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  1. WhimsicalPacifist

    CV's shouldn't be able to...

    Scary thought, what if windage actually affected carrier takeoffs and long range shell flight? *GASP* The horror!
  2. WhimsicalPacifist

    CV need alpha strike back

    Would like Alpha back and to take away CV aerial spotting; enemy team gets revealed on the minimap but doesn't allow planes to walk in rounds from 7 ships simultaneously while performing their strikes. That would make the CV-DD gameplay much better.
  3. WhimsicalPacifist

    WG address the tier 8 CV problem

    This. Way back years ago, Tier 5 was one of the favored tiers to farm. Murmansk was a powerhouse, Tier 8's premiums were the absolute apex of credit generation. Tier 3 kind of got crapped on, but had access to St Louis powered with AFT/BFT (burning New Yorks was sooo fun) and there was stealth firing to fall back to as a last resort for low tier/low HP ships.
  4. WhimsicalPacifist

    How do you win playing a CV?

    You hide behind an island, equip the ramming flag and after expending all of your planes on suicide strikes turn yourself into the ultimate torpedo. Congratulations unicum damage match. Or you can try to play as intended and get 43k damage like Aerroon.
  5. Ya, know I wish you guys had been this outspoken way back regarding the Concealment-Stealth Firing. You had a few ships that were specifically reviewed and highlighted the capability of stealth firing, you had ships that explicitly advertised their stealth firing (Anshan). And you had people that bought those ships on the basis of those reviews and the advertising. Then you more recently had the CV's Saipan and Kaga changed from Tier 7 to Tier 8. Personally I bought the Kaga based on the Tier 7 MM. Had it been Tier 8, wouldn't have touched it at all. Nothing said about those, nor how the recent AA changes have affected them. The community seems very selective about which Premium classes to raise their torches and pitchforks on.
  6. WhimsicalPacifist

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    If the premiums stay in their current state against AA, I'd rather they had refunded my money spent on CV's and put back the FXP/credits.
  7. WhimsicalPacifist

    Grind US or IJN CVs?

    Neither. Read up on naval literature like "Kaigun" or "At War at Sea". Personally I have more fun hitting myself a'twixt the legs with a ball-peen hammer than playing CV vs instagib AA. All for masochism, but there's limits, you need some hope of succeeding. Single strike per squadron game-play is probably not going to provide that hope, that positive feedback that what you've done succeeded in affecting your team's chances.
  8. WhimsicalPacifist

    Hate the Good Players No Matter What They Say.

    Maybe if a certain someone hadn't been the principle beneficiary of an organized rigging of an Alabama contest I'd be more lenient. But the guy is just sensationalizing the number to drum up Twitch viewers. Congratulations, he found something and is abusing it to the detriment of the other 23 players' enjoyment. Broken to the point that skill doesn't matter at all; I could teach a ten-year old the requisite skillset. Maybe try playing something that isn't obviously broken? Shokaku, Langley, Hosho? How about mentioning that flooding comprised 250k of that damage and flooding is getting reworked? No, no mention of that? Aeroon got downvoted for pointing that out on Reddit.
  9. WhimsicalPacifist

    CV Rework Feedback

    So it's guesswork on which squadron to launch first? (no not really, meta will probably evolve into Rockets to nuke DD's first followed by BB's with AP DB/torp runs). The controls look fine, but limiting it to a single squadron looks really boring. Less of precise RTS strikes and more Heroes of the Storm. If it's too simple I'll take my money elsewhere.
  10. WhimsicalPacifist

    Mikasa ?

    ^^ This. Mikasa is only good in co-op. Outside of that all tier 3's and most tier 2's will laugh at you outside of 7km and burn your hull to the waterline in a reverse of Tsushima. Will you see Tier 1's? Maaaybe, but if you've any serious time in WoWs you'll be get up against Tier 1's with 8k games in tier 1 and 20pt captain builds that will still burn you down to the waterline.
  11. WhimsicalPacifist

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    The $3 had the same table of ships afaik. I ended up buying a low tiers to thin the table with the 11000 dublooons that dropped. To get my Grem/Nik the Lo Yang, Sims, Texas, Anshan, Blys, Atlanta, Warspite, and Marblehead dropped. Do yourself a favor and thin the table as you go.
  12. WhimsicalPacifist

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    See E-25. At the very least Gremy maintains best in tier gunboat status due to shells, range and ship speed. At the best she maintains stealth fire capability in a non-stealth-fire world and transcends Queen to become God-Empress of Ships. The poi must flow.