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  1. This is a cop-out. WG has such a long history of outright ignoring player feedback- CV rework, HE rework, Sub game play, PR dockyard event, Soviet bias etc. I can guaran-dam-tee you that WG has already finalized sub game play. Nothing that anyone can say will change the devs' minds.
  2. Oh please, you're so pro everything WeeGee that WG could mail you a bag of dog doo-doo and you would be all, "it's free and doesn't smell all that bad. Some players love free bags of poop!"
  3. It's obvious that Subs were not added to the game because they are fun to play. New players drawn in to check them out will quickly leave once they find out how boring the game play is for subs. But WG is not concerned with any of that, no...they are on a whale hunt WG knows that enough big spenders will say to any new content added to the game. Whales, you are the target audience of WG, shouldn't you demand a fun and engaging experience?
  4. Rabbitt81

    Things Darth WG would say :)

  5. Rabbitt81

    I like the teamwork submarines bring.

    Trying so hard to establish a new narrative...good luck with that. Teamwork doesn't exist in randoms. Has the OP ever played this game or what?
  6. Rabbitt81

    Who is really at fault for Subs??

    Who's at fault for subs? The same geniuses at WG that thought the CV rework and PR event were a good idea. Poor management leading to poor decisions.
  7. After trying last season to rank out, I am absolutely convinced that the game allows you to reach a certain rank before sweeping you back. This happened to me 4 separate times. I would make steady progress to rank 6 and then, as if someone flipped a switch, I would get placed on teams of...well...co-op bots would have been more skilled, until I was back to rank 10. here's proof: The bottom three ships on my team NEVER FIRED A SINGLE SHOT. I gave up after 344 matches of being shoved back to rank 10 from rank 6 repeatedly. Another thing that I noticed that seemed very strange: I would face a player on the red team who would be a great player, top player on their team, and then next match that same player would be on my team and a complete potato. It's as if the player sat their 5 year old son at the keyboard and said, "Have at it, junior!" One CV player really stands out in my mind. I faced this CV player on the red team three matches in a row, this CV had skill and was again, top of the team or close to it in those three matches. I queue up and see the CV player on my team and thought to myself, "Yes, this is finally gonna be a win!" and would end the losing streak. I was wrong, very, very, wrong. The CV sent every single one of their planes over each ship on the enemy team and attacked the red CV for the entire match. Not one plane made it to the red CV. Now, explain to me how that was even possible? I can't make sense of why that would happen. It's as if the CV player got tired of winning and decided to throw the match. Either that, or something else was going on like maybe that player was a bot and forced me to lose.
  8. Hey, blaming the players for screw ups is WG's job!
  9. Not a single new player has responded. They must be busy telling WeeGee how much they want subs in the game.
  10. WG says there is huge demand but won't share the data to prove it. The forum is more proof than anything WG claims to "know" because it actually exists and provides data. I asked @Hapa_Fodder to share this info when he stated that there was huge demand. Did WG conduct a poll? Email surveys on the subject? Interview people on the street? Nobody knows.
  11. despite the general level of disinterest on the forum, WG tells us that there is a HUGE demand for subs in this game. Apart from a dozen or so players that cheer leaded for the CV rework, I don't see any overwhelming demand period. Therefore, if you are playing now or a returning player only due to subs, comment in this thread on what you think of them and for the overenthusiastic ones that always wanted subs...are you happy now?
  12. Rabbitt81

    It Has Begun

    WG doesn't admit failure but does enjoy blaming the players, some of the greatest hits... 1. PR event: We're sorry you players don't understand how this event works. 2. CV rebork going straight to live servers despite WG knowing it wasn't ready: We had to do it because not enough players participating in PTS. 3. Nerfing and deleting Operations: Players are farming Operations so we must ruin the fun for everybody. (The actual reason is to force everyone into blowout Random matches so they waste/purchase more econ flags.) Finger pointing is an Olympic sport at WG.
  13. Rabbitt81

    It Has Begun

    ...The countdown for WeeGee to blame the players when subs flop like a dud torpedo.
  14. Rabbitt81

    GRAF ZEPPELIN Ta 152 C-1 with Rockets?

    This video covers the performance of the H-1.