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  1. Lately there has been an unfortunate increase in posted threads being locked and deleted simply because a certain couple of players want it to be. The latest one was locked just a few minutes ago because the poster used comic sans(which is awful) and the color red. The forum rules states: • Conducting conversations in foreign languages, outside the designated International forums • Posting solely or predominantly in capital letters; excessive text spacing or line breaks; use of "1337 5p34k" or other hard-to-read writing styles • Using misleading topic titles, excessive punctuation, and/or non-standard symbols While posting on these forums users are to be reasonable with font size and color. Stick to default font size and try to avoid use of text colors different from black. The administration reserves the right to modify inappropriate posts and give warnings to their authors. So now a post can be removed if the posted content is a different color or font. This is along with if these forum users disagree with the posting and wish it to be locked. This is outright censorship and means we are only being allowed to read "approved" postings that these particular players approve of. I am not wasting my time on here anymore so I will say Buh-Bye to beat the forum trolls to it (which is against the rules btw but allowed).
  2. Programed AI Cheats

    4. Not your job
  3. Programed AI Cheats

    All this calling on moderators to nuke posts you don't like is not good. Do you want more idiotic posts? Because this is how you get more idiotic posts since the thinking players aren't going to bother.
  4. Could this be the real reason why the sharks are winning, Team America hating? Your enemies will always show you who they fear. It's really "brave" to hate on the big dog. Easier than fixing your own country right?
  5. With the brain dead teams I get match after match, just switch teams at the end of each day! #winning -I know you can't do it, but if you could...
  6. You must be on the red teams I face. Sometimes I would rather take the bots into battle.
  7. I am now totally done with tier 8 and up matches, not playing another one period. Last match a Worcester sat behind a little island at A and HE spammed two BB's to death while the rest of the team on that side turned and ran. True that even one DD or cruiser could have and should have ran them off but you know teamwork and randoms go together like oil and water. Like I said I'm just done with world of HE spam until it is fixed, but not gonna hold my breath on that.
  8. - We all know high tier game play is boring. Nobody pushes a cap, lots of sniping and sitting behind islands - Why is that though? I have made it to the point of my grind to finishing out some of my tier 9's and unlocking tier 10's. Along the way, I have found some reoccurring problems with higher tier matches. I just unlocked the Yamato so I play a half dozen or so matches with it and WOW is Cruiser HE spam a thing. It has become very obvious why nobody wants to advance to within 16k range of other ships when playing higher tiers. I knew from experience that the Yammy is a big XP Pinata (comparable to the TOG in WOT) so a lot of the early match is spent staying behind other friendlies and pushing only with support. The problem is that Cruisers can incinerate BB's with super fast firing HE spam as soon as they come within range so pushing in a BB is pretty well suicidal. The radar gimmick keeps DD's from being able to scout or cap so there is even less incentive to advance. The bottom line is that these problems add up to forcing players to behave the way they do. There are some good ideas being floated here on the forum on how to fix these problems and some are quite good ideas. Once I unlock the rest of my tier 10's, I am likely not returning to high tiers until these issues are addressed. Note: I play all classes of botes. I am not complaining about BB's in particular. The Yamato just made these issues stand out the most.
  9. After 7 tier 9 losses in a row due to teams hiding in the back and refusing to cap, I suggested a push and that BB's not hide because I'm sick of blowout losses. I was attacked in chat by the entire team by such juvenile comments like, "Your clan tag is PVE but you insult PVP players." and after the match I had the notification that I was reported and my karma decreased by two. All for trying to ask for teamwork. I'm getting to the point that chat isn't worth using and just hope teamwork happens sometimes.
  10. Thanks! It can torpedo beat like a champ but if you get swarmed by two or more DD's it's back to port you go. Surprisingly tough ship though. I had 17,000hp left at the end of the battle.
  11. Thank you! Manual secondaries are a must. Had 44 secondary hits for 7099 dmg against the red Mikasa and 2 DD's.
  12. It wasn't easy. A Mikasa vs. all DD's normally ends very badly for the tier 2 BB. No amount of WASD hacks are gonna stop the inevitable. I will say having manual secondaries was worth the grind and did the trick in this case! Anyone else get solo warrior in a quirky ship?
  13. Cyclones Are Way Too Long!

    The space battles had a similar effect of weather in an area so WGing has real world data on dynamic weather. The unknown question is if it will be added to the game or not.
  14. Hey good job typing less!