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  1. maiingun

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    I know others have siad it, but it boils down like this. The new CVs, pretty much the only thing they can do is attack DDs anymore. I have my Cleveland maxed out for AA defense, and no matter how many planes it encounters, it chews them up like hamburger. So the CV player can only do one of two things - spot or hunt DDs. Because of the later, it has pretty much ruined DD play. I used to probe deep and fast with my Shima using 8K torps, now the only way to play it is sit with the BBs an CCs for thier air cover and fire off those slow moving 20K torps. the point is this - whether or not DDs can be played or not is NOT the issue, It's the fact that DDs are not fun to play anymore. WG has ruined the fun in playing DDs. The worst crime or flaw any game can have is stop being fun, and that is exactly what has happened here for the DD player. To me, the only way to balance it would be to have much larger maps or limited planes for the CVs. IN real life, a CV had to cover huge areas of ocean, and that took a long time. The visual range on the planes in relation to the size of the map means it is very easy to spot ships now. Right now, on small maps, the spotting power of the CV is too powerful
  2. maiingun

    Hey Mac Users

    Since the last upgrade, any random battle crashes not once, but two, three or even four times if it goes long enough. That is per battle or match. Bascially random battles are non-playable now. However, co-op battles, I can play four to five games before a crash, sometimes longer. wth? :( Also, as I have pointed out elsewhere, WOT recently had an upgrade. Since then, WOT almost crashes on my iMac. It used to occasionally, but now, really smooth. They put in something called " concurrent rendering support" that is supposed to support high end intel CPUs. I have no idea what that means, but whatever it is, working great for the iMac. So if I can play co-op games and WOT, come on WG, get your act in gear, and figure out why random games are crashing for us.
  3. Since the most recent hotfix and overall CV upgrade, I cannot play a single match on WO with my iMac and not crash two or three times per match. However, since the new World of Tanks upgrade today, (ver 1.4), not a single crash. nada, Zilco. I used to have some crashes in WOT, but now, none. The new WOT update has something called "concurrent rendering support. " Well whatever it is, not one single issue in over two hours on WOT. Boot up WOW, boom, crash in a random match within two minutes. So I don't know, I just find it interesting. Maybe there is something there, maybe not. I don't know.
  4. Yes, I know this has been covered before. But I was stupid, did not listen to any of you, and ground like hell before years end to get it. Sorry I did. So I am repating this topic before years end. What an utter, total piece of garbage. the people at wargamming who came up with this garbage should not only ashamed of themselves, but be punished. Like bing denied all internet for a month kind of punishment. Seriously. Of all the things you guys at WoW have come up with, what the ll where you all thinking? It's a horrible, evil nerf. I mean, let me put it this way - weed is legal now here in Canada, but even somebody stoned out of thier mind could not come up with an idea this stupid. To backtrack a bit, if you do not have the Shima yet, just a warning, the 20Km torpedoes look cool on paper but are useless in battle. As others have pointed out, there are two things you can see form outer space - the Great Wall of china and 20K torps form a Shima. Unless you get a group of slow moving BBs coming through a narrow channel, you are not goign to hit much. the 12K torps are not bad, and are usable. If you like to snipe from a distance, then the 12k torps are okay. But the Shima is most deadly with the 8K torps. Those things move at light speed. You can even take out fast moving CCs if you do your spread right. However, to use them, you have to get in close, move fast, play agressive and nasty. I personally find that if I play my Shima more like i play my Haida, I do much better in it. The Shima also has good guns, something people overlook. Not as good as other DDs but I have gotten DD kills with gunfire alone is what i am saying. Also, even at tier ten, it is amazing how many players do not expect gunfire for a Shima. If they did, they would not turn thier broadsides to you. Now here is the problem with the so called "legendary upgrade". You can already get an upgrade for 15% faster reload time and 50% increased chance of torp tubes being disabled. So already not much difference in real application for reload times with tis upgrade in place already if you are thinking are thinking of the "legendary" one. But here is what kills you. When you are in close combat with any ship, sometimes below 5 km range, and you have those 8 km torps, they are utterly deadly. But it is dependent on fast launch and more importantly, fast tracking of your target. Sometimes almost split second timing With that so called "upgrade" you cannot track targets fast at close range, or any range, and you get blown to bits. That extra 10% os speed reloading (25% vs 15%) is not that noticeable, but the 80% slowdown of the tubes turning is not only a huge nerf, it makes the Shima unplayable. Perhaps more importantly form a game perpective, it make the Shima not fun at all to play. If a game is not fun to play, why spend time - or more importantly to you guys at WG - why spend money on it? Perhaps the only situation where that "legendary upgrade" might be useful to somebody is the kind of player who uses only 20K torpedoes, and likes to sit on the edge of the map, firing in at big targets. Maybe then it might be useful, but again, compared to the 15% upgrade you can already buy in game, it's not much difference. So if you are rushing to get that upgrade before years end - DON'T DO IT. Grind something else. Go for something else. Save yourselves. And shame on you guys at WG for this utter piece of you-know-what that I have working for half the year to get. Yes, I should of listened to the advice on the forums here and known better, but still. :(
  5. I di not save the screenshot, but two days ago I got a supercontainer, first in a long time. I got the Tier 6 French BB Dunkerque and a 10 point commander. I was very happy. Never a big BB player (DDs are my stuff), this one is a lot of fun to play. the other supercontainer I got early this year gave me 30 days premium. so while I don't get them much, they sure have been good. Last year I got two or three SC, and it was all signals every time. This year is a lot better. :)
  6. See, killed every single enemy ship myself! First time ever! (Spoiler alert - maybe the fact I put my 16 point Gearing commander on this ship helped) :)
  7. maiingun

    RN Destroyer Preview

    I've been doing pretty good with the Haida. For me at least, I found she is a close range knife fighter. That's the trick - be agressive as hell. Took town a Fletcher the other day going toe to toe. Part of the trick is at close range (under 4.2 km) the secondary gun kicks in and really ups the damage. It's a very different DD to play than the other lines, but once you take to it, it can bre an amazing ship.
  8. When playing the the ship, in game, the voice is not Canadian. Not sure what it is, other than annoying. If WG wanted a "Canadian" voice (and I say this, tongue firmly planted in cheek), maybe they should of went for a "Bob and Doug McKenzie" voice pack. Or maybe it would be a good mod for somebody with too much time on thier hands. For those of you who don't know the characters, here is a link Imagine for sake of argument, every time you fire a torpedo, you hear the captains voice say "Take off, eh!" Also, such a mod pack could do other things. We could replace resources. Coal would be replaced by bottles of beer, and steel replaced by empty bottles of beer with baby mice in them. For your personal crest / bade in game, we could have crossed hockey sticks. The possibilities are endless. ;) But back to reality, that voice is bad. Right now, I prefer the "Pirate" voice over it. later
  9. maiingun

    MAC - Crash critical error indicates "Windows 7"?

    Seems to be worse since the last update. Four crashes in a row in a single game today. Asking for help - outisde other Mac users - seems to be waste of time. :(
  10. That is how it is for me. Spent money on signals too. :(
  11. I wish it was an evil plot by us Canadians, but more like an evil plot against us Canadians. I went whole hog this morning, bought the Admirals package for the Haida. very first game with the ship, the game crashes and i have to re-log in not once, but twice. Get into the game, and i do relaly good. kill a CC and BB, and almost took out a third ship (DD) before I was taken down. Game crashes again. Log back in - no battle results. Gee, thanks WG.
  12. Yep, same here. Had to exit the game completely, came back in, ship was there, but all the results of my battle were lost. Had a very good battle as well - win, two ships sunk. Just bought the Haida package too. Spend money, game crashes and locks up on you. Not nice. :(
  13. maiingun

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    As I posted elsewhere, very first game in the Haida today, killed a CC with torps, killed a wounded BB with gunfire and ripped the hell out of another enemy DD almost killing it before I was taken down. Play it right, she's a killer.
  14. maiingun

    Haida Has Arrived

    Got stupid, went for the full bundle. First game in, it crashes twice on me ( I love/ hate this new iMac). However, first game in killed a CC with torps, killed a wounded BB with gunfire, and damned near killed another DD with gunfire before I was taken out. The guns are nice on this ship. Real nice. Nice ship to play. They have a winner here.