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  1. seanlucero

    How is the Halland?

    I am a DD player. New to halland but have been getting multiple 100k dmg 15 + torp hit games. So fun. Love the AA. 95 knot torps like lasers. Not having smoke forces you to have better map/situation awareness and plan escape route. Shima still deadly
  2. seanlucero

    Ranked fiasco

  3. same issue. after update 08.11 - as of 12/24/19 - getting kicked out of the game over and over. especially from port screen on modules view and then at end of game before it goes to your game summary. happened 5 times today. first time seeing this. also port load is very slow,.
  4. I am a DD player almost exclusively. i am ok , have lots of room to get better. I am student of the game. I am a team focused player. I typically don't complain about new elements to the game, I study them, learn,watch vids from CCs and ask the forum for ways to counter the new threat. Did that with Harugumo, with Kleber and Mogador, with Colbert and Smolensk, with radar ships and with hydro ships like Hindenburg, Z52 and Loyang. Deal is, these new Italian SAP rounds are unbelievably strong against DDs with almost no counter except to not engage. the Italian cruisers are fast enough to chase you down as a DD. They are also unbelievably manueverable an dodge 71 knot torps like nothing. My Gearing has 71 knot torps with 13km range. you cannot angle against SAP......it the damage is MASSIVE. just took a 12K salvo in my Gearing from a Venezia. 12K from 9 rounds in one salvo. I was angled away at the time, at full speed, and juking back and forth. these SAP rounds need to go. not good for game balance. all I can do against Italian cruisers is to watch them on the minimap and stay far far away. no other counter. either dump the SAP, or create restrictions on the bounce angles like for AP, or nerf the pure damage value or maybe even change the reload on the ship for ONLY that particular type of ammo? (like double it the reload time) not a good addition to the game.
  5. seanlucero

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Why do so many BB players charge the caps in a pure yolo or suicide, focused by multiple opp team ships in crossfire, a move that throws their ship away for very limited benefit?