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  1. They are OP, yes, but i do not find them "fun". You chunk ship after ship until the game ends. I think by "meh" you mean not stimulating?
  2. xKSNx

    Caption the profile image above you.

    -90% HE Fire chance
  3. Awesome numbers guys. Can't wait to try Confederate Halsey with Worcester AP
  4. I just broke my own Citadel record today. What's your highest amount of citadels in one game?
  5. Does anyone know where the radar consumable sound effect is in the game files? Thanks
  6. The Worcester's seconds turret has weird firing angles, and you have to show significant broadside to use it. The problem with this, is you lose most of your DPM while bow on. While alternately showing a 45-60 degree angle just to fire all your turrets. So what range is needed to fire all of your bow guns while bow on. The range needed to fire all 3 bow turrets while facing bow-on is 14.5 km Sub 14.5km< you will only be able to fire 2 turrets bow on, thus losing 66.6% of your dpm. A cool little tip for Woosta players struggling with showing broadside.
  7. xKSNx

    Super Container Contents

    But then again, you don't really "earn" super containers outside of missions, so i think thanks is due they even exist Thanks Wargaming for the Radar Module lol