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  1. Tomorrow I will play Cherry Blossom. Shame I only have three ships that work for it but I do want to try it.
  2. I generally defended the Ops but I can't now. It was so fun and an escape from the Toxicity of Randoms. No longer.
  3. Played with you tonight I know, played with a few players on the forums. I know I hit 100k+ in all but one of my games as well. Right now it just doesn't feel doable.
  4. Just lost 7 in a row, tried even Battleships. Literally just came back to WoWS last week. Was pretty meh and I think I'ma leave again. It was an exercise in frustration where it used to be pure fun.
  5. Hangout by the Sea

    God damn kaiser. That was touching. o7 man.
  6. Yes. Only one I want. Most barrels of any B.B. sigma is poor from what I hear but still 16 barrels shooting steel.
  7. Sky whale- I’ve played it in ops. I like it. Nice guns and a lot of em. Goodish angles. Good pen- the lower caliber decreased overpen. Armor feels weak, not sure if it is. AA is weak. Size is small. Overall feels like a Glass Cannon, definetely a fun ship to me and one I recommend. Haven’t played to much with it but I’m working on it. Lyon is what I really want heh.
  8. -35 Ping Then Disconnect on New PC

    No bueno. Still DC'ing but it cut down on it. I think at least.
  9. -35 Ping Then Disconnect on New PC

    Thanks! Switching my PC, Modem and Router all to outlets. Not sure which it is, even if it's corded (so pumped first time I get to do this) I want to try everything. Will experiment for a few games and see what happens!
  10. -35 Ping Then Disconnect on New PC

    Power Bar? Do you mean what I connect the power plug to or my internal power supply? Because it does happen about ever 10 minutes like clock work. Tried Admin and Sade mode. Not to desktopm just back to log in screen. Literally just caused my Operations Group to lose one and I kinda feel bad right now.
  11. -35 Ping Then Disconnect on New PC

    I've used both the direct file and game center. Modem is new (2 weeks), Windows 10 is completely up to date. No mods at all. Will try safe mode. Speed Test says 198MBPS. No one else uses the bandwidth at the times I am playing. I'm impressed with those speeds. No where near that fast over wifi on my now dead laptop.
  12. -35 Ping Then Disconnect on New PC

    Howdy all, Chokai here. I just built a new PC. It's great. I went from like 20 FPS to 75 plus. Also got a new router and modem. Not that it matters as I plugged in an ethernet cable into my PC. Well I've only done operartions since coming back as I am playing on my TV rn, working on getting a monitor (always had a laptop). Since I came back I keep getting rnadomly -35 Ping then a disconnect. I can always reconnect immediately. This is in the current operation, almost always +/- 1-2 minutes the carriers arriving. I used PingPlotter as a clan mate suggested, and I can't really understand it. I was wondering if someone could help me with this, as I really want to play randoms but not if I might disconnect. I have more than 100 MBPS download if that matters at all, no clue as I am somewhat tech illiterate. All the PingPlotter pics are right after a Disconnect and in spoilers. My PC said there were multiple WoWS outgoing. WoWS is allowed through Windows Defender as well. Only game I really get problems like this in. Heck my old laptop with a wifi connection had worse ping but never did this.
  13. Your Least Enjoyed Ship Line

    IJN DDs. I just can’t stand torpy playstyle.
  14. Do other people get cursed luck with certain ships?

    Amagi, Izyaslav, and Kongo. Amagi and Kongo I would have ~1200 WTR with a 50% WR. Izyaslav is one of my few purple ships. All my purple ships are DDs bye and large. At typing it’s adound 1600... with a 47% WR and 70ish battles -.-. 3 kills and two caps? Team loses.
  15. Just curious...what are respectable stats to have?

    A respectable player is a well behaved one. Polite and non-condescending, sometimes sarcastic. I fail at this sometimes myself. A “Good” player I would say would be at around 1000WTR and a 50% WR. Maybe 1100 and 52%. I will get platoon with a strawberry, a watermelon, a blueberry, or an eggplant. My goal is to be an eggplant, but that is a long way from now. Aim to be respectable, and eventually the good will fall into place simply from observing others.