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  1. Do you now understand the key binding problem with the UN-unified consumables you wrote about in the "Standardize the consumable keys" -topic?

    it really hurt my OCD that you did not understand it. you wrote: 

    ....there's this thing called the settings menu. If you want to change your keys you can so you can do it yourself?

    Granted.. shouldnt have to.


    Consumable (1 will always be "damage control" because every ship has it) 2, 3, 4, 5 are different from ship to ship. It doesn't matter what key (letter) you bind to each number in the settings because the consumables themselves are given different numbers from ship to ship. It will change almost every time you choose to play another ship. I'm surprised you have never felt that problem in-game. Even at this moment in 0.8.3 Wargaming has not solved this problem, which is absolutely beyond me.

    You obviously didn't understand then. But if you understand now, please tell me, my OCD will be relieved. 

    1. J30_Reinhardt


      Programmable keyboard with different profiles solves that issue for you.

  2. J30_Reinhardt

    GZ 'measuring stick' request.

    Twas down to me and the screwball BB in my secondary range in a 1 v 1, although he was already damaged by both others and myself before that point.
  3. ....is this decent/good for a co-op game with no flags before I bust off and try to get back in randoms? If my math is right that's a 41% hitrate on torps and I'd just need to 1. not be in auto-repair co-op and 2. run some flood flags? Sound about right?
  4. Welp, there went $200. Good thing I make craploads of funds these days lol but ma playing time is just... non existent :(

    1. The_Chiv


      Hey if you want you can toss me a GZ :cap_rambo:

  5. J30_Reinhardt

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Technically that counts as before that version came out...what was it.. version 5.X or something? (Remind me to start playing with you syndicate dudes once I finally start getting consequtive days off again, which is why I havent been around in months. Work blows.)
  6. J30_Reinhardt

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Before they added in the new gunsights which caused my modded gunsight to stop working and make me miss almost 2 years of playing time..
  7. J30_Reinhardt

    Das Boot now a TV Series

    I need to watch this.
  8. J30_Reinhardt

    In regards to the "Enlightened Bomb Drop"

    From what I recall playing CV after live and prior to it getting here, you drop right before the camera started panning horizontally/when your planes started to pull up. Generally speaking you should have your circle the smallest it could be at that point by not reflexively tapping the A or D keys or moving your mouse which fubars the dispersion further.
  9. J30_Reinhardt

    arpeggio of blue steel backpacks

    It's not called Arpeggio of Red Steel afterall.
  10. J30_Reinhardt

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    I've yet to waste 4 points on that skill regardless of which class I'm playing.
  11. At first I thought you were contradicting me until the 8L reference hit my brain lol.
  12. ..... nobody pointed out yet that the P47 pictured wasn't a navy plane? Me sad.
  13. J30_Reinhardt

    Why do people "bot"?

    Theres peeps that play on laptops without a mouse.
  14. J30_Reinhardt

    Flooding Damage

    ....have you seen how big Russian babies are? Them some large steps.