top tiered every game, but if there is a change where you are only bottomed tiered 40% of the time, I'd like to opt out of that. I'd rather be bottom tier in many matches, because you get more XP for the same results. I don't want to be limited to being bottom tier only 40% of the time. Frankly, I agree with you, I don't think we are bottom tiered nearly as often as others think.
  13. It is getting a buff. The superstructure armor is being increased to 30mm.
  14. It may not be a big problem. That determination would require data I don't have. For example, if 80% of new players stop playing before getting to Tier V and leave the game, that would be a big problem. If 1% of the new players leave, not a big problem. I just don't want new players to experience frustrating play because a larger than normal number of players are playing low tier ships, and I want WG to understand there could be an impact to people with Tier X ships grinding out existing lines.
  15. Xanthro

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    That's a rather silly argument. If you pay for X and you get X, or you get X*Y, where Y represents a positive percentage, you are getting what was expected or more. If I sell you a digital photo for X amount of money, and I threw in a free Photo, I'm not taking anything away from you. If I sell you a digital photo, but remove a part of the photo, you are not getting what you paid for. People are not obligated to explicitly state this in every post, because this is not a legal document for lawyers to review. When someone writes , I paid for it as is and I expect it to remain as is a requirement does not exist to stat, unless buffed or improved. It's understood in the original statement.