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  1. USS Wisconsin

    I do know the naval terms for most things but there are people who may not understand so id rather use the common term to avoid confusion.
  2. Technically as far as i understand buuuuuut if you wanna be extra safe
  3. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    Now these photos are from my last two visits to the Dulles Air and Space museum in Chantilly, VA. It's another one of those places I can't get enough of and go to whenever I have the spare time to do so. Three big points of interest to me in the museum are the SR-71 Blackbird, Space Shuttle DIscovery, and the B-29 Enola Gay.
  4. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    Yes VA is Virginia. It is a beautiful state once you get into the back country.
  5. Is Duca D'Aosta a decent cruiser? Is it worth it?

    i wouldnt say as an atlanta and i havent played Helena or Cleveland (yes i know heresy). I play it as an ambush predator with the 12k torps and i still have yet to reach 10 points on that captain. But yes technically i dont see why it couldnt be play in a way a kin to the atlanta.
  6. Is Duca D'Aosta a decent cruiser? Is it worth it?

    i have the Atlanta as well though i havent run her in months just because she doesnt fit my style
  7. Is Duca D'Aosta a decent cruiser? Is it worth it?

    i just ran mine with 3 frags in a losing battle......i like it. 12 KM torps and gun range thats a bit longer its not a bad ship just fragile as far as im concerned.
  8. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    the extremely green Thank ya theres more on the way at some point soon
  9. USS Wisconsin

    thats kinda what i figured would be an issue. but it would be interesting
  10. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    Now for some actual meat for the thread. These pictures were taken a few years ago during winter.....obviously. The location is along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National park in VA. It's a place i frequent with both my brother and my girlfriend. A lot of picture i post will be from up on the drive.
  11. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    Hello guys and gals, I'm GENAlphawolf. I've been a member of the WoWS community since closed beta and I've enjoyed every moment of the game and MOST of my interactions with other players. While I am a huge gamer, spending 90% of my free time staring at a computer or TV screen, I spend the other 10% going to some interesting places in and around my home state of VA. To give you all a bit of background to who i am and what this thread will contain I'll tell you a bit about myself. Including gaming my hobbies include hiking, camping, sleeping, walking in usually undefined and undetermined directions, going to museums, archery, daydreaming, annoying my cat, Airsoft, and, my most favorite, sport shooting (yes this thread will contain some pictures of my collection of weapons). Over the course of this thread, which was gently pushed by a moderator (cough, @Jazzyblaster), I will be sharing picture of my past and at some point my future adventures. All pictures were taken on my long line of Iphones so some may not look as good as others. To start I'll just put up a picture of myself. This was taken at Ballahack Airsoft field in Chesapeake, VA. I go to this field occasionally but it is 4 hours away so I don't go as often as I'd like. The weapon is what was originally my weapon of choice, A G&P M16A2 with an under slung G&P M203 and a semi cheap Acog style scope with micro red dot. I have actually given up using that specific weapon and replaced it with a second hand MP5 from an unknown company. For those airsoft buffs out there who are going to complain about eye protection, this was taken in the parking lot.....so meeeh.
  12. USS Wisconsin

    work? XD thisll be fun
  13. USS Wisconsin

    Right then ill start moving pics from my phone over and ill work on that ^_^
  14. Rate the Insignia above you.

    7/10 might look a lil better on a round or shield background
  15. USS Wisconsin

    Yup yup always happy to share...... maybs should start my own thread for pics :P got a lot of good pics from my stupid adventures worth puttin up....... if anyone thinks thats an idea worth workin with let me know