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  1. MuleAZ

    Clan Brawl

    So NA really didn't get to do last day less your a night owl . got up this morning thinking we had today and the tab is gone! that said. Clan brawls works really well for small or semi active clans . we had a good time saturday doing it , wishing we had more time to do the event. question; could you make it a clan event on the level of Clan battles? or at least a few weeks long? us smaller not "so pro" clans do enjoy clan brawls and look forward to them. As much as we really enjoy the Naval battles (whole other topic i've been in forums about). please look at expanding , Clan brawls, Naval battles, and clan scenarios
  2. Naval battles - suggestions

    my clan is not real active on clan battles, being that we are mostly beginners, working class, or just weekend warriors . that said they have taken to doing Naval battles and really seem to enjoy it. 

    I would like to see other ways we can improve it and keep it fresh.

    other ways to earn stars for oil:

    1. One thought  is to include "scenarios" , mostly as a clan, and total score for completing ?

    2. maybe killing certain types of ships?

    im sure there are plenty other ideas but these are the ones most talked about in our clan

    thanks for listening

  3. MuleAZ

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Can't wait , it will be our 1st one in 2 yrs (lots of new members - tired of tanks ). We might get sent to Davy Jones locker by Red, but looking forward to seeing you all on the seas.
  4. the missions are horrible, even if you get the Gorizia , token boost are too slow to drop and not about to put 24000 doubloons into a ship no one really knows how it will perform only thing about it i like is the rewards while its being built WG could you add better way to get tokens ???? because 2350 tokens is hard to come by
  5. well only thing to add to this , in which i agree ....unattainable!!! ... is they made it so you can $$$ buy $$$ the "Gorizia " and that will help make the missions and 2020 event doable , but again you have to buy a ships to do it
  6. MuleAZ

    Armada: Gorizia

    you have to purchase the Gorizia if you want to do the directives or missions which sux! they made it so that you have to buy it to get get any of the christmas goodies for your grind efforts....thanks wg Santa
  7. we should put fake codes for the NEET Zoomers lol
  8. this Gen X .... GOT THE CODE!! !
  9. he's a legend in his own mind
  10. MuleAZ

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    why is the Halloween event not counting towards the combat missions and event ??? they have in the past year for special events !!!
  11. MuleAZ

    Clan Brawl

    please more info on signing up we have guys chompin to do this in our clan , is it just a mode button and starts 6pm est? or is there a sign up i need to send to my Commander
  12. so 1600 UTC time for me in Arizona that 0900 i believe, will be there ;)
  13. Love the anniversary of WoWs ...... it starts off the fun that will occur till new years. Hope this year holidays is as good as or better than last years looking forward to Dasha's streaming hope there will be lots of swag . i have a cossack that needs a cat thanks for all you do
  14. come one, come all .... ( the_bloodcountess ) Reppin us on twitch , check it out
  15. N-F-H (we are the NA side of Havoc) is a easy going, no pressure , clan at the this time. we started as " tired pvp "tankers deciding to give WoW try. For now we are building the clan . only "clan" related events we do at this time is the "Navel battles" which is quite easy - click the button and play 10 games in your favorite ships (fri. sat. or sun). We have dabbled into doing the "operation of the week" aka scenarios. Otherwise have fun learning and use our clan bonuses. when we have enough regular players we will get clan battles going. We also in our clan is Streamer "Bloodcountess" and her 2 minions doing live in Random team , doing quite well i might say . I think she's going to give "Femi" a run for her money on CV's one day WE offer good friendly training and advice to help improve your play and knowledge of the game . our navel base has quite a bit of boosters to help the beginner get goin on some ship : xp, research, coal, and commander xp, do to the efforts of our current member hunting down the oil .  If interested apply your app. to (N-F-H) come to our ts: or ts3.havocxgaming.com MuleAZ, Commissioned officer