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  1. WishFull_Sinking

    Twitch Mission bugged

    Damn, i never checked that side, so it always included premium time... Sigh* Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.
  2. WishFull_Sinking

    Twitch Mission bugged

    Yes did think about that, I checked and my base was beyond 2750 many times in battles I won. Oh well
  3. I am working on the Twitch mission: Hurt me plenty! Where you need to get 1500/2000/2750 base xp and it is stuck on stage 3. In the last few days, I did have more than enough games to fulfill the last requirements. To be sure before posting here,I played without any xp bonus, flag or camo or ship xp, and even tho my base xp was more than enough, it never countered. Thanks
  4. WishFull_Sinking

    Marauder Madness! Can't register

    Hey, For the upcoming event Marauder Madness! When we click the register button , it gives an error message : The activation period for this survey has ended When it's supposed to be Sunday.
  5. I totally agree with you. I like my Conqueror a lot but now I will love it.