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  1. Can I shut off badges?

    You know, I had a burst of inspiration during church. I just need a badge with a torpedo on it... And I'll rename myself to AndrogynousTorpedo or Just21Inches or 21inchlong. And I get to rub it in everyone's face that dies to the torpedoes. Completely original and brings a depth to the kills that the game truly lacks.
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    It feels like they're trying to draw in the teabagging Call of Duty FPS crowd. They're not welcome and the badges are not welcome either.
  3. You know, heavy RNG with torpedo-dependent lines like the IJN isn't a really good game mechanic. The variance just becomes more frustrating to both the target and the launcher on a 150s cooldown. Could lead to abnormally tight groupings or gigantic gaps.
  4. Nerf Saipan Now

    Quite pathetic that most in this thread just laugh at people who do point out that the Saipan is on the upper end of the power scale (although without logically arguing what made it broken did open them up). The ability to break fighter lock without losing a plane made it absurdly strong.
  5. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Not wrong. All DD's are immune. Everything else dies.
  6. With a Scharnhorst? Sims plus a Belfast or Atlanta.
  7. Anti-CV Strategies

    Not rank 1, #1 on the losing team. Shooting down planes yielded a lot of XP if the match dragged on.
  8. Anti-CV Strategies

    It is possible to pop in and out of queue to test if there's 2 CV's in the MM at a particular range. I hate CV's with a passion when I'm in my Fujin because you get 20 minutes of your life sucked away if you're perma-spotted. Yea, no way around this but T7 CV MM is the same as the Atlanta's. CV's don't like AS because shutting down the enemy carrier and DD's is less impactful on the match than killing and it's very boring. In fact I recall it being too easy for AS CV's to get #1 during ranked by just shooting down planes on the enemy team. Ranger is going to lose against a good Saipan. Saipan doesn't lose any planes when strafing out of fighter lock. Cleveland is fairly respectable in the AA department, but I think Atlanta's still your best bet.
  9. Ok... Mikasa has not been re-released in a long long time. Most people who do have her probably have a dedicated captain with appropriate skills, a good set of flags and know how to maximize the ship during the match. If you're just going by statistics on the ships you're going to miss part of the picture. Another game balanced Japanese WW2 prop planes against post-WW2 jets trying to turnfight. They increased the repair cost of the Japanese planes which increased the Japanese winrate by eliminating the weaker players and caused a feedback loop. What you're seeing on the Mikasa is not the strength of a ship which dominates Tier 2. It is a select number of obsessive players inflating the stats who could dominate much easier in any other Tier 2 ship and are going up against the least experienced players on the server (Steam newbies).
  10. Help! Any tactics for the Minekaze?

    Wait until December starts. There's usually an opportunity to get some of the rarer ships outside of the ludicrous fleet bundles. With Minekaze it will often take two salvos (at least 8 torpedoes) to get the job that the single salvo (6) would get done before. Only way to make the lower damage/faster reload work is to launch 4, wait 20s then launch 2 and pray that they're idiotic enough to run into them. Or shoot and hope that the anemic guns actually start several fires.
  11. Help! Any tactics for the Minekaze?

    Buy a Kamikaze/Fujin or get a Pan-Asian DD and stop going up the IJN line. What you realized regarding ships needing to chase into your torpedoes stays the same at higher tiers. Especially if you go F3 with its 8km range.
  12. In HoTS Blizzard deducts from the total price of the packages for heroes that you already own. If that principle applied here it might drive some extra sales.
  13. Maybe actually play the classes in question before you make assumptions about how the matchup plays out. Your highest tier IJN DD is the Isokaze. The IJN DDs are fatally over reliant upon the torpedoes to affect the game. If they are negated completely by aircraft (and denied positions to launch torpedoes) that IJN DD player could have played a gunboat 2 tiers lower and been more useful.
  14. Or I just drop a DB on a high tier IJN DD and taunt him and his carrier in open chat as I hover the empty DB over him effectively removing him for the duration of the game. Does wonders pulling enemy fighters out of position and causing an internal rift in their team. Not really high risk; the empty DB's are faster than their fighters but it is very easy if you don't have the skill/time to kill the DD normally with CV torpedoes. Really annoying for the IJN DD though; if your CV is balanced loadout or strike you really can't contribute if your torpedoes are constantly spotted.
  15. What no one in here has mentioned is that torpedoes have a spread. The further you are from them and the more torpedoes in your launcher, the less likely you are to hit all of your torpedoes (Kamikaze 3x2 Type 92 master race). You also need to take into account if the enemy knows you're there via radar, ship spotting, proxy spotting or sonar. Do they have a plane up, sonar, captain torpedo detection/equipment, or a DD in front of them? All of these allow them to completely negate your launch. Are they going to take enemy fire and change course? Account for it.