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  1. We need a new ship line, it is to bad that Russian BBs are coming somewhat soon rather than something like the Italian navy.
  2. ClockworkSpectre


    I think it is actually a little weak for its tier. It could use a few more mm of armor in a few places so it isn't so insanely weak to HE, or maybe a km or two more gun range. It isn't by any means a bad ship, but unless you are a pretty skilled player you will likely get beat on badly. It has a massive citadel that is pretty easy to blap.
  3. I definitely don't like the idea of continuous damage from secondaries, the continuous AA damage is cancer. BUT, I would like to see manual secondaries work in a similar way as AA sectors, rather than just one target.
  4. ClockworkSpectre

    Premium Shop in February: Wichita

    Yes I know there is already an large chorus of people saying this but, I want to say it anyway... Two words Giulio Cesare. Why should anyone open up their wallet considering WG has decided it is ok to make huge changes to a premium. There is no reason to risk buying a premium at this time. When they nerfed a bunch of premiums before by changing smoke mechanics and spotting range mechanics (stealth firing), I was fine with that because it was a change to an overall mechanic of the game. But singling out a single premium and nerfing it is not ok, not to mention it is a really bad time to even consider it since a major change (0.8.0) just happened.
  5. Now, even if you wait and get your squad outside of AA range then hit F, they will just turn around and fly into AA again if it is on the way back. I think if they want to keep this delay as a solution, the planes should continue in the direction you were going in when you pressed F until at altitude.
  6. ClockworkSpectre

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    I think they actually reduced the damage of flak, but buffed the continuous damage (I'd have to read the patch notes again to be sure). The flak never really was hard to deal with unless they had defensive fire on, and it still is pretty easy to avoid. The buff to continuous damage though, that is where the [edited] is. It is WAY to strong especially considering how often T6 and T8 CVs are bottom tier in their battles.
  7. ClockworkSpectre

    Im losing the fun factor

    Take a few days or a week off, and let some balance hotfixes come out. It is all a hot mess right now because they had to release it as is and unbalanced, so they could get good data since the PT wasn't sufficient. Maybe go play low tiers for a bit, even though there will still be tons of CVs they are much weaker.
  8. ClockworkSpectre

    Hydro not picking up Hak torps

    I have noticed getting hit (torpedo detonating) by those Haku torps before they even show up as armed. It hasn't been completely consistent though, maybe just buggy.
  9. I am still seeing plenty of DDs out there, maybe a few less but not by much.
  10. ClockworkSpectre

    Better balance needed between AA and CV's

    I can't help but assume the OP hasn't played a CV after this rework. AA is to powerful atm. But I do agree that certain ships that should be strong against planes aren't anymore, something is off. I also hate the AA sectors mechanic, it is just trash.
  11. Based on my experience the last couple of day, no, not even close. I think they should have at least given it another 3-6 months, or at least another couple phases on the PT server. I personally really was looking forward to CV play being reworked for ages now. If it was up to me I wouldn't have changed it to the extent they did, but that is just me. I am very glad the excessive multitasking is gone, and I won't miss fighter strafing (something I really felt never should have been added). The new game play is fun, but I do miss the certain aspecs of the old system and I think WG may have gone to far. So here are my observations: (I didn't play the public test at all so this is coming from some one completely new to the new CV play) -AA in general is excessively powerful. -During approach for a drop/strike aiming is destroyed unless you are willing to lose your whole squad by flying straight to maintain aim. I understand it is part of the challenge but it feels excessive atm. -Late in a battle if the enemy is grouped up they can become untouchable, basically completely taking you out of the game. Doesn't happen to any other class. -AA sectors, this mechanic is just annoying, and it feels pointless, not much else to say about it. -For most CVs it feels like you can just through away planes on an attack and not have to worry about the consequences. -The old system of running out of planes never felt right considering no other ships had ammo limits, but this doesn't feel correct either. -In most cases torpedo bombers have been neutered into uselessness, especially USN torpedo bombers with their ridiculous spread. -The stealthy option for torpedo bombers on the Haku is interesting though. Except they seem to be able to hit before they arm sometimes? Or maybe it is a UI issue? -Due to the new perspective it is harder to judge a ships maneuvering while approaching leading to more misses, though this is something that I assume is just a skill that will develop over time. -I have noticed few people playing CVs even using torpedo bombers anymore unless they need to wait for other planes to regenerate. -Much of the time dive bombers don't seem to drop where you aim, and the camera while aiming is wonky. The aiming and accuracy needs refinement, just feels bad atm. -The reduced number of planes attacking at once kind of kills their viability due to the few bombs that drop. -Rocket strike craft feel pretty good, at least with how they control. It is pretty easy to hit targets and aiming just feels much better when compared to torpedo or dive bombers. -While they feel good concerning control, the damage and fire chance is anemic to say the least. -Aiming for a strike/drop while coming over an island is awkward to say the least and feels wrong. Kind of hard to put into words, first word that comes to mind is disorienting, but it doesn't quite fit. -Damage dealing potential is just to damned weak. I am very glad that CVs don't have such a massive alpha that they used to but damn, I feel like I'm just tickling the enemy atm rather than hitting them. -When I use the summon fighters consumable from my squads it never really feels like they do anything to the enemy planes. Seems like it takes to long for them to engage. -We need control of our ship back at all times, maybe add another set of key bindings that act the same as WASD that are active while planes are up. -We need control of our ships consumables, it is irritating that fighters launch ever single time your ship is spotted. This just wastes the limited charges you have, even when there is no actual threat. -DDs complaining about perma spotting. The situation is literally better than it was previously because each CV only gets one squad to control at a time. If a cv is perma spotting you they aren't doing damage to anymore else. -DDs complaining about rockets, they are less of a problem then getting cross dropped by torpedo bombers in the previous version and do little damage when they do hit. -MM currently sucks because of AA strength. Playing a teir 6 for example and facing teir 8 AA. if they properly balance AA maybe it won't be an issue, but I am starting to think protected MM would be better as things currently are. -CVs always used to be a strong counter to BBs but now it feels like they can barely touch them, at least in comparison. I may add more later if I feel I forgot something. I like the changes to an extent, but it really doesn't feel like the rework was even close to ready. It has potential to be great, but damn... it can be aggravating right now.
  12. ClockworkSpectre

    New CVs are better for the game

    The new CV play is fun, I am enjoying it to an extent. BUT, it wasn't ready for release. AA and bomb/rocket/torp damage is horribly balanced atm.
  13. ClockworkSpectre

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    So im in game, new versions of the CVs have the snowflake icon lol, thought they were supposed to be gone?
  14. ClockworkSpectre

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    I was under the impression that all captains could be respect'd for free for about a week after the update.
  15. ClockworkSpectre

    Who else is sick of WG constantly nerfing BBs?

    The only concern I have is that BBs are going to sit even further back trying to snipe, that really is the only reason I think this was a bad change. To be honest BBs have had it good for a long time, a relatively minor change isn't a big deal. In addition to that, a number of BBs were buffed in the last patch, and a number of them are getting buffed this patch too, but the OP conveniently left that part out.