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  1. You may hate the Federation, but the reason why most people fight for it is summed up in one quote... "I'm a soldier of the federation army who protects the people!"

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    2. Battleship_60


      Don't forget the titans, and either way the A-laws and the Federation was being manipulated by the Innovators. Titans were controlled by some extremists, but doesn't mean Zeon is innocent at all. Seriously dropping the colony Sides on Sydney! Char tried to kills everyone on earth. Guess what? Even his own people knew that is was wrong and tried to save earth as what would be the reason to put the reason to give Spacenoids their own rights, etc when there's no federation or any...

    3. Battleship_60


      Or anything to give them freedom. Plus I would even say that Char is just as bad as the Zabis.

    4. Battleship_60


      And hell, if Zeon Deikun didn't die, Zeon would of been destroyed immediately. Zabis didn't go at war immediately, instead they tried to get the federation to give them rights not by force, but peacefully.