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  1. GENAlphawolf

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    i have no idea how many i got but i managed to pull every available premium that i didnt already own including Nikolai. Also bought an undisclosed amount for my clan members one of which pulled a Kronshtadt.
  2. GENAlphawolf


    the camo is definitely worth it
  3. GENAlphawolf


    Gone through so many containers but shes finally mine.
  4. GENAlphawolf

    Makarov MIA?

    Is that so? Huh glad i got mine when i did then.
  5. GENAlphawolf


    seems like signals
  6. GENAlphawolf

    Makarov MIA?

    Im sure others have noticed but is there any reason the Makarov is missing from the list of available prems from the santa crates?
  7. GENAlphawolf

    2018 Secret Santa!

    i shall participate in this next friday as i am currently running on $5 til then (._. )
  8. GENAlphawolf

    Ouch, A Costly Blunder

    "We're colliding then." I lost it after i read that i can only imagine it being said in a very calm, accepting tone like it was the shortest way to say "Alright fine **** it you asked for this." And if i remember correctly the tanker was barely damaged.
  9. GENAlphawolf

    Bought Vanguard and Dreadnought - my thoughts...

    I have noticed a mild inconsistency in how the secondary guns are labeled. Theyre called 134mms but theyre also listed as 133s.
  10. GENAlphawolf

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    I have the Mass and its my most played ship. These are my stats for it across Ranked, Randoms and Co-op.
  11. GENAlphawolf

    Fighting Friday - Destroyer Dance of Death

    Just did a test battle in the Le Terrible earlier. I feel like it may be a terrifying ship if divisioned up with a smoke carrying DD.
  12. just the shield though now that you mention it the flag would help
  13. Rammed the CV twice and kept it on fire. She burned down just after the match ended giving us the 5th star at the last second.
  14. I, with my unit, managed to five star this on the first go and we also 5 starred the new Sunray in the Darkness Hard difficulty after a few attempts. Messy but doable.
  15. GENAlphawolf

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    I actually had to check my Kron stats before weighing in here. I find that while the ship isnt a real game changer in my hands its still not a bad ship and ive managed to keep a somewhat respectable 33% hit ratio in it so its guns cant be that inaccurate.