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  1. I'd never even thought to try it in port.
  2. Canoes filled with jars of maple syrup.
  3. Well If you do decide to go with an alternate camo can you leave the clean rust free look as a second premium camo even if it cost doubloons. It actually looks pretty nice even if a little dull.
  4. You need to remove any camo currently applied before it'll let you buy it.
  5. Blys is back in the shop boys.

    It's for the World of Tanks grand finals in Poland apparently. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/camouflage-faceoff-finals/
  6. so asia server got sweet sale

    Too bad for wargaming then since the Warspite is the only current premium ship i'd buy.
  7. This pretty much it's only really worth the current price if it's the only premium ship your ever likely to buy.
  8. Yep it's odd that they haven't yet. I didn't receive a single email about WoWs either until I started playing it as well I'd actually forgot about it well waiting for it to come out of closed beta. I mean really wargaming if you had sent me an email that the Warspite had been added to the game like you do every single time you add a premium to WoT I might of bought it.
  9. Will you be buying the Tirpitz?

    Yes unless it's something absolutely ridiculous like $100 CAD. Ouch and I thought it was bad at $70 CAD.
  10. Only like $30-40 for a month of premium and some Doubloons. So far the only Premiums for this game that are actually enticing are either no longer available or not on NA yet.
  11. Thanks Nyx!

    Yes thank you it was a fun little contest and the ship is a fun ship to play.
  12. Type-59 Gold pretty much proved that.
  13. I'll place my bet on somewhere between $100 - $120 CAD.