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  1. Why IFHE is required

    Just for laughs, I decided to take the Cleveland out into a co-op with the captain WG gave us. I will fully admit that there are way better players out there, but I found some dramatic results. 6 HE hits on a Buffalo for a total of zero damage. 3 AP hits for 1853 damage... 3 HE hits on a Kiev for a total of 849 damage - and 2 fires for 930 more damage 51 HI hits on a Cleveland for a total of 4719 damage - and 3 fires for 3593 more damage. 4 AP hits, but by the time I shot he was no longer broadside and so no damage. It would really have been nice if the tier 8 ship they gave us wasn't gimped with only a 8 point captain....
  2. Is Texas THAT Bad? (Or Me?)

    I obviously don't know what I am doing with her - but how do you kill Cruisers with it? I shoot AP - and shells straddle the target from 8 km. If I am lucky, it is 1k damage from an over pen. So I load HE, and get similar damage. Yeah, I get some lucky citadel pens of cruisers, but I find it MUCH easier to damage BB's than Cruisers in her.
  3. 24knots USS Texas

    Interesting that it could be done - and also an interesting demonstration of the design priorities of the USN of the era as it was designing a fleet to project power across the globe.
  4. 0.7.5 PTS USN CC Split

    It does say in the announcement, "The first round will involve the original tech tree of U.S. cruisers while the second round will see the heavy ships replaced and moved." I missed it when quickly reading it too. My guess (and only a guess) is that they want us to research the old ones to get them on our test accounts so that they can test the code they will use to replace them.
  5. Personally I was looking forward to the preview of the new ships - and the USN Cruiser Collection mission. While I saw the Halsey campaign, I was disappointed in what else there was to test. Yeah, I suppose I could go running around in ships way above my skill/experience level. But for me, experiencing what the Captain skills actual do is of the most help for me in learning the game.
  6. Personally I enjoyed testing IFHE on the old Cleveland. Night and Day over what I can do with my Captain without it... But doing a token battle that way doesn't help WG in any way.
  7. public test problems

    For some reason unknown to me, they now say that the public test will start in about an hour.
  8. Hmm - web page said: ROUND 1 STARTS: Thu. May 17 5:00 AM PT / your local time: Thu. May 17 8:00 AM That is 8 AM (not PM) East coast. It is after 8 AM. It is not up. Refresh the web page, at it now says: ROUND 1 STARTS: Thu. May 17 9:30 AM PT / your local time: Thu. May 17 12:30 PM Evidently something came up and it was delayed. It happens. But you don't have to be a !@#$%^& about it - and if you are going to, at least try to give good information....
  9. It looked pretty clear to me. It certainly will not be in 7.5 test. It would be "soon". Given that the graphic they posted the other day had a slider between 7.4 and 7.5/7.6, it sounds like they will be in 7.6. Maybe they will sneak in in a micropatch before, but I certainly would not count on it.
  10. US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    My first reaction to Oklahoma at tier 5 would be no - USN already has a tier 5 premium BB and I seriously wonder if Nevada class armor would be practical at tier 5. The more I think about it, I think "maybe." Part of the balance would be to limit the AA. And then you would have to reduce the rate of fire of the primaries so that they are "worse" than the New York and Texas (to balance the armor improvements) and the New Mexico (for tier balance). It probably could be done. But would I want to play a ship where the main guns take even longer to load? As for the whole 2nd battleship line. Yeah, I suppose there are enough "Standard Battleship" version to fill the mid tiers. But the whole idea of "Standard Battleship," while making great military sense, really makes me wonder if there are game play reasons for a split. West Virginia itself might be interesting. It could either be the intimidating big gun 16 incher at tier 6 as a stock Colorado, or could be the post-Pearl much more modernized than her sisters. S Dak (1920) could be an interesting premium - as could the various design studies for the North Carolina. And for LOL's a tier 2 pre-dreadnaught? Don't see how that would really be good for the game though.
  11. The W23 Nuclear 16 inch Shell

    It might be a bit game breaking, but it is a warped fun idea. The only thing is why not put it in Iowas? That would be more historical! The scary thing is that the USA seems to have actually built 50 of them...