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  1. ClockworkSpectre

    Captain respecs should continue to be free

    not sure if we need more free respecs, but... I do think respecs cost to much as they are currently. Cut the doubloon/experience cost by 50% and I would be fine with it.
  2. ClockworkSpectre

    384 planes downed in one match

    Except that that end count of planes shot down also counts fighters summoned by CVs and fighters launched by cruisers and battleships(and were shot down before timing out). The actual number of bombers/strike craft that were shot down is probably quite a bit less that the total number of planes shot down. Also remember that summoned fighters, and ship launched fighters are not just a single one, even the ones launched from a battleship or cruiser consists of multiple planes now.
  3. ClockworkSpectre

    last time Perm Camos were on SALE...

    T-6 to T-9 was on sale around the holidays, but to my recollection T-10 perma has never been discounted.
  4. ClockworkSpectre

    Enterprise Tips

    This does work, but it just seems very conditional. It also isn't very difficult to do, once you get used to the timing. But I also wouldn't rely on it either, picking the right ship to attack and when to attack is more effective. Avoid the amount of time you are in a ships AA, and some times it is just better to send your planes back rather than trying to make another drop.
  5. ClockworkSpectre

    You know WG is doing something right when....

    Sounds like the khab overextended early on. It isn't surprising that he got smacked, early in the battle there usually aren't that many good targets for a CV to pick from since the enemy tends to not have spread out much yet.
  6. ClockworkSpectre

    1 official stealth nerf and 2 bugs for CVs

    The timing sure feels highly suspect.
  7. ClockworkSpectre

    This game felt good....

    It is just battle results with no accusations or anything, I don't think name and shame is a concern here. Nice results by the way, lots of damage and base exp.
  8. ClockworkSpectre

    Literally ironium cannot buy anything useful? lol

    It is one of the more well received legendaries. So yes, unless you want to grind out the mission yourself.
  9. ClockworkSpectre

    World of Warships Space quick kill!!

    The event ships are just reskinned T10 ships so they play differently in many ways to lower tiered ships. I noticed on your profile you mostly play co-op and lower to mid tiers, you will likely be pretty far outside of your comfort zone with the space battles. It may just take some getting used to as you will be playing against people rather than bots (it may not seem like it would be a big deal but it makes a huge difference) and ships with different play styles than you are accustomed to.
  10. ClockworkSpectre

    1 official stealth nerf and 2 bugs for CVs

    I wasn't sure if I was imagining that issue with the RN bombs, it didn't feel right after the update. The throttle issue is really really irritating.
  11. ClockworkSpectre

    New game type

    I'd rather they just make Arms Race a permanent battle type like random or co-op.
  12. ClockworkSpectre

    WG played around with Kleber's auxiliary armaments

    Considering they will have no smoke and a large detection radius, I'd rather have the additional AA.
  13. ClockworkSpectre

    Anyone else bothered by ... vertical radio masts?

    Nope, you can even fly through the tips of very tall islands.
  14. ClockworkSpectre

    Can dive bombers NOT drop their bombs?

    Yes, it is possible to not release ordinance. Some times if i mess up a drop, like if i start to early or late, I just won't fire/release the bombs/rockets/torps. The planes will return to the rest of the squad and you can try again without having to send the panes back. If they drop and miss the planes head back to the carrier.
  15. ClockworkSpectre

    Eternal Loading screens.

    So I tried what you suggested and so far (crossing fingers), it has been working well. Thank you have the tip.