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  1. Play co-op in a Soviet bote for that part. I had 4 Soviet ships in my second match.
  2. Just want to point out something positive here for a change. Good job for WG that the Franz Von Jutland missions can be completed in Co-op and don't include any -sink x number of x nation's ships- shenanigans. Thanks for listening to players!
  3. thank you. I used an airbrush for the hull. The rest was painted by brush. I used water based paint except for the white, red, and blue. Those colors were acrylic.
  4. I couldn't agree more. My back-up would have been the original blueprints of the ship but those are only 2D.
  5. Thank you. I used EZ-line. It stretches and bonds instantly to super glue. And I'm sure you may have noticed I used the in-game Arizona for the rigging plans.
  6. We do have examples such as the USS Texas painted in her 1945 colors. 5-D Dark gray faded quickly in the sun or "chalked" was the naval term for it and required constant upkeep. That's why the BB's were to be repainted 5-O Ocean gray just before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  7. Thanks! Overall about 8 months of work. I completed around 2 or 3 hours on it when I found time. It helps that I am fully disabled by the V.A Honestly I never would have attempted this build if I had a full-time job still. It would just be way too stressful I think.
  8. I was shocked when I opened up the 5-D paint bottle I ordered from Badger model paints. I then researched if the 5-D paint was actually that dark and indeed it was.
  9. Thank you. It's my first 1:200 scale ship model. Was very challenging but the in-game Arizona plus Youtube helped a lot!
  10. Took around 8 months of work. Due to all of the controversy surrounding what color she was at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, I painted her in measure 1. This is as she appeared in September, 1941. The Arizona collided with the USS Oklahoma and was repainted in October, 1941. There is speculation that the ship was repainted 5-O Ocean gray- basically how she appears in game. I'm leaning more towards this didn't happen at that time due to 5-O paint needing to be mixed and shipped to the dockyards as well as the fleet.
  11. You place too many big and unnecessary words in your writing. It's a common mistake that writers make to try to sound smart. I have to read each one of the paragraphs twice and I'm still not sure I understand your point. Type like you are speaking to someone face to face. Would you really say things like, " I find his question cathartic because he's ranting about people who rant, essentially." when speaking to a group of people? https://youtu.be/ctf260qnDeU
  12. Made it to the 3 and a half minute mark. Seriously who has this much time to type let alone read it all? Try posting Lord of the Rings or Stephen King's IT. Jeez
  13. Another idea: If the planes are placed into two groups-attack planes and fighters-then up the accuracy of the CV secondaries to compensate for less attack squadrons for defense. Similar to the Graf Zeppelin's secondaries. That way it would be harder for DD's and Cruisers to run down CV's. ***I know this has been mentioned but I will bring it up for discussion again. Another game play change is making CV play similar to the Battlestations games, CV gameplay was fun and not OP. The player directly controlled any group of planes. With the improved graphics of this game, controlling a torp attack or dive bombing would be pretty exciting. I don't remember hearing many complaints from players about CV's back when I used to play online matches of both of those games.
  14. The game already has clan battles as a form of team based competitive play. Call ranked something else, add more irrevocable ranks, and it would be far more enjoyable. Last two seasons of ranked I stopped at rank 12 and only played for the signals. Its way too dependent on teamwork between random players.