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    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    Kansas has: + One extra turret - Everything else

    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    That 40 second reload is a stupid balance decision that makes all three ships DOA until they fix it.

    Something HUGE is coming...

    If we're talking about higher H-Class designs, then it'd be appropriate to include the fast version of the American November 1934 Maximum Battleship design.

    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    Kansas is simply a Free XP sink to get to Vermont. She's a giant turd without even a single gimmick to make it stand out from the crowd. NC isn't great but she's at least viable in the current meta. If you are wondering which of the two lines to go down, get the Kremlin.

    New US BBs..

    I personally don't care if the ships are real or not. Most ships in this game are not as it is. I just want them to be good ships, not free xp for the enemies.

    Americans bb are worth it?

    The Russian BB line is objectively superior to the USN line. Magic turrets, magic dispersion, magic ballistics, better equipment selection, much better armor, ice breaker bow, resilient to HE spam, etc. They virtually have no weaknesses barring a raised citadel (woo -_-). That whole line seems to perform one tier higher than it actually is, especially tier 7 and up. Kremlin is a tier 11 ship, change my mind.

    Thoughts on USN battleship line split

    Those anticipated ships are already in the game. I, for one, have 0 interest in a copy-paste line of sister ships with some rearranged gimmicks. That's about as unimaginative and boring as you could possibly get; bad for game design too, as with a near identical line, one is bound to be better than the other in this case. I'll admit that WeeGee's choice of ships here was pretty potato at best. But maximum battleships and the more armor/firepower-focused "slow" designs are real, unique, and interesting designs that should be represented in the game.

    Thoughts on USN battleship line split

    I'm not sure why people are being modest about armor values with ships these slow and reloads this long. Even if the guns were pinpoint, there is no reason to play these over Republique, Kremlin, Thunderer, etc. without enough armor to resist the inevitable hail of gunfire that will come your way. Ice breaker bow, 50 mm deck (at least), and underwater citadel are good places to start. Then buff the reload and accuracy of the guns. Otherwise, these ships are dead content and there's objectively better options in game. Nobody wanted a Colorado at tier 10.
  9. Tillman IV had the same Twenty-four gun layout, but had a 19" armor belt too. Should go with that.
  10. Cool, now: I'd like my ~5,250 lbs Super-Heavy AP shells now.

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    I see lots of complaints about the 3x5 18" guns, but not so much about the 6x4 16" guns? That would literally cast a shadow over any ship fired upon. I actually think that's so many shells at once it would cause some performance issues for lower-end PC's. I wonder why WG didn't use it, lol.
  12. No really, why do Zao's still set 2 fires every salvo and Conqueror's still get Witheres? A four skill point perk really doesn't seem worth its price. Those who say that taking Fire Prevention is useless are literally proving my point. Why is a four skill perk this useless?

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    I've been seeing some around on the battlewaters. How are they getting them, and how do I get one?

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    WG have lowered Alabummer's citadel. Just to let you know LWM.