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  1. MageFire2

    [Sound Mod Creator 2.1] Create Sound Mods

    Actually, I seem to have worked around the issue accidentally. I was trying to replace the existing sound files with updated ones, and in the process of that, I tried using the "update mod" option on my save file. I selected the XML from from the latest version of the game, and then after it loaded, I can now see the PVE Messages option.
  2. MageFire2

    [Sound Mod Creator 2.1] Create Sound Mods

    Hello, new modder here. I've been working with the Sound Mod Creator this week, and I did get everything working, mostly. I used the oldest version of Wwise, (2019.1.6.7110) i could get, and it seems to generate audio files fine. I can generate a mod that works in game, but I am having the same issue as described in other posts, where the PVE commands path is not selectable. The Option should appear below the vehicle type, as you can see in the screen shots below, there's nothing there. I'm assuming the paths are derived from the Mod.xml path that's in the settings, and in this screenshot i am using the latest version of the game, as of Jan 14th 2022. I also tried using the XML that was packed in the Archive, but that didn't make any difference. Any ideas, or help would be appreciated.