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  1. I do. The alpha strike from an IJN DD into an opposing DD's citadel was especially deadly. You had to actively manage your AP vs HE in a close dogfight and take into account angling while dodging torpedoes. The problem was (still is) large caliber +260mm rounds gibbing the DD. As for the OP, the RU line comes pretty close. A theoretical but trollish amount of armor fitted on a light cruiser (Destroyer, Destroyer Komrade!)))). It can break 45 kts and has a heal like a light cruiser but no citadel (it Destroyer Komrade, why you say light cruiser?XDXDXD JAJAJAJA)))). You are giving up most of your role as a Destroyer, capping/vision play, to be a fast albeit unresponsive light crui- *SVR gives the gift of an ice axe to WhimsicalPacifist*
  2. IJN 8-10 BUFF cruisers

    Come to think of it most torpedoes are way too fast compared to the Type 93 when compared to the actual historical settings. Most of the torpedoes in game should be slowed down.
  3. Minekaze or Mutsuki - Which one first?

    Neither. Sell a kidney and buy a Kamikaze/Fujin. Then you can experience a semblance of the line before Wargaming "rebalanced" it for guns.
  4. Top Ships By Number Of Battles Played

    2017 was truly the "Year of the Carrier". Also amusing numbers regarding the Wyoming and the Minekaze.
  5. This does open the door to having 12 x 18" on the paper Russian Battleship. Just tweak it so that it doesn't overmatch bows.
  6. The BB's who are at 20KM are praying for bad dispersion to allow them to hit a citadel (aside from RN BB's which can burn in hell). You want to use islands to control how many and which of the enemy can shoot at you. Preferably islands that are within 10km of your own DD's and allow you to shoot at enemy ships within ~14-6km. If in a secondary specced KMS BB you probably want to be ~11km. It is primarily the failure of your team mates to utilize islands and proactively position themselves 4-5 minutes in advance of needing to push a cap that lost the first game.
  7. O.o Where's my Space Battleship Yamato?
  8. Steven Seagal

    Hmm, I can think of: Paul Jones or John Paul Jones Stephen Decatur ANY WW2 or WW1 Admiral. Captain Nemo. But John Doe? That's an outright insult. That's an anonymous cadaver's name.
  9. Given my experience with the OP, this makes me want to buy the Asashio in whatever most overpriced bundle it comes out with.
  10. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    Torpedo reaction matters less and less as the target becomes more skilled. Oddly enough during CBT there was a phase where armor wasn't correctly modeled and alot of people had lead target mods. Trying to torpedo on the prediction line didn't work too well because people were zigzagging. Once BB's learn to channel their WASD they'll probably mitigate most/all of the salvo. The only game changer about these is possibly sneaking them past the screening DD's or CA's sometimes due to the reduced radius. There's much less detection surface area and a much greater chance of it reaching the second line undetected.
  11. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    Here's why I downvoted you. You referred to the OWSF as a glitch despite Wargaming advertising and selling the Anshan strongly on Open World Stealth Firing at the time of OWSF's removal. You had DD lines balanced around the predication of stealth firing. If you continue to refer to that as a glitch, there's no hope for you. As for the Blys's current state; it's very vanilla now. Yes it has alpha and flat firing guns. But it's been power crept by game mechanics/meta. There are competitive DD's with either better gimmicks (sonar) or functional gameplay through niche roles. Ergo why it fell out of favor for T7 Ranked.
  12. ^^This. The game gives you ample information. You can take priority targeting to know if the DD is swapping between guns and torpedoes. You have a built in sixth-sense that tells you if you're spotted and by what. There's even an icon to let you know you're the closest target to the DD if they took Radio Location. And keyboards come with WASDER for pre-emptive torpedo beats.
  13. Missouri vs Musashi

    I would have gone Musashi (I prefer IJN ships) if it didn't have so many negatives attached to it. In fact it's why I bought none of the recent IJN Premium BB's. Yes you can use it as a captain trainer with the HSF camo, but the ship is overspecialized to such a degree that captain builds fall into either the inflexible optimal survivability-spec, or incredibly pointless. Want to train up a secondary-based captain for Yamato/MIkasa? Musashi's 155mm AP won't even scratch CA/DD paint. Oh an AA captain for specific ships? The AA is Tier 6 on a Tier 9. There's no middle ground to work with such as Secondary-Specced Missouri.
  14. Missouri vs Musashi

    Missouri has: radar. Steven Seagal synergy, superior credit earning, tighter shell grouping, speed. Oh and great AA. Mushashi has: guns that do better vs tiers 9/10. An aircraft, better bow tanking. Her best camo is locked behind an extra paywall. I went Missouri. One premium to end all of your credit issues for the rest of your life. Well in game that is.
  15. the annoying tihng about badges

    I see zero purpose to give kills more of a reason to remember me by.