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  1. They'd still hit friendly ships, and hence they'd explode, they would just not do any actual damage to the ships, as damage to friendly ships would be set to 0, rather than the smaller percentage it is now.
  2. A Discussion About Mods

    Use Left Shift] X Locks guns on cursor location relative to the map. Guns will turn to keep lock.
  3. A Discussion About Mods

    Running Light mod, shows whether a ship is stopped, or moving forward or backward. Better information can be obtained by hitting 3 and aiming torpedoes, as this will also give you speed.
  4. Honestly, Dastert is most scary in his Hindenburg. He could have ranked out in cruisers if he wanted.
  5. Congrats, still Rank 10 here, but only 55 or so games. Again, awesome job, as to be expected!!
  6. Doing damage is a good thing, and plenty of BBs have secured the win from distance. The issue is the rarer BB that simply tries to do damage at a distance and never tries to help secure an objective, whether it's getting a CAP or sinking a ship. This kind of BB sails around islands right when damage is most needed, but that usually means danger is at it's greatest, and this taking themselves out of the battle at key times costs the match. Then the BB sails bravely forward when everyone else is dead and tries to kill off wounded ships and get enough damage for the win. Remember, in ranked, points matter the most. Having two caps to one is hugely important. So taking those caps matters more than in random matches.
  7. It's not that they do nothing, it's that they do nothing to win the game. The BB sits at maximum range and fires at other BBs, even if there is a CA or DD closer. The BB attempts to farm damage, as opposed to supporting taking an objective. Then, if their team starts to win, the BB will move forward, if their team starts to lose, the BB goes dark and waits till everyone on the team is dead, then goes forward and tries to kill wounded ships and get more damage. It's not a dumb move on the BBs part, as it probably for a number of BB players is the most effective way to rank, but the rules on how ships gets XP makes this possible, which is why the rules should be changed so that actions other than damage matter more in getting XP.
  8. I've been second in XP in everyone one of those losing matches, and second by less than 50 XP. My last two matches I've been top XP by over 400 XP on my team. Someone outplays me and we lose, not a problem at all. But when the worst player on the team gets top XP for farming damage in a manner that does nothing to help win the game, that's ridiculous. It's the exploitative nature that is the issue. No ship should be able to sit back out of harms way for most of the match and get top XP in a ranked game. It doesn't mean that BBs should be suicidal or stupid, but they shouldn't be able to hide most of the match and fight to not lose a star.
  9. But, if you never lose a star, or rarely lose a star, you'll still advance in rank because the other 6 members of your team can sometimes win matches without you.
  10. It is a solid strategy, which is the problem, it shouldn't be. A BB can do that and just ram a ship to die and often come out on top in XP.
  11. The beyond heavy emphasis on damage in the game is literally rewarding horrible play, especially by BBs. Two games, the WORST player on the team, in a BB, who contributed nothing to the possibility of winning the match, got the most XP, because the BB sat in the back at maximum range, hit a few others BBs, then once everyone else on the team was dead, killed one of the crippled ships and secures top spot and doesn't lose a star. Many BBs are playing this game match after match, they are not even attempting to win in the match, they sit back doing nothing until either the match is decided in their team's favor, without that participation of the BB, or when it's apparent it's a loss, go dark until everyone else on the team dies and hope to farm enough damage or kill enough crippled ships to not lose a star. Players who do this should NEVER be the top XP in a ranked match. It's ridiculous.
  12. I keep seeing posts on this. I've never once gotten a Captain Slot, in thousands of crates. I have 24 captain slots, TOTAL. 90% or more of the time, I pick, the Lucky Crate, so if you are getting too many Captain Slots, pick that one. Literally, I've never seen captain slots drop, and I would not even know they existed without these posts of people having too many of them.
  13. You have to be logged in under your account name. Then the deals will appear.
  14. For Those Of You With DD Elite Pins/Emblems

    The top one is pretty stupid, because to achieve that level, you have to change your DD play style. If you cap early in a DD, there will be games where you get crap damage, because of chained radar, torp walls, greatly outnumbered, and you'll be fighting other DDs which don't have that much health, so you won't get that much damage. The issue is that ignoring early capping and focusing on BBs will increase your average damage, but you will be hurting your team.
  15. It's a separate application that reads your log file, then uses that information to look up the stats for each player in that ship, and displays them. You really need a second monitor in order to really benefit from it. Otherwise you are trying to tab out to see stats.