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  1. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    It's a really good feeling to win the stacked against you battles though. Looking at the team report after the match and seeing mostly unicums on the losing team makes me think that I beat the system for once. Doesn't happen enough unfortunately.
  2. How is this remotely fair?

    I should have added a *sarcasm marker. Ooh well I do enjoy trolling CV drivers on this forum. I get a kick out of them defending a broken ship class.
  3. WG, I Dare You.....

    Here is a screenshot of the speed options:
  4. How is this remotely fair?

    And it's another unrealistic game mechanic. *Torpedo Bomber stick leader: See that smoke screen down there? Let's drop torps at weird angles into it!
  5. 2-13 tonight

    What I do when there's a losing streak going on is stop worrying about win rate and try to see how high I can get on the team results screen. It's kinda like a mind over matter trick that takes some practice to get used to. It does help take the sting off.
  6. Why did you pick your patch?

    I picked the silliest looking one because patches are silly.
  7. uninstalling this game

    Since you don't have a sense of humor: Brazil is a country, Brazilians, the citizens of said country, speak Portuguese. I do not speak their language. Therefore communicating with Brazilians (I said it again gasp!) is impossible during a match. How is that offensive to anybody? I mean, if someone is offended by that statement they really need to grow up.
  8. uninstalling this game

    I just realized that I'm getting warned from a player about language on a thread about chat bans.
  9. Tired of invisfiring ships

    a message for everyone running their mouths here- If you click on the reveal button, the target is a Bismarck, on fire, under 12k away. Not invisible if firing, not behind an island. And since the fires from the ship are visible it is indeed "spotted." Really irritates me when people defend broken game mechanics.
  10. uninstalling this game

    What kind of passive-aggressive SJW reply is that? OK, how about non-native language speaking non-citizens. Does that work or do you need a safe space?
  11. uninstalling this game

    Considering half my matches are full of Brazilians and players that don't read messages, it pretty much is without a chat now.
  12. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    I would play CV's more if strafe was gone. It doesn't make any sense to even be an ability in the game. Smoke makes sense, hydro makes sense, radar sort of works, but strafing? not even a little. Imagine if any other ability could instantly delete all your guns for the rest of the match. That's strafing
  13. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Sunk 117 with Charles Martel. They were in Missouri. 120 in Ohkotnik with Okhotnik.
  14. Historical accuracy(environments)

    ramming damage for friendlies the same as enemies? Half of every match would be pink. Not a good idea.