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  1. I have a Mushi and every ship available with Coal or Free XP.
  2. So, I guess I don't have to worry about Kutuzov radar. Literally, been playing this entire time avoiding that ships radar.
  3. It's possible I'm remembering incorrectly, but I thought it was pulled because it had both smoke and radar, like the Belfast.
  4. If you get the Mikhail Kutuzov from a Santa Crate, note that it does not have radar, and the Wiki has been updated to show the ship does not have radar. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Mikhail_Kutuzov Disappointed I got a nerfed ship.
  5. Xanthro

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    Had radar is the key word. Just got one in the Santa Crates and it no longer has radar. Even the wiki was updated so it doesn't list radar.
  6. The Salem is unique, and I haven't completed the US CA line, not even close. Plus, I have every other coal ship. Sure, in the future another coal based ship might be made available, in which case, I'll buy it eventually as well. I don't always need to be the first to unlock a ship, but I do eventually want each ship.
  7. Got multiple 12,500 coal, which put me way over the level needed to buy the Salem, and have a hefty reserve of 50,000. Can afford a captain now too.
  8. The odds of getting a rare ship are very very small if you don't have all the other ships. If there are 5 premium available ships you do not have that are on the list, and you get a ship in a crate, it's going to be one of those available ships 90%+ of the time. The way it works is; a ship drop is calculated, then a rare drop is calculated if a rare drop you randomly get one of the rare unavailable ships, then a random ship is chosen if no rare drop, if you already have that ship, an available ship that is on the list, but you do not own, is dropped. The only way to really ensure you get an unavailable ship is to have all the others ships already. For example, the only ships on the list that I don't own are the Mikhail Kutuzov and the Gremyaschy. So, no matter what, if a ship drops in a crate, it will be one of those two. No other ships can drop, but if I didn't have the Alabama, it's pretty much assured that the Alabama would drop before the unavailable ships.
  9. Your are literally inane. Each crate gives you something of value in excess of the crate purchase price. No, every crate doesn't give you a ship, but you still get your money back on the camo, signals, Doubloons or Coal. The ship is a BONUS. Yes, we buy them for the camo and other items as well. If they didn't drop those items it would be gambling, but you ALWAYS get something worth more than you paid. It's more than worth the price for the camo alone. New Year Streamer is +100%, +150%, +100% and that is one of the best camos in the game, and you can get it in bulk. I have 200+ now. Would I rather have a ship I don't have, sure, but I'm more than happy getting a camo that allows me to rapidly research a line and get captain points.
  10. You got more ships in 20 Medium than I got in 40 Mega.
  11. You can't get ships you already have. 40 Mega Crates dropped three ships, Kamikaze, Imperator Nikolai I, and Kranzy Kyrm (Which I missed, thought I had that ship, and this was the first drop), also, make sure you have the actual ship, such as Marblehead and not Marblehead L.
  12. I own all the available premiums except for the Vanguard, Dreadnought, West Virginia, and Diana. No need to purchase any at this time because they are not available in the Santa Crates, which means, I'll get either Mikhail Kutuzov, Gremyashchy, Kamikaze, Imperator Nikolai I I'll post how many crates it takes to get all 4. Plus the camo and flags are really good this year, but no premium time.
  13. Xanthro

    You could have asked!!!

    Who cares about 2TB of data? That's an SSD. Even 8TB drives are cheap these days. I don't need companies deciding they should be housecleaning my hard-drives.
  14. Xanthro

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    That's a bad CV player. Nobody cares about bad CV players, there are tons of them, in fact, it's part of the whole CV problem, one side gets a 30% winrate CV that doesn't know how to bait AA against a 75% winrate CV who knows how to play. The super CV is by far the single most important element in the match and is equal to the rest of the ships on the team. It doesn't matter how much AA you have and even if you have defensive fire, the great CV players will still kill you if they want. Shooting down planes by bad CV players is like getting citadels or broadside CLs. Who cares, there is very little skill or tactics involved. It's not a reflection on how useless CLs are, because often they can be devastatingly strike destroyed.
  15. Xanthro

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    [edited], it all depends on the enemy CV. I've dodge repeated strikes in a BB, because the enemy CV was horrible, but literally nobody is going to dodge the Super Unicum CV players. You might dodge the first two cross drops, and I've dodge the first two cross drops from every Super Unicum CV player in the game, but you WON'T dodge the third strike. That's because they are so good that the only way to dodge the first strike is to bleed off speed, and the CV player uses that reduced speed to destroy you. Even AA Speced Des Moines get one shot at Tier X buy the best of the CV players.