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  1. Same as many of you. Three directives, the 20 token compensation and daily missions, and no ship. Even the one up next, no ship. They should rename this event "The Hunt for Bigfoot". More likely to see bigfoot than to find a British CC
  2. maiingun

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    Once I took down a Tirpitz in my Graz Zepplin, but in my Kagero, I tore them to shreds. Even when I lost, i got them good. Some Tirpitz players, I think, got a litte too cocky and overconfident, and that worked against them. Edit - uploaded my very last ranked game that got me top spot. My Kagero vs a Tirpitz. https://replayswows.com/replay/74899#teams Stupid question, if anyone can answer, Even after searching I cannot figure out how to convert replays into videos you cna upload to youtube. Any help appreciated.
  3. maiingun

    Confirmation on Legendary Mod change

    Beware, some of those "unique upgrades" are not worth it. Long before this I ground like crazy for the Shima unique upgrade, only to find out it is garbage.
  4. maiingun

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    That by changing and adapting different tactics, I can kill any ship in this game with the Kagero. Anything.
  5. maiingun

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Why not a co-op game mode where the bots outnumber the human players by 2:1. For example, 12 bots and 6 human players? That might be fun, and make sure we see less of these quick games where they seem to end even before they get started. Also being outnumbered would force players to work together instead of a single yolo run.
  6. maiingun

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Maiingun NA region Most memorable premium? The Graf Zeppelin B for sure. Won it in a container, and is it ever fun. I don't have a very high win rate, but I don't care. I love the secondaries on the ship. I maxed them out with commander skills and modules. The secondaries are so much fun I played one co-op game were I just went around kiliing ships with the secondaries. But the best part is on random battles. You hide close to an island so a ship has to come around the corner at you, and boom, you nail them. Then you sail around, dodging torpedoes. I have had over 200 secondary hits on a single ship with the Graf, and just as the other ship is weak, you launch either rocket or bombers and finish the ship off. Makes good money too. Best premium? Not at all. Most fun and memorable - by far.
  7. maiingun

    Ranked Sprint - worse than I even thought

    I love this game mode, even when I am loosing. In my Graf Zepplin, I only win 1 out of every 4 or 5 games. But in my Kagero, I only loose 1 out of every 5 games. I love playing against BBs in my Kagero. Only lost once to a very good BB player in my Kagero, and even then it was close. But I have ripped apart Vlads and Tripizs like tin cans. The Graf however is a lot more fun, even though I loose more. First, every loss I still make 150K in silver and a win averages 300K in silver. Also most players forget just how good the secondaries are on the Graf, and I have mine maxed out, both modules and commander skill. What a difference. Almost killed a BB at close range after hurting him bad first. Lst, playing just my Graf has taught me to be a better CV player. I can get a citadel hit on most BBs and CCs with my dive bombers now. So all in all, I love it, Just wish the prizes were a bit better.
  8. maiingun

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    Over all the best line for knife fighting is the USN line. The Gearing is the worst of the line for it's respective tier, but still not bad. The best regular line DD is the Grozovoi i find, it can slug it out with any DD in the game. But the very best knife fighter in the entire game in DD is the Haida. You have ot change your play style as compared to other DDs, but if you learn how to play her, even in T9 matches you can rip the guts out of any DD in the game.
  9. My favourite memory has two parts, both over the Haida The first part is that a Canadian ship finally made it to WOW. It may not seem like much to many of you, but for me, the Canadian Memorial to the Battle of the Atlantic is within walking distance of my house. There are 28 "gravestones" there, one for each Canadian warship lost in the Battle of the Atlantic , as there are "no graves at sea". There is also a separate memorial for the Canadian Merchant Marine. So to see a Canadian ship at last represented meant a lot. The second part of my favourite memory has to do with my third game with my Haida. You know when you have a tier seven ship and end up in a mostly tier nine random battle match? Yep that was it. I think the only other T7 ship in the whole match was another destroyer on the other side. I still don't know how I did it, but from gunfire alone i sunk a BB, a CC and a DD - three ships in one match. Now the BB and the CC were hurting to begin with, but not hurting that bad. Still at 45 to 50% health. I just poured fire into them. But the sinking of the DD was a down and dirty point blank knife fight that I came out on top. Survived the game. With hindsight the Haida was very new, as I bought it the day it came out, so other players didn't know what it was capable of, and that gave me an advantage. People don't make that mistake today about the Haida. Still my favourite ship in the game however. My birthday wish would be any single tier 8 (or higher :) ) premium destroyer.
  10. maiingun

    Done with Ranked.

    This has been the easiest ranked season ever for me mainly because my Udaloi is a beast at T9. The only ship that gives me any grief is a Kitakaze, and is if it is in the hands of a good player. I had one game where I took out a BB, CC and a DD all from gunfire alone. All three were weak to begin with to be sure, but to be able to just sit there and pound away at enemy ships is great. I think many players assume because it's a DD, you are gonna run and hide. If you play your Udaloi more like a Khabarovsk, you do pretty good. My only "complaints" are these. First, other players on your team who assume you play a Udaloi the same as you do other DDs, and keep sending you messages in game what you should be doing. For example, I find the play styles of my Grozovoi and my Shimmikaze are very different from each other. Every line you play different. not all DDs play the same.The second issue I have is some of the BB players are kinda weird. On both my teams and opposing teams, I often find BB players who go alone in their ship right into the middle of the enemy, and then get blown to hell. They play almost like a bot in a co-op game. Maybe they are bots, who knows? Anyhow, I don't see too many CC or DD players acting like that. The only downside for me is the only T9 CC I have is the Seattle. Lots of fun to play, but paper thin armour and everyone on the other team knows it too. :)
  11. maiingun

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Thanks for the help, but still no go. I don't even have World of Warships in my application support directory to begin wtih. :( but thanks agina, will keep trying.
  12. maiingun

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Tried again today. I get this error message after downloading th eupdate: Couldn't find an appropriate update in the downloaded package. Every other program or app I run, no problem. Just WOW does this too me.
  13. maiingun

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Yeah, me too. world of tanks works just fine, but WOW is a complete and utter dumpster fire.
  14. maiingun

    Come on Fix the Dam Cv vs Shimakaze

    I betcha dollars to donuts that most captains of American naval vessels felt or thought exactly the same thing too - but it didn't happen there either, did it? ;)
  15. maiingun

    Come on Fix the Dam Cv vs Shimakaze

    I think people on both sides of this argument are missing the most important point - the maps are too small for carriers. In "real life" CVs used to have to search large areas of oceans for ships. The way maps are setup now, a CV player can spot almost everything very quickly. There is nowhere to hide. Also, on almost all maps, the arrangement of land and islands forms "bottlenecks" so you can make an educated guess where the DD will be or will be heading. It may sound counter- intuitive, but the "ocean" map - that is, no land at all, and say doubled in size, would give the DD a bigger fighting chance. Also, the main purpose of a DD in many cases was to hunt subs and motor torpedo boats. In the case of Atlantic convoys, that is almost the only thing some DDs did for a few years. Since we don't have subs or MTBs in the game, that element is removed. Last, stop complaining about how powerful the Shimmi's torps are. In real life, the IJN type 93 and 95 torps were designed to allow a destroyer to take out a battleship. ON the flip side, look at the damage the American navy did with plywood PT boats. I actually rode one of those years ago. I was amazed at how small it was, how little room there was. But again, this tiny boat was designed to take out much larger warships. It's just a fact of life. Maybe we need MTBs, PTs and E-boats in the game after all?