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  1. J30_Reinhardt

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Unfortunately my reply will have to wait at least 9 or 10 hours when I get back from work.
  2. J30_Reinhardt

    Carriers nerfed to the potato

    The 'unlimited spotting' thing is illogical and false. Unless you never attack. And after a certain point in a match, the surface ships will be spotting more than the planes could. So......
  3. J30_Reinhardt

    delete please

    There we go, link finally works.
  4. J30_Reinhardt

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Ah. There is a very distinct line between being intellectually dishonest, and outright lying though. Specifically referencing the omitting of facts that would contradict your argument. Which is what that reply of mine to that screenshot was all about. Sorry if that wasn't obvious enough. I do not think you to be a liar, but I do think that you are leaving out certain things from the whole picture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellectual_honesty All of this aside from the fact that after initial spotting by a CV, everything gets jumbled up with who's spotting who given that surface detection is sizeably larger than by air.
  5. J30_Reinhardt

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    43 seconds in(with boost on) she spots.... a whole one BB. From 13.5km. Seems normal so far to me. It took until 53 seconds in to spot ship #2, which was a cruiser, at 7.9km. Also seems fairly normal to me. That 10 seconds is plenty of time to react by setting your sectors up, and poised to pop DFAA, or a defensive fighter, or both, etc etc. At 55 seconds into the match, a DD is finally spotted at a distance of 4.2km. What about these values is different from the normal rework? Ya'll complaining about the concealment nerf then? If so, it was needed as there's only one squadron per CV, and even with 3 CV's PER SIDE that's STILL LESS SPOTTING than current live server Tier X is capable of. I keep having to remind you two of that. And as an individual CV's ability to spot 'the entire map' has been curtailed, logically, a minor nerf to overall concealment was likely necessary to balance it out. Or would ya'll rather go back to the needle in the haystack DD hunting like we had back in the day when ties were a thing, only 2 caps on each map ever, and a DD could just hide in a corner to force everyone to wait 5-10 minutes until the game ended? I'm still not seeing a problem with the rework spotting at all. By all means, point out where I made a personal attack against you.
  6. J30_Reinhardt

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Yea, it's hilarious.
  7. J30_Reinhardt

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    I know reading a minimap isn't some of ya'lls strong suit so let me force ya'll to be a bit more intellectually honest. In that screenshot, where are the green DD's? How close are they to the enemy? Are they closer than the planes? Are there more ships on the minimap than from Fem's LOS? #fakenews
  8. J30_Reinhardt

    Opt out for cv

    There's one problem with this.. it was drawn in mspaint and not crayons.
  9. J30_Reinhardt

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Sorry dude, one of those losses was against me and a couple clanmates..
  10. J30_Reinhardt

    In Regards to the Carrier Rework

    It's been pushed back a week so you should have plenty of time.
  11. J30_Reinhardt

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Delivers clones of shovels.
  12. J30_Reinhardt

    Tier 10 player for tier 10 div/CB competitive clan

    Do you require discord or would teamspeak 3 work for you?
  13. Some of ya'll need some chocolate, just not from this company.
  14. J30_Reinhardt

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Ruth was reincarnated as a baby.
  15. 930am, 2 hours after my normal bedtime. This my 2nd day off. And me sick :(