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  1. Rabbitt81

    So many posts get removed?

    well, let's see...I've had threads locked for discussing the WG MM patent, which I think is rediculous because it's public knowledge - a quick google search will find it. I've also had entire pages of comments deleted in MM threads for arguing that the "snowball effect" can't happen without something causing it, unless we are discussing quantum physics. Received warnings and then threatened by a moderator with "further action" after asking what forum rule I had broken in said threads.
  2. Having played this game for a decent amount of time, I have noticed an alarming trend when looking at the overall health of the game. This post isn't really directed at WG as such. We all know WG is gonna be WG, nothing I say will change that. See the ongoing CV rework as an example. When the super testers told WG that it would be a WG disregarded all feedback and went straight to live with it, and when it turned out to be a WG went all and blamed the players for not testing the CV rework enough. Blaming the players for bad game direction is a recurring problem with this company. Now that the opener is out of the way, let's get down to my point. WG is trying to push all players into PVP. This is being accomplished by either outright removal of operations such as Narai, or nerfing the earnings of Operations so that, while you can still play them, it's not really worth a player's time to do so. The reasoning given by WG for wanting to eliminate operations earnings is that a few players are farming them for experience. Notice again with the blaming the players and not the fact that WG gives out economy flags and camouflages left and right. The number of players farming operations must be very small. WG said it themselves that not many players participate in operations and yet, WG says let's ruin the fun for everybody. I find it hard to believe that a few players farming an operation or two is the reason for gutting an entire game mode. The same goes for co-op. WG has stated recently that PVE is not going to be improved upon and that PVP will be the focus for future development. Now, if randoms were fun and engaging to play, and it used to be fun and engaging, then I would be OK with that. However, nearly every match in randoms is a one sided steamroll. Steamrolls, snowballs, whatever you want to call them, are NOT FUN to play whether you are the winner or the loser. These type of matches are extremely boring. And another point to bring up, these steamroll matches are over so quickly - 7 to 10 minutes- that a player cannot achieve much experience in that amount of time. If I am going to participate in a game mode, that game mode should be fun to play, which is why I say put down the spreadsheets and play the game. Randoms just aren't fun to play anymore. I play mainly co-op now because 7 out of 10 matches are one sided snooze fests. I used to only play co-op to test out a new ship, now it's my preferred game mode. The recent new ship lines and events have been horrible. It's as if WG never recovered from the Payto Rico dockyard disaster. The Italian and British cruisers would have been OK in 2017 but with the HE spam meta that the game is now, if I want to play a slow-firing ship, I'm going to play a BB. The trend with new DDs having low-damage and fast reloading torps would have been a great idea before the CV rework and radar, but these ships still have the same problems as all DDs have to deal with. The faster reloading torps aren't much of an advantage when you can't get into position to use them without being detected by one gimmick or another. Anyhoo, that's my two cents about the future direction that this game is headed. I don't expect any of this to be news to anyone if you have been playing this game for more than a few months.
  3. The patent is easily found by conducting a simple google search for it. The few times I have brought it up in a thread, my posts are deleted and I receive warnings from moderators. Why? If the patent is as the defenders of it say it is, just describing how MM puts together matches, then what's the big deal with discussing it? Closing threads and deleting comments is like a criminal running when they see a police officer walking their way. In other words, makes one highly suspicious.
  4. Rabbitt81

    coop only way to win a game

    Apparently one of us didn't read it. From the linked article: ". As used herein, a matchmaking server 106 may determine what set of players to assign to a same instance of the virtual world to ensure that all players meet predefined criteria for that instance of the virtual world. That is, if extremely experienced players are paired with complete novices, the experienced players may quickly become bored, while the novice players may quickly become frustrated, causing each of them to stop playing the game altogether. Thus, the matchmaking server(s) 106 determine how to assign players to an instance of a virtual world so that every player is challenged, without getting frustrated. Specific algorithms and techniques used for matchmaking are described in more detail below. "
  5. Rabbitt81

    coop only way to win a game

    https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330B1/en That's the link to the WG MM patent. WeeGee apologists would say they filed it just in case it's needed. Filing a patent with this much detail would cost more than some pocket change. I don't believe for a second that stingy ole WG wouldn't use it. And yes it does explain how it keeps the player from winning and losing a certain number of matches, but it's written in legal-ese.
  6. Rabbitt81

    Meesa back!

  7. WG: Operations are not a priority. Also WG: We will be nerfing operations soon.
  8. Rabbitt81

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    Go to https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ Download and run adwcleaner (free) from bleepingcomputer.com A really good program that I have run for years is system mechanic. It's around 30 dollars a year but well worth the money imo. https://www.iolo.com/downloads/
  9. Finally fought back to rank 7 after MM said and kicked me all the way back to rank 10 after I made it there the first time. I then spent three days stuck in rank ten. I spent entire nights of play starting at rank ten and two stars and end at rank ten and two stars. So now I'm at rank seven again and here's the first match: A one sided blowout. My team couldn't focus fire and ran for the back of the map. Next match: Red team gets not one but two super cruisers. I immediately go into save-a-star mode and farm enough damage to keep it. We managed to sink one ship woo hoo, a whole bucket load of fun and engaging game play! Next match: We lost 4 ships in the first 6 minutes despite their Yoshino being AFK. I went back to port, I'm beginning to get the hint from MM that once again, tier seven is as far as I'm allowed to go. Last match I hop in Moskva. The red CV goes after me with dive bombers. Each hit shows on my screen as a miss but then 17,800 damage triple citadels happen about 5 seconds later after the miss. It happened THREE times in a row. I was sunk in less than 4 minutes into the match by the CV. For the sake of my sanity, I am not going to participate in any more ranked matches this season. In the future I will make it to rank ten for the flag and call it quits. The MM placed me on worthless teams once I had reached a certain rank. Trying to rank out is impossible for me. There is one silver lining to all this: I was able to grind out all of the legendary modules that I still needed to complete. If it weren't for that, I would have thrown in the towel the first time I got kicked back to rank ten from rank seven.
  10. That's been complained about on here for years. Dat WG customer service.
  11. the method of recording data is not the end goal. It's to put you on the defensive and derail the thread.