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  1. Silly people. You don't play the IJN to be competitive. Aircraft, sonar and maneuvers make the damage inconsistent against coordinated enemy teams. You take it to troll your enemies and your team! Imagine the look on that Bismarck's s face when he follows you for smoke only to see you use torpedo reload booster. The only downside is the morose feeling in an IJN destroyer in a 4 carrier game. I enjoy such times as much as I do spiking my own cannon.
  2. Patch 8.0: In an effort to balance the Khabarovsk we have introduced ASM missiles to select cruisers. Once a target is lit by radar you can deploy the missiles for Finger-of-God alpha strike.
  3. Trying to establish historical grounding in this game is a mess. Which Kongo sister is the one we have in game? What happened to the Type 93 torpedo on Cruisers and mid-tier Destroyers? That said, the artificial environment boosting the Khab is egregiously comical. In Wargaming Russia vodka make DD balans. Vodka make boat go faster at constant speed trial speeds (why no 40.9 kt Shimakaze?). Vodka allow acceleration and deceleration of CL mass without obeying physics. Implausible armor scheme? Vodka make possible.
  4. What do you think this game is? N*v*l Act**n? I have enough things to manage on my BB... Like move into position behind island X using the M map, aim and click to win. Radar, and consumable gimmicks are hard enough to manage and use correctly which is why I can't play cruisers. Why oh why would you suggest something that dare intrude on my safe space and BB master race superiority? *falls back into chair, chest heaving as he grabs a burger and a 30oz soft drink*
  5. Bad poll. Stealth torping is not unhealthy for the game. Endless whining by BB players who can't use WASDQE and is unhealthy. Statistically BB's eat more BB AP than torpedoes in damage, but they still whine about torpedoes. Stealth torping actually should be changed. It should be more prevalent and a means of reigning in the BB population. See point 1. You're right it should be changed. Torpedoes should not be permanently spotted. Also vision should change so that we don't magically look through mountains, smoke and the center of the earth. (visibility in gunsights vs minimap). IJN DD's need their torpedo detection ranges changed to be more comparable to the USN. Add different loadable torpedoes as their gimmick.
  6. Actually to maximize synch dropping effectiveness, you would ideally have the C member (lone clan member) farm damage to try to reach #1 on their team but still lose. That way you manage to keep members A, B and C in roughly the same bracket. An alternative is to synch-drop with bots. That way even though the bots will get banned, you will still keep Rank 1.
  7. I finally got a Space Battleship Yamato skin. You want that killed if hitskin mods come about?
  8. Was looking forward to Hood and tossing another $50-60 at the game. After seeing the basic bundle will not be offered until after Bismark event ends (and the tightened time constraints), I think I'll pass on both the event and the ship.
  9. Oh gee. I feel so good. I busted my stern to get to tier 10 and am greeted by Type 93's that are spotted from the moon out of the slightest concern that inbred indolents might not use A or D. I am told to not use them... Or I look over at Fletcher's upgraded torpedoes or Gearing's stock and I see torpedoes that are superior (everything but alpha+number) without investing mods, skills, or resources on them.
  10. The days before CV rewards were nuked into the dirt? Or when SuperContainers had 250 flags, normal ones had 5 flags. Or even those missions which encouraged class variety.
  11. Of course everyone held to same equal communist standard in game. Capitalist pigs use speeds in trials, IJN fascist pigs use speeds after seaworthiness refits and glorious RU dds use unladen unarmored experimental speeds. Even if they were designed for different oceans they all play on same in game. Is 100% perfectly accurate xdxdxdxd!!!!11!! Xaxaxaxa
  12. Torpedo acquisition is just a crutch against a weapon which can be mitigated/nullified with a change every 30s. If torpedoes were more scary I'd go with acquisition, but they're mostly avoidable without the skill or mod. Concealment mod actually gives your enemies 5% greater dispersion. It works out in your favor against the majority of incoming damage (guns) in a BB.
  13. Except that the Hood's strength on AA ingame comes not from pom-poms. Nope. It's experimental 7-inch rocket-parachute-mines were found to drift with the wind... onto the ship that launched them... After the Hood sunk they were abandoned because they were more dangerous to the ships than the aircraft.
  14. Ultimately I think that would be good for the game. Want to shoot something? Better have Line of Sight. Oh you're in an artificial fogbank? No vision out on enemies unless you have radar/sonar active or severe penalties to accuracy.
  15. Took out my Mikasa to test out a mod. Found myself looking at 4 Friants with 15+km range. Little hilarious, but the Tenryu gets stuck at 12.4km because of 1 single millimeter on her guns.