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  1. xKSNx

    Worst Defeat Ever

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1058219561?t=02h20m29s ^^ Our perspective ^^ Jingles vod
  2. xKSNx

    Worst Defeat Ever

    how much?
  3. xKSNx

    Worst Defeat Ever

    how do you even eat those torpedoes? what a noob
  4. I have this issue as well
  5. xKSNx

    How to Fix the RN Heavy CA's

    I'm sad this is the only way to play this ship. Sit back and spam HE. Even kiting i ate 90k dmg. It's still very playable though like Kebob mentioned. definitely better than the T8 in my op
  6. xKSNx

    How to Fix the RN Heavy CA's

    You are one of the most active and experienced community members, so I understand where you are coming from. 5 seconds may be a bit much on my end, but my point was mainly that it needed a buff, how much or little is up to the devs.
  7. xKSNx

    How to Fix the RN Heavy CA's

    The reload needs a buff bro, and an opinion is an opinion :) Thanks for your input though. I do agree that if the Russian ships had been introduced after this line it wouldn't be much of a problem. But the average of what a ship should be at T10 went up man.
  8. First of all... I have to start with saying that I wanted to enjoy this ship line. They aren't good. They aren't bad. They are below average. They are fixable I'm not going to tell you how to play these ships because i really don't know what they are supposed to do. :( _______________________________________________________________________________________________ T8 Albemarle This one is tough. I really want to like this ship. it has almost all the pieces to make a well rounded cruiser. The armor is fine. I think that we should get the Stalingrad's and Moskva's out of our heads and remember that BB's counter CA's, CA's counter DD's, DD's counter BB's, and CV's counter everything. CA's shouldn't have anti BB armor and I think that this ship does a good job of holding the balance of tanky and squishy. You will be punished for showing broadside in this ship and that's how it should be. Now... The guns. Seriously Wargaming, buff the guns. The AP pen is terrible, and HE alpha is lacking and the guns are the only thing the ship has going for it over something like the chappy or Baltimore. We don't need more HE spam. My recommended fix is to buff the reload from 13 seconds to 11 seconds and increase the HE alpha from 3300 to 3700. The AP alpha needs a buff from 4500 to 4700. (Baltimore has same caliber 203 with 5000 AP alpha and 10 second reload.) The AP pen is disgraceful. If you wont fix the AP pen fix the reload so I don't get 4k salvos with 8 pens on a broadside every 13 seconds. T9 Drake Don't play this ship. Play the Buffalo. Its painful because it has so much potential and you want to do good but your 18 SECOND RELOAD stops any sort of DPM. Its a Lion but a cruiser. Just sit in the back and spam HE. Cause that's what the game needs. Not bad but meh. The armor is meh. It has the same "Really, how was that not a citadel!?" reaction factor that the Albemarle has. So, here is how to fix her. Having the bow at 25 mm is fair. But no *tanky* cruiser can have a 25mm side plate. Seriously. 1. Buff the Upper belt (Auxiliary room armor) to 40mm. 2. Buff reload to 13 seconds. Thats it. Its not hard WG. We all know you wont bother with the AP pen because you are too busy designing 8 Smolensk's, but this ship line was rushed, and is not balanced properly. Atleast fix the DPM. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You cant push in with these T8 and T9 cruisers because you get blapped by any BB with over match of 25 mm. AKA if its T9+ good luck! Buffing the armor on the side and reload will make this cruiser a contender in port, instead of a collector ship that looks nice but plays trash. Im playing through the ships without free xp to get a fuller experience. I'll do a post on Goliath when I reach her.
  9. They are OP, yes, but i do not find them "fun". You chunk ship after ship until the game ends. I think by "meh" you mean not stimulating?
  10. xKSNx

    Caption the profile image above you.

    -90% HE Fire chance
  11. Awesome numbers guys. Can't wait to try Confederate Halsey with Worcester AP
  12. I just broke my own Citadel record today. What's your highest amount of citadels in one game?
  13. Does anyone know where the radar consumable sound effect is in the game files? Thanks
  14. The Worcester's seconds turret has weird firing angles, and you have to show significant broadside to use it. The problem with this, is you lose most of your DPM while bow on. While alternately showing a 45-60 degree angle just to fire all your turrets. So what range is needed to fire all of your bow guns while bow on. The range needed to fire all 3 bow turrets while facing bow-on is 14.5 km Sub 14.5km< you will only be able to fire 2 turrets bow on, thus losing 66.6% of your dpm. A cool little tip for Woosta players struggling with showing broadside.
  15. xKSNx

    Super Container Contents

    But then again, you don't really "earn" super containers outside of missions, so i think thanks is due they even exist Thanks Wargaming for the Radar Module lol