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  1. Xanthro

    Friendly Fire/Team Kill

    That is not always the case, with torpedoes. Firing torps behind a teammate, then literally having that team mate do a 180 turn, back into the torps (and there is literally no reason for the turn) then hitting speed boost to get into the torp path, that's on them.
  2. Xanthro

    World of TwoShips

    Every ship in the game has endless radar. Radar was for FINDING ships, radar was for determining the range of ships. Everyone has 100% accurate ship range at all times. Plus, radar often didn't even register enemy ships, much less enemy ship range. While most DDs could not reload torps, one torp hit crippled a ship, if not outright detonated it. And torps go much faster than in real life, but ships have a turning circle and rudder reaction time that is a fraction of the time in real life, and often torpedoes had even longer ranges in the game, did more damage than in the game, and had tech like HOMING that is not in the game. The Type 93 could go 22 kilometres at 50kts, and 40 kilometres at 35kts, and they were almost impossible to visual detect as they left no bubble trail.
  3. Xanthro

    World of TwoShips

    As you know, CVs were not common before the rework, and they didn't have rocket planes. While a CV could cross drop a DD, there were maybe 6 people in North America who could do that well enough to hit a competent DD, and even they usually required two attempts, the first to bleed your speed, the second to actually hit you. Now, not only are CV matches about 50%, but any player can hit a DD with rocket planes and break engines, steering and take out half of the DD's AA in one pass, not to mention 5K damage to a DD which is significant.
  4. I'll address number 2. It's not really RNG, while World of Warships is an arcade game, they actually have some very serious and details physics on ships. What you are experiencing is called plunging fire. The shells are coming down at an angle, hitting your deck, and entering the citadel, thus bypassing the armor belt. At closer ranges, the shells are a flatter trajectory and hit the armor belt and don't penetrate to the citadel. It's really quite complicated, ships have certain armor layouts, such as turtleback, which provide certain levels of citadel protection are certain ranges. Ships that can seem invulnerable to citadels, can have weak spots such as the side of the nose of the Yamato. Plus, shells have timings. The shell needs to explode inside the ship to be a citadel, and some timings are long enough that the shell passes through the ship and explodes, and instead of a citadel, you get an over pen. (Talking about you Roma) The better players understand the weaknesses of each ship and now how to take advantage of it and exactly where to fire, and have the skill to hit that spot. It's way too much to expert from players with less than 1,000 matches, but there is a huge amount of data to process to be really good at this game.
  5. Xanthro

    World of Sinops

    Bit hard when you are up against three. It's not as if they are going to burn down in a minute.
  6. Xanthro

    What the HELL is this?!

    Lower tiers can be fun, and unfortunately, WG even encourages regrinding lines. What this means, is that once players are out of protected status, they are literally thrown to the wolves and there are people who live to feed off newbies. I've seen players with 10,000+ matches in a Tier III ship. Tier I even used to be toxic with players who do nothing but think they rule that Tier with thousands of matches in a Tier I ship, and they talk smack, and for the most part they are horrible at play. They just take advantage that a 19 point captain has. Plus, the MM should be changed at low tiers. I once had a match that ended up being 2 on 2, and my side we had over 12,000 matches between us (both were grinding new lines) and the other side had two players with a combined total of less than 150 games, and it was their first games in those ships. I literally apologized to them at the start. The game needs to be fun for new players, or they won't continue.
  7. Xanthro

    World of Sinops

    The KGV is the BB counter to a Sinop. But the Sinop is OP for ranked, because all the disadvantages are gone because the maps are small, so range is not an issue, and flanking is harder because the maps are small. There is not much reason to take any other BB than a Sinop. If a person is not good enough to unlock multiple BB lines, then that person will not have fun in ranked anyway.
  8. Xanthro

    Elite Commander XP - How did I earn any???

    Your first 19 point captain is hard. You second is work. After that, suddenly you realize you have a dozen 19 point captains. Seriously, it is so much easier after the first 19 point captain.
  9. Blyskawica can do well in ranked when there are multiple DDs on each side, but it's a huge handicap when you are the only DD. There are DDs where one on one the Blyskawcia is near useless, as they control the engagement distance, and if you rush them, it's death.
  10. Xanthro

    A Bismarck with 250 Battles

    When I started I was only using the German CA line. I hadn't played the game before, didn't understand how to stack signals or use commander skills effectively, and I had a poor win rate and XP per match. I just checked, and I have a total of 238 matches of that line before Tier VIII. Now, I've played a few matches in those older boats, so the number of matches needed before Tier VIII is even lower than that. But certainly, I unlocked a Tier VIII ship before 250 matches, first time through, not in a clan, and I sucked. While BBs take more XP to unlock each tier, they also have much more suitability and hence are easier to play and get XP.
  11. Xanthro

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    But Rank 1 is not a significant achievement and there is nothing actually hard and skilled based about obtaining it. It's literally simply a game of how many games you are will to play. A person can rank out with a 45% winrate in Ranked battles. The skill play as a team is not significantly higher than any random random match. It's just a variation of a random match that occurs in seasons and provides better rewards. I don't feel particularly skilled, or proud, when I reach rank 1, nor even rewarded for that effort. I could not care less if 90% of players reach rank 1. If I want to feel an accomplishment, then I'd need to set goals like ranking out in X number of matches, but that is an internal goal, not one set by the game.
  12. Xanthro

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    I agree, 12 - 1 is way too time consuming for the vast majority of players. Irrevocable at 8 and 5 sounds almost perfect. Enough to not be crazy time consuming, but to common so as to be easy.
  13. Xanthro

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    Not nearly enough time for enough people to make Rank 5. I'm stuck at 8. The issue is that past rank 10, often the teams are composed of players where the average winrate is 60%+ for the entire team. They are pretty good teams which makes it harder for any single player to carry the match, and progression slows considerably. It will be more than a few days till enough people are at Rank 5 for the wait times to be acceptable.
  14. Xanthro

    A Bismarck with 250 Battles

    Any decent player can carry the COOP match. The only time the players lose is when there are more BOTS than players on the player side, or people just aren't taking it remotely seriously and get devastated at the start of a match, or I play a CV. The latter is the most guaranteed way to destroy your win rate in COOP. I apologize in advance when I play.
  15. Xanthro

    A Bismarck with 250 Battles

    Thanks, I had forgotten about that route. WAY more COOP matches are played that I ever thought. With new ships, or if I've been away for months, I'll jump on COOP just to get my feet wet and ensure keymapping is correct, and there are players with over 10,000 COOP matches in that SHIP. Some people just love COOP, and more power to them. Also, some people really love the Scenarios and likely level just playing those as well.