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  1. kitsune91FTW

    Radar permanently

    i would say LOS reliant and minimap render only beyond a determined range
  2. kitsune91FTW

    New Warship Game?

    battlestations midway and battlestations pacific
  3. kitsune91FTW

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    so your prepared to ban the better part of your vocal playerbase? not a good look...
  4. the difference is im 99% sure battlefront was rated M for Mature so it was at least remotely close to being rated properly
  5. My issue is the OP is seemingly holding the opinion of "there's no point, we cant do anything, just stop whining" aka "the beatings will continue until morale improves". i agree, complaints wont change anything, that's why i have cancelled any and all purchases i was planning, and the only play time i am giving them is clan wars simply because my friends still rely on me. as soon as the clan decides to stop, my play time will be 0. only action will make them change, but telling people to just shut up and stop actively aids WG when they're just hoping that this whole situation just blows over and dies. so no, don't stop, take action so that they are forced to themselves take action. keep review bombing the steam version keep down voting them on every forum the post in continue depriving them further income keep spamming their twitch chat NEVER let them live this down until SUBSTANTIAL action is taken and COMMITTED to. do not let up until there is SUBSTANTIAL shakeup in the corporate culture and marketing environment. change will not happen if we are not at least EQUALLY as stubborn in our protests as they are in their refusal to change.
  6. here is where your 99% wrong. anybody whose actually informed isn't demanding an apology, because they know it will mean nothing, they know WG doesn't give a single red crap, this is why were not demanding an apology, were demanding a commitment to action, literally all of this could have been avoided if WG could swallow their god damned pride and just add the camo that was already finished (all they have to do is make it game ready and assign it buffs). you sound A LOT like you've been implanted here by WG SPECIFICALLY to run damage control for them are here trying to convince people to just shut up and continue on as if nothing happened while WG has attempted to pull our pants around our ankles YET AGAIN.
  7. because its not enough to just make alot of money off you, they have to take every last cent you could have possibly earned in your life. sadly another page out of EA's book.
  8. 8-9 crates, and barely even expendable camos let alone cv's...