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  1. Kron worth 750k free xp?

    I actually had to check my Kron stats before weighing in here. I find that while the ship isnt a real game changer in my hands its still not a bad ship and ive managed to keep a somewhat respectable 33% hit ratio in it so its guns cant be that inaccurate.
  2. Clan Coal Bonuses

    i kinda noticed it but i also realized that instead of it straight up telling you you got an extra 5% in the bag it would give you the 400 then add the 20 on the side.
  3. What line should i play?

    I actually started with a particular russian DD. I do have to agree that your best bet would probably be BBs.
  4. GENAlphawolf's Adventures

    Been awhile since i put anything up here so to start off again here's a nice game i had in my USS Salem this morning. Dev struck a Worchester that thought is was a good idea to get close.
  5. Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    Acasta, Icarus, and lightning. mildly impressed by lightning honestly
  6. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    yep keepin em that way. Ill be one of the first to jump on it if they put it out. HINT HINT
  7. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    I have some of these camos but the one im talking about looks like the Fujin camo on a Salem.
  8. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    i already have salem but i mean The Salem Witch....seems to have a halloween camo on it
  9. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    Can we derail for a second and talk about the Salem Witch?...... Can i get? How i get? Whats the deal with it?
  10. Premium Shop Just for You

    while were here on this subject does anyone know what happened to the random special offers theyd give you in game? like you play a battle and a offer for a special premium at a discount would pop up in the top right corner? its how i got my Anshan.
  11. @Radar_X While i do understand why you guys can not compensate players who lost stars, as it would be unfair to award only the players who can send replays and not those who can't, it is up to wargaming to provide FAIR and RESPECTABLE compensation to players who lost out on what they accomplished. I personally did not lose out on much because i only got one battle in with Moskva before realizing the issue but other players have lost far more over a few battles and while i dont normally argue with wargamings choices when it comes to these issues this time i have to agree with other players. One container is just not enough for what some lost out on.
  12. Tonnage Tuesday - Most Effective Ship

    HMS Nelson with 104 in 73 battles
  13. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    while i agree it is NOT a needed skill i personally have been having far more fun in it after getting said skill and i am of the opinion that it was a perfectly good choice.
  14. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    i saw the +30% armor pen factor as outweighing the -3% fire chance because the ship already boasts a nearly 50% chance of fire upon a hit. now i do intend to get the other two in some order as well but at the time IFHE was my primary goal.
  15. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    O.o if you say so