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  1. The "Secrets of Radar" museum is in my hometown. Contrary to popular belief, the Allies had some amazing "secret weapons." The reason nobody hears about them is because -without exaggeration - some Allied radar technology remained classified for up to 50 years after the war. So did other technological advances. Allied radar and the cracking ot secret codes such as Enigma gave the Allies amazing advantage during the war, more than people realize.
  2. For those of you thinking about the pros and cons of CVs having counter measures against subs, first, study history. By the end of the war, the best sub killer in the world was an escort carrier. Hollywood movies would have you think it was destroyers with sonar always went one on one with submarines, and some times that was true. But the real reason that almost 75% of all u-Boats were lost during the war was because of anti-submarine aircraft. Naval radar, Magnetic anomaly detection, radio detection, or even just being up high and looking for visual clues such as wake in the water, all this was done best from aircraft. One located, then the surface ships could be directed towards the submarine, unless the aircraft in question started dropping depth charges or FIDO torpedos, etc, etc. As for subs being a good counter measure ot CVs, again, look at history. During WWII, the American submarines claimed to have sunk roughly 1,400 Japanese ships. This is all types of ships, including civilian merchant ships, frieghters, etc. Of those roughly 1,400 ships, only EIGHT were aircraft carriers of any kind. So if your complaint was or is that subs are not great against CVs, well guess what, in the war , they were not the best either. This is game is not World of Battleships, but World of Warships. All the new classes keep the game interesting. Maybe WG should make a "Battleship only" game mode where there are no CCs, no DDs, no CVs, no nothing, just BBs slugging it out with each other. Might make some people happy, but for me would make a real boring game, real fast.
  3. And we could have aircraft that detonate them. :) It was a real thing as well. Vickers Wellington DWI, magnetic detonator to set off German mines. l
  4. During the Battle of the Atlantic, Escort carriers for the convoys were a real thing. https://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/exhibitions/navy/galery-e.aspx@section=2-E-2-a&id=14&page=0.html Here is a direct example of an anti-submarine weapon dropped from aircraft https://uboat.net/allies/technical/fido.htm Here is a direct example of a WW Two aircraft used for anti submarine warfare that was armed with anti-submarine rockets. https://uboat.net/allies/aircraft/swordfish.htm Yes, the exact same model of aircraft that attacked the Bismark in real life. So why not a class of aircraft in addition to the other classes that drops depth charges at low levels, and homing torpedoes at high levels? Unlike other aspects of the game, escort carriers were not "paper ships" like some other ships in the game. There is nothing phony about the FIDO torpedo either. There is nothing phony about he Swordfish aircraft with anti-submarine rockets as well, all of these things were for real, and used in real life. NONE of these things were "just on paper". So why not have anti-submarine aircraft on CVs?
  5. maiingun

    Sub tokens - some kind of joke?

    Well, latest update. i am starting to think that subs are like bigfoot or the lockness monster, everyoen talks about them,b ut no real proof they exist. :) :)
  6. maiingun

    Sub tokens - some kind of joke?

    So, as a follow up, guess what I got today......... Anyone here want to take bets that i never get a sub? :)
  7. maiingun

    Sub tokens - some kind of joke?

    True, but if they want us to test the subs, them dammit, just let us test the subs without this nonsense.
  8. Seriously WG, not that I do not appreciate the coal, but when do I actually get to try a sub?
  9. Well, answered my own question. Nothing I did worked. had to go total scorched earth. Total uninstall of all WG productions - WG centre, WOT, WOW, ran the script to remove everythign off the hard drive, reboot, total re-install from fresh. so far eveything is working, but what a pain in the you know what. Even with a good connection, took forever to download everything.
  10. I've asked this elsewhere, dunno where to go or what to do . Running an iMac pro. Use it for photography and video editing, so lots of cpu ower and ram. Every single program I have works fine, even World of Tanks works just fine. WOW crashes every time, right at startup. Not much to show you on the screen capture, but here it is below. The first screen, boom, i get this as seen below. This has been happening to me since the last WOW update. Otherwise, as far as I know, everything else on my machine, including the o/s is updated and running fine. Any suggestions welcomed. thanks
  11. Extremely decent of you people at WG to do this. Thank you very much.
  12. Same as many of you. Three directives, the 20 token compensation and daily missions, and no ship. Even the one up next, no ship. They should rename this event "The Hunt for Bigfoot". More likely to see bigfoot than to find a British CC
  13. maiingun

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    Once I took down a Tirpitz in my Graz Zepplin, but in my Kagero, I tore them to shreds. Even when I lost, i got them good. Some Tirpitz players, I think, got a litte too cocky and overconfident, and that worked against them. Edit - uploaded my very last ranked game that got me top spot. My Kagero vs a Tirpitz. https://replayswows.com/replay/74899#teams Stupid question, if anyone can answer, Even after searching I cannot figure out how to convert replays into videos you cna upload to youtube. Any help appreciated.
  14. maiingun

    Confirmation on Legendary Mod change

    Beware, some of those "unique upgrades" are not worth it. Long before this I ground like crazy for the Shima unique upgrade, only to find out it is garbage.
  15. maiingun

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    That by changing and adapting different tactics, I can kill any ship in this game with the Kagero. Anything.