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  1. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Especially considering how many wont even realize there has BEEN a change and go out with borked builds and wonder whats going on with their ships lol
  2. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Okay I am still undecided by this rework. Yes it has nerfed many of my favorite cruisers and it utterly destroyed some ships for me i.e. Colbert ( why play colbert when you can play smolensk have the same RoF but smoke and better range). My beloved Dakka DDs are all wallowing now. On the other hand ships I rarely played like the Republique have gotten a huge boost in fun factor for me. I hear people saying that brawling is dead but I beg to differ. Take for instance the GK. Spec for max range on your secondaries like always and pick the main battery reload perk when enemies are in secondary range and voila fun ship with potential. It worked extremely well for me on the Repub provided you use it wisely and without AR the reload is only 19 seconds and WITH AR yer talkin near cruiser reload territory. Sure you cant just zerg rush into a pile and expect to survive in secondary range like you used to but in my opinion you shouldnt have been doing that in the first place. Even secondary build ships need to limit their return fire as much as possible by positioning. If you do that it seems to me like close in BBs got a big buff with a 10% reload boost. Are long range sniper BBs still going to be annoying? Absolutely but they arent going to be any more annoying than they already were. The biggest issue I have is once again CVs had most to gain by this. Instead of having to pick and choose a few relevant skills now they have an entire tree to choose from creating some truly terrifying synergy possibilities. So far this is how I see this rework. One captain for multiple ships GREAT addition BBs major firepower buff minor survivability nerf at close range DDs torpedo buff and major gun nerf Cruisers 50/50 with some cruisers like Hindenburg benefiting but others crushed by the rework time will tell which is worse. CVs...why bother. Its WG so insane and unwarranted buffs.
  3. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Ostergotland Torpedo bug?

    Because I dont like unnecessary clutter on my PC and as I said at the beginning I am all but retired from the game and saw no need to keep them.
  4. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Kansas is so bad wargaming should be ashamed

    Dude, you are a masochist. I will say it again. Being able to do well in it when the planets align, the sun is in the right position and mars is the correct distance from Alpha centauri does NOT make this a good ship and it sure as heck doesnt make it a FUN ship. Pray tell how do you "adapt" to terrible sigma, non-existant speed and armor and a 40 second reload? Ill tell you how you adapt...you play the North Carolina.
  5. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Kansas is so bad wargaming should be ashamed

    That says more about your skill than it does the ship bud. A good captain can make the most out of a bad ship that doesnt stop the ship from being bad. Terrible armor, horrid RoF, horrid accuracy, WORSE penetration than the Colorado, slow shell speed, terrible speed, incredibly bad reload, unbelievably fat and hard to miss, 12 guns but since you spend most of the time pointed headfirst trying to get to the fight you can only use 6... The only thing about this ship I like is the turning circle. The upsides to this ship, the torpedo belt, turning circle and number of guns is offset by all of the terrible aspects of the ship....geez it doesnt even LOOK good. I have seen some good work done with the Tier 9 and 10 and each line usually has a bad apple but thats not usually at tier 8, the most popular tier.
  6. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Ostergotland Torpedo bug?

    Unless you disable it :)
  7. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Ostergotland Torpedo bug?

    with 2 hits it seems unlikely it was an arming issue also was well beyond minimum arming range. Ill start recording the replays again so I can add it next time it happens. I dont have one for the Yamato attack unfortunately.
  8. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Ostergotland Torpedo bug?

    First off, I have been playing since CBT and haven't seen this issue on any of my other DDs. I am finding missing/notfired/ghost torpedoes is becoming an issue. I believe it is a bug but cannot find anything about it so I could be wrong, hope not. Example: suicide rushed a Yamato that was killable with 1 set of tubes and fired at around 2km perfect broadside. I was shocked to see that even though I fired the torpedoes in a tight spread making it impossible to miss even with a shimakaze sized gap, only 2 torpedoes hits registered (both dead center making it impossible for the other 2 to have missed)and the other 2 either never left the ship or my guess is they struck eachother right at launch because there was no torpedo trail for the missing torpedoes in the water. From my ship to the Yamato there was only 2 torpedo trails. On many occasions my set of 4 tubes per launcher will only fire 3 torpedoes and on a DD with already woeful torpedo damage that makes a HUGE difference. Before you say it, no this wasn't shallow water island hits. The Yamato attack didnt have an island within 5 or 6 km from my ship. The torpedoes and in fact their trails never appear. It appears exactly as it would if you had only a 3 torpedo spread. I have seen the issue come up with a missing torpedo in the spread quite often with this ship but the Yamato attack was the only time 2 torpedoes failed to launch or disappeared. Yes, I also discounted the possibility that the torpedoes were so close together it looked like 2 trails because the other 2 overlapped. If that was the case I would have still gotten 4 hits not just 2. Is it possible this issue is caused by the extremely narrow spreads and trying to cram 4 torpedoes into it at the ship? I did not have this issue with any other DD including the european DD line. Is this some kind of new mechanic I am not aware of? I have pretty much retired from the game and only come on now to kill time but I run through many of my DDs almost daily and have never once seen this issue on any other and it has happened often enough with this ship to gain my attention.
  9. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Constant game freeze

    Unfortunately this person is not the only one having this issue. Since the last update I went from being entirely stable to crashing in about 33% of my battles requiring me to close the program and relaunch all hopefully before I have died or cost my team the match. I updated my drivers two days ago by completely removing my old drivers, rebooting in safe-mode, verifying the drivers are gone and no ghosts remain, rebooted and performed a clean install of the drivers. I ran WGs repair tool and it found no issues, ran the report there was 1 file that it said shouldn't be there and deleted it. I run NO mods. I am running an NVIDIA 1060 GTX, the fastest ram I could buy and an Intel 8700K (not overclocked), the game is installed on an SSD and im on a Gigabit connection. I routinely run the game on max settings at around 60-80FPS at 3840x1080 and have a stable ping of 35ms. Ive checked the utilization and my CPU doesn't get above 20% and my video card is averaging about 50% on the current settings. I lowered my graphics settings as one person suggested but it had absolutely no effect. What I am noticing is the game is freezing briefly even on initial load before the WG logo comes up so that I get a brief warning from windows that the program has stopped responding before it completes the load. Also when I click to exit the game using the menu it can take 10 seconds before the game finally closes or I get another "not responding" error message. I deleted the preferences.xml file and reset all my settings and I am still crashing.
  10. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    IFHE change is trash

    Please explain, if CAs are so weak against CLs, why: Cruisers across all nations at tier 10: Top 5 cruisers at tier 10 non-premium tech tree only. If I were to include ALL "cruisers" this would also have to include the super cruisers and then it gets even WORSE for the CLs Average Damage: No CLs 1. Venezia 2. Goliath 3. Henri IV 4. Zao 5. Hindenburg Win Rate: 4 CAs 1 CL 1. Goliath 2. Venezia 3. Henri IV 4. Moskva 5. Worcester Avg Kills: 4 CAs 1 CL (something a CL SHOULD excel at...kill securing) 1. Venezia 2. Minotaur 3. Henri IV 4. Goliath 5. Zao Avg K/D: 4 CAs 1 CL 1. Venezia 2. Goliath 3. Henri IV 4. Zao 5. Minotaur SO as you can see for the 4 big categories 3 of the 20 spots were CL's, the rest CA's If I include ALL cruisers the Smolensk is only 6th place for average damage, The Colbert makes it to 5th place as the best win rate and average kills and K/D for CLs. Perception contrary to popular belief is NOT reality when it comes to numbers. Lets put it into perspective. The Venezia with a 20 second reload and no fires does 10,000 MORE average damage than the Smolensk does with its 4 second reload and thats BEFORE the IFHE nerf. The Venezia averages 250 MORE XP, has a 3% greater win rate, shoots down MORE planes, kills more ships and has a much higher KD than the Smolensk. How exactly is the CL overpowered?
  11. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    IFHE change is trash

    you are forgetting something very important. 4.5% chance is only YOUR chance to cause a fire. That doesn't take into account the automatic fire resistance of tier 10's + fire resistance skills/modules(quick math equals about a 1.5% effective fire chance for EACH shell). EACH shell that hits the target assuming it hits a target in the correct spot i.e. no fires are already present has only a 1.5% chance to start a fire. If you hit a ship with 16 shells in a perfect salvo that doesn't mean you have an 24% chance (16 x 1.5%) to cause a fire. Think about that...take a 66 sided dice and roll it 16 times...each time it comes up with a 1 you get a fire IF the spot it hits isn't already on fire...pretty slim odds. Put those together and yup yer chances are causing a fire are probably 1 in 66 for EACH shell if YOUR base chance is only 4.5%. Now for more fun. Take into account: has the target used repair party and its still active? Is the spot you hit already on fire? Does your target have the skill that reduces maximum number of fires...add it all up and I can EASILY see you having games with that many hits and no fires based on that fire chance. As for BBs...spec tank, if you spec glass cannon then that's on you. Don't blame the guns for causing tons of fires on your ship. Blame your captain for not having the counter fire skills/modules to DRAMATICALLY limit the amount of fires and damage they can inflict. If I can spec my cruiser to inflict high fire damage to YOUR ship why wouldn't YOU protect yourself from it as best you can. The IFHE nerf has completely wrecked many cruisers and destroyers. IFHE was always a trade off. Being able to pen targets more reliably for base damage at the cost of causing fewer fires. Take IFHE away and some cruisers and DDs will get ZERO damage EXCEPT fires against most targets since all their shells will just shatter. Before you talk about "just aim for superstructure" do not forget about saturation. Being able to pen deck plating was the only reliable way late game for many cruisers to continue to get damage in the match after the superstructure was saturated. As a Minotaur captain how fun it is to fight an aircraft carrier after its become saturated. PS if I had a choice in my BB of getting shot at between the Smolensk, Colbert or Zao and Henri give me the Smolensk, Colbert ANYDAY. Ill take their fire damage just don't give me the high alpha AND fire damage caused by the Zao/Henri. Zao/Henri - Railguns with high alpha AND high fire chance vs moonshots/shatters at range from Smolensk/Colbert. A Zao or Henri at long range kiting...shudders. A Smolensk/Colbert I can overmatch...smiles. There is nothing more fun than 1 shotting a Smolensk sitting in smoke. There is nothing LESS fun than being on the receiving end of a Zao/Henri kiting and focusing you...No IFHE required. This is one more example of WG acceding to players perceptions vs the reality. Biggest fire ships (just my opinion. Other ships cause fires but when I see these I think oh dang...here comes the blazes) at tier 10 based off memory and lets face it...im old so correct me if im wrong lol. These aren't in any particular order. Conqueror (no IFHE needed) insane penetration already Zao - no IFHE 34mm penetration Henri - no IFHE 40mm penetration Smolensk/Khabarovsk - IFHE was a must if you wanted to pen deck armor of lighter targets (larger guns than harugumo but less effective pen) 22mm penetration w/o IFHE 29 mm penetration with IFHE Harugumo - IFHE not really necessary but still useful 26mm penetration (last I checked all IJN dd 100mm guns had effectively same pen as 155mm correct me if im wrong again going off memory) Worchester - IFHE (larger guns than harugumo but less effective pen) 25mm penetration Des Moines - No IFHE 34mm penetration of all those ships including a destroyer only the 2 CLs and the Khab could not pen the deck armor of a typical high tier cruiser with HE without using IFHE. So the only ones the IFHE nerf is going to really affect are those ships that actually NEEDED IFHE to make them viable. I think in the near future we are going to see the average damage for CLs at high tiers plummet and considering they already only have 2 or 3 ships in the top 10 for average cruiser damage without 1 being in the top 5 that isn't a good thing. The Henry averages 84k damage a battle, 5k more than the Smolensk, 8k more than Colbert and 18k more than Worcester and thats not counting the super cruisers...light cruisers are pushed even further down the ladder if you include them. Across all classes the Smolensk comes in at a dismal 17th place just among tier 10s for average damage and thats the first CL to make the list and it comes in at 25th out of 35 for average win rate.
  12. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    Okay, glad i'm not the only one this has happened to. Just happened to me running my Tirpitz with NO allied CVs in the battle....it seems my AA shot down a spotter plane.... um yeah..... this is now apparently a thing.... GJ wargaming....you managed to take RNG to an entirely new level of suck.
  13. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    Unable to view post battle results

    Ive reset my router many times to try and fix this issue. Do you mean reset to factory defaults?
  14. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    KareBear CO-OP AI issue/Whining wall of text

    Oh well two more that are in life for the participation trophies. You want things easy, got it. You don't want to be challenged, got it. May I suggest solitaire?
  15. XxX_BlindSide_XxX

    KareBear CO-OP AI issue/Whining wall of text

    Oh well time to close the post. Once the memes come out adding zero to the discussion its pointless to continue. If you bothered reading the replies many others wrote it would have made perfect sense. To be perfectly honest even if you had just read the entirety of the reply you quoted you would have understood the intent behind it but reading is hard memes are easy.