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  1. Do you now understand the key binding problem with the UN-unified consumables you wrote about in the "Standardize the consumable keys" -topic?

    it really hurt my OCD that you did not understand it. you wrote: 

    ....there's this thing called the settings menu. If you want to change your keys you can so you can do it yourself?

    Granted.. shouldnt have to.


    Consumable (1 will always be "damage control" because every ship has it) 2, 3, 4, 5 are different from ship to ship. It doesn't matter what key (letter) you bind to each number in the settings because the consumables themselves are given different numbers from ship to ship. It will change almost every time you choose to play another ship. I'm surprised you have never felt that problem in-game. Even at this moment in 0.8.3 Wargaming has not solved this problem, which is absolutely beyond me.

    You obviously didn't understand then. But if you understand now, please tell me, my OCD will be relieved. 

    1. J30_Reinhardt


      Programmable keyboard with different profiles solves that issue for you.