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  1. hard_calibers

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    Crackin it in the Akizuki. "We would like to invite you to write history in either a USN, IJN or Commonwealth ship, who were all participants in the Battle of Leyte Gulf." Oct 25, 1944 Akizuki was sunk during the Leyte campaign off Cape Engaño. Like to have a Haida.
  2. hard_calibers

    Santa Crates

    Depends on the torpedo.
  3. hard_calibers

    ST, California & Marceau

    California was one the 1st US ships equipped with radar. Give her Salem's radar and and spotter plane. If WG could code while the spotted plane is active, that her gun dispersion could be greatly improved.
  4. Think I'd rather fly in some the old DC-3's I have seen flying around Sarasota than a 737 MAX. And to think these old girls still plan to be in service for decades to come.
  5. hard_calibers

    Red Ocean Screen

    It's red sky and lettering saying IMAGE NOT FOUND
  6. Getting a Die-hard in a Tachibana as I rubbed up against against a BB. Wish is a TX Thunderer
  7. hard_calibers

    California HYPE

    So she getting radar? 11 March. In 1939, the Navy decided to acquire six experimental XAF radar sets; on being delivered to the Navy, they were designated as CXAM radar; one set was installed aboard California in 1940,
  8. hard_calibers

    college esports

    Well you can get a scholarship for bass fishing.
  9. hard_calibers

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Yeap an April Fools mode in 2016.
  10. hard_calibers

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    The Bathtub ships was a fun mode. I hope they can bring it back in some form , maybe with subs. (but just for like a week not a month long event) My belated BD wish is Admiral's Bounty or some similar package.
  11. hard_calibers

    Free xp decisions

    You got smoke, you got torps, you got no problem.
  12. hard_calibers

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Maybe instead of the buff added to ship, maybe add buffs to "normal" captains. Say once you get a 19 points normal captain, instead of gaining free captain xp as it does now. You option to gain xp toward customizing you captain skills with slight buffs. Like grinding enough exp to equal the xp to reach 19 points again gains you a total of 8 points to to customize the captain. (tier 1 cost one point, tier 2 cost 2, etc) Say I have an ARP Kongo captain at 19 points but Yamamato is just best. I could now continue gaining xp on her to gain points for skill buffs which may not be as good as the legendary and special captain but can be specialized. Skills like superintendent and IFHE IMO should be excluded and of course ones like priority target wouldn't work. I could spend 7 points in a 5 percent additional buff to AFT and BFT for increasing secondary range and fire rate.
  13. hard_calibers

    Savage Battle opinions.

    Lame they put a fair share of fuel tokens behind playing the game mode. I think it's the worst grind I've ever seen. Like being a hamster running in a wheel.
  14. hard_calibers

    Anchors Away Enterprise Giveaway!

    Lost all my pics of the USS North Carolina when HD died. But the Smithsonian in general is a great trip. Gunboat Philadelphia.
  15. hard_calibers

    Seattle: Skip or play?

    Only time I liked it was in Arms race.