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  1. hard_calibers

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    In time for Sharkticon Week.
  2. hard_calibers

    Freaking HOT

    Come do this in middle in the scorching humid summer.
  3. Should be a "cog" icon on top the ship carousel to the right side. You can toggle different ship themes on and off. Anime camo will look like stock camo.
  4. hard_calibers

    Premium Ship Review: California

    "11 March. In 1939, the Navy decided to acquire six experimental XAF radar sets; on being delivered to the Navy, they were designated as CXAM radar; one set was installed aboard California in 1940" - They could have given her a short range, low duration radar and improved secondaries. That would have been interesting.
  5. hard_calibers

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Was hoping BB- 44 would be like.....
  6. USS Hornet with Dolittle loadout.
  7. hard_calibers

    The Story of Nobuo Fujita

    Didn't they take an American prisoner who later escaped?
  8. Increase the time for them to dive. By time you spot one on surface, it's porpoised by down.
  9. Think the depiction in Midway was that the US torpedoes had problems with duds. So they switched pilots to dive bombers squadrons.
  10. hard_calibers

    Getting heroic achievements in a hurry

    Nelson , take damage, print new Nelson, don't die. But yeah that last part is a bit over the top for a flag.
  11. hard_calibers

    How Would you Buff DDs?

    Chaff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mINw590RSU&feature=emb_logo
  12. hard_calibers

    Pandemic Teams

    There's more in the world to worry about than this. If people are coming to the game to find an outlet to being cooped up at home. Then welcome and hope it finds them some relief.
  13. Hapa stats include small sample sizes from Ohio and Bourgogne. Among Tech tree ships: Kremlin #1 in WR - 2% higher than the next ship. #1 in Avg. Frags #3 in Avg Damage (for a tanky BB, poor Monty is 12k less) #1 in Avg. Experience #2 in K/D ratio #1 in Plane kills, it's rate was nearly twice the next tech ship Montana Love to see it's stats for potential damage. The Vladivostok #1 across the board for tech tree BB's at it's tier. It gets more XP per game than several premiums.
  14. hard_calibers

    put up your daily codes here in one place

    Worked for me.
  15. hard_calibers

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    I'm OK with a tier X premium. But why not use the WW2 fleet carrier Essex-class. U.S.S. Intrepid anyone? Or the Hornet that picked up Apollo-11 after splash down?