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  1. favorite Gundam?

    1. ReinaSenpai


      Burning Gundam, hands down.

    2. Battleship_60


      God Gundam will always have a place in my heart as it is my first gundam series I watched, but My first gundam I known of was ZZ...I forever will love that Gundam.

    3. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Chokai


      Side Series: Gundam Portent


      Main Series Mobile Suit: Zaku II. Like it over any Gundam. Painted blood red.


      Restricted to only Main Series Gundams? Gundam Barbatos. A Gundam which evolves, and is a no-nonsense Gundam, piloted by a child soldier. It kills people in cold blood, and destroys anything in it's path... kinda. It is finally a departure from the old school "Noble" Gundam design. Thank the Nine Divines. It's also kinda of Edgy, hence my calling it...