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  1. Any update on this.... Every update you do means a trip to the xml file to set hardware acceleration to false.
  2. However this morning broke again. Looks like engine_config.xml was restored to AUTO again instead of False?
  3. New Nvidia drivers did not help me either
  4. Windows 10 1903 did not have an effect on the issue. Installing the latest nvidia drivers now.
  5. I just realized I had a few Windows 10 updates pending as well. I will try and update what happens.
  6. Its happening to me too. Yesterday I thought I had it fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling but again this morning it is not working.
  7. nazran

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    I am having same issue. Clan Naval Base too. I don't run mods WoWS_report.wgc EDIT 1 - I am going to completely uninstall WOWS and reinstall. EDIT 2 - Reinstall of entire program fixed. EDIT 3 - Again today it is not working. EDIT 4 - Clearing the World_of_Warships_NA\profile\cef_cache does nothing either (Me thinks have something to do with the new hardware acceleration of the ingame web browser?)
  8. After 0.8.7 update this morning the Armory or Premium Shop will not load. Anyone else?
  9. I agree it should be challenging... but not SOUL CRUSHING...
  10. No thanks... No Irrevocable around 9 or 6 and the Kitakaze still exists in game....
  11. Havent got my camo either